Season