Top 11 Security Guard Management Software Solutions in 2022

Rea Regan August 17, 2021 10 min read
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    We don’t want to keep bringing up the pandemic, but it has affected so many people individually, as a whole, and businesses everywhere. That’s one thing we all know to be true.

    And as I looked into the impact of COVID on the security guard industry especially, I learned some interesting things! For example, the demand for such services dropped in the service industry like at hotels and events. But, the demand increased at essential businesses like hospitals, grocery stores, even dormant buildings.

    Private security officers are “on the front line everywhere in maintaining public order and security in the current crisis and the essential service role played by security officers and the essential business role played by private security companies cannot be overstated, nor overlooked.”

    National Association of Security Companies

    There are many offerings that a security guard company offers as well. Such as private security guards, patrol vehicles, alarm systems, cybersecurity, background screening, and security consultancy services to name a few. It seems that opportunities to provide quality security services will be in demand for years to come. Especially given how the pandemic has influenced the industry.

    Challenges Facing The Security Guard Industry

    However, security guards are always on the go, which means that they can be (and feel) disconnected from their companies. In fact, most security guard employees are faced with:

    The pandemic also brought on new challenges like new safety protocols, training updates, new regulations to follow, and so on.

    And, this is why so many in the security guard industry are turning to technology, like security guard management software, to ensure that their security guards can stay in touch with the office instead of operating as lone wolves.

    It may not provide the human touch, but mobile apps mean security guards don’t need to be on their own and input their shifts and other data manually on a cumbersome spreadsheet – which often leads to costly errors. With the touch of a button, these apps give guards the ability to be more efficient with their reporting and give business owners peace of mind when it comes to tracking, time management, and data storage.

    Given everything we listed above, we have gathered the leading security guard management software solutions so you can easily make the right choice for your business and your guards.

    Top 11 Security Guard Management Software Solutions

    security guard scheduling app on Connecteam

    Connecteam is an all-in-one mobile app that allows security guard companies to better manage their teams. Connecteam’s security guard management software makes it easier to keep your guards on the same page, simplifies scheduling and dispatching, allows for accurate time tracking for payroll, automates routine tasks and reporting, and so much more.

    As a true all-in-one security guard management software, you can scale the app as your company grows. Plus, it’s easy with little training needed.

    Find out how one security guard company completely changed the way they work with Connecteam.

    Key Features

    Easily schedule guards to different sites according to their skills set

    Track guard clock in and out locations and their route when they are on the clock

    Create shift reports and checklists to make sure guards do exactly what’s needed

    Get digital reports from your guards like shift summaries or incident reports

    Have a digital knowledgebase for your guards with everything they need to be at the best professional level

    Onboard and train new and existing guards no matter where they are

    Communicate quickly and easily about specific job sites, or any other topic

    Pros & Cons

    Easy to use, no training needed

    Very responsive customer support team

    User-friendly interface

    No integrations at this time, Connecteam is an all-in-one solution


    Premium pricing starts at $39/month for up to 50 users

    A free plan

    Free 14-day trial

    Destiny Patrol Software

    Destiny Patrol Software has a range of patrol software services, which offers reporting, tracking, and communication solutions. It boasts a computer-aided dispatch (CAD) system which allows you to add people and vehicles. Other features include a vehicle light control system, automatic license plate recognition (ALPR), post orders, GPS and there’s a handy PC version called Adam602 which works well on laptops. The system has a lot of boxes to include information. It enables you to search for people and vehicles as well as save reports and do them later before uploading. You can also clone uploaded reports to modify if need be for resubmission. Incident management and reporting are also available.

    Note that everything is server-side. So no internet means, no Destiny. However, it will still do everything if disconnected. You will just need to re-establish a connection to upload data or search uploaded reports. The mobile app is notoriously slow and pretty much not usable.

    Key Features

    Central hub

    Available on the go

    Access to license plate reader app

    Assign checkpoints

    Client portal access


    Pros & Cons

    Great customer support

    Bit of an outdated design


    Contact the company directly for pricing

    mobohubb serves security guards from officers to guards to mobile patrols. Your security guards can access the solution from their Android or iOS smartphones, and tablets too. mobohubb makes it easy to scan check points, check off assigned tasks, submit reports, and enter time worked.

    Key Features

    QR codes

    GPS and Date/Time stamp

    Create reports, tasks, checklists and site specific instructions

    Quick clock in and out

    Pros & Cons

    Easy to use

    No detailed analytics




    TrackTik is a security workforce management platform, which offers mobile and cloud-based software. Their solutions include Guarding Suite, which will help to digitally manage operations; Mobile+ Suite, a live dashboard that can be used to assign and track dispatch activities and Back Office Suite an office management solution for tracking and managing its admin tasks, invoices, audit reports. Good also for timekeeping, schedules, and contracts. Not much is needed equipment-wise – just a desktop computer and mobile device. The software is available for iOS and Android.

    You need a license to activate the app. Only one guard can log into the mobile device at any particular time. It can be transferred to another guard once the original guard has logged out of the device. Incident management reporting is available.

    Key Features

    In real-time, create and submit reports

    Automated scheduling

    Bill and invoice clients

    Pros & Cons

    Product is always being improved

    Not so easy to use

    Heavily relies on cellular service


    Pricing is available on request

    officer reports

    This company creates affordable and easy-to-use software for the security guard industry. Track your guards, conduct paperless reporting, and create schedules. The app can be downloaded on smartphones and is available through the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. It is also available for computers and laptops. It offers a 30-day free trial so you can decide whether this particular offering is right for your business. There are no contracts or cancellation fees. Guards cannot trick the system by pretending to be at work as the app verifies their location through GPS. Officers can be trained to use the software in under 30 minutes.

