Season 1 • Episode 11

Employees = Customers: Why HR managers should think like Marketing managers? (+Special guest)

About this episode

Why does every HR manager need to think like a Marketing manager when it comes to employee internal communications?
In this episode, we host a very special guest – ChatGPT!!!!

We discussed the following:

  1. The importance & impact of Engaged Employees
  2. The marketing world – engagement
  3. Practices – when you update, about what, what are the topics, what they care about, the media, the format.
  4. Employee app as your media – pros and cons – People did it always but now there’s a way to actually make that bulletin board something that everybody watches
  5. 5 ways to utilize it to engage employees – publish, announce, analyze, not only work, etc.

Having the mindset that we should treat employees like customers, can really be the catalyst to taking our business forward in terms of engagement, recruitment, retention, and productivity!

Don’t take only our words for it, ask ChatGPT 😉

Some resources to help you increase employee engagement and shift your HR mindset to a marketing mindset:

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