    If your guards monitor multiple sites the monthly bill can escalate as charges apply per site visit. Incident management reporting is available.

    Key Features

    Client access to reports

    GPS tracking

    Scheduling and dispatching

    Pros & Cons

    Easy to use

    Online support is spotty sometimes


    Standard subscriptions can cost $50 per month for 1-15 site visits

    Or you get charged $40 a month for 51-100 sites and so on

    Free 14-day trial

    Additional Security Guard Management Software Tools

    Some security guard management software solutions try to offer an all-in-one solution, but others work best when used in unison with other useful apps, including the following options below.


    Dropbox, in case you’re not familiar, is a file hosting service that enables you to store digital files in one central place. It can be accessed across all your devices and is available at any time. The software is easy to use, has one of the best backup capabilities as well as good security.

    Note that the free plan has limited storage and only a few additional features.

    Key Features

    High security standards

    Accessible from any device

    Send any file to anyone

    Track file updates

    Pros & Cons

    Easy to set up

    Free plan is limited


    Free and includes 2GB of storage space


    It’s better known for giving people the ability to send messages cheaply through their mobile devices but there’s no reason why the security industry can’t make use of this handy app. You can make voice and video calls even if the person you are talking to is in another country.

    WhatsApp launched a business app, which is now offered through a closed pilot program. As it makes use of your company’s internet connection there won’t be any expensive calling charges to contend with. Using this app is generally faster and more efficient than email.

    Key Features

    Connect with your customers

    Highlight your products and services

    Quick replies for FAQs

    Organize chats or contacts with labels

    Pros & Cons

    Easy to use

    Clean interface

    Privacy changes are alarming

    Admin control is lacking


    Free to download (data charges may apply based on your mobile provider)

    Read more here on why using WhatsApp for organizational communication isn’t a smart move.


    This app allows companies to track their teams’ work, share tasks, and manage projects. Asana is easy to use and great for giving you that ‘big picture overview.

    If you’re just doing the basics then it’s free but if you want something more powerful you’ll have to pay for the Premium or Enterprise versions. Critics say that as it hasn’t got any micro-level management tools used for budgeting, so it’s best for communication and reminding teams about deadlines.

    Key Features

    List view

    Timeline and maps

    Easy boards and templates

    Create custom rules

    Mark tasks for approval

    Pros & Cons

    Easy to use, but for some there is a learning curve

    Not entirely customizable



    Free plan

    Resuscitate! logo

    Leading educators and doctors at the University of Washington developed Resuscitate! This app offers insightful and helpful videos that show users how to perform CPR, use an AED, and aid a choking victim.

    Security guards who are CPR certified will find this app helpful as it serves as a refresher training course to keep them alert and on their toes. Visual and insightful tutorials that are easy to follow along with so when your team has a few spare minutes, they can gain refresher training while on the go.

    This software may not be compatible with your mobile phone so be sure to check compatibility before downloading.

    Key Features

    Detailed videos

    Broken into categories

    Pros & Cons

    Very helpful

    Not compatible with all devices




    Waze is a community-based GPS, maps, and traffic navigation app. If your guards need to find the most efficient route to various premises, then this is perfect. Users have access to road reports, accident information, police traps, and other road hazards. Its community base helps to ensure that the app adapts quickly to new information and provides users with the fastest route possible.

    Key Features

    Live traffic updates

    Carpool options

    Live map

    Pros & Cons

    Easy to use

    Great interface

    Drains battery



    us fleet tracking

    US Fleet Tracking is a privately owned business that offers GPS solutions that enable companies and individuals to monitor their car fleets. It can send out alerts to the account owner for e.g. if guards are exceeding the speed limit or entering and exiting a specific area. There are no contracts and you can cancel the service at any time.

    Key Features

    90 day playback


    Live traffic conditions integrated

    Detailed reports

    Pros & Cons

    Easy to use

    Could use some feature updates


    For a device that updates every 10 seconds you are charged $29.95 a month

    If you want one that updates every 5 seconds you pay $39.95 a month

    Frequently Asked Questions About Security Guard Management Software

    Do I Need A Security Guard Management Software Solution That Includes All Employee Management Features?

    Depending on the needs of your business, yes, it can be helpful to choose a security guard management software that is an all-in-one solution. For example, Connecteam offers time tracking, scheduling, task management, communication, training, and more in one app.

    How Much Will I Spend On A Security Guard App?

    This really depends on the security guard management software that you choose. Some will cost on the lower end like $10/month and others will be in the hundreds per month.

    There are some security guard management software solutions that offer a free version too, like Connecteam.

    The Bottom Line On Security Guard Management Software

    When it comes to apps aimed at security firms there’s a fair bit of competition out there but it’s essential to ensure that these software companies can provide you with the tools you need to manage your business effectively. There are other apps that are more general but there’s no reason why businesses can’t use them too. If they’re free, which many are, they’ll help to drive down costs.

    But bear in mind that these free security guard management software solutions can only do so much and if you need specific, customizable functions, you’ll have to pay for those. But as we made it clear with the list of the best security guard management software solutions above, there are plenty of options.

    Move Your Business Forward with an All-in-one Security Guard App

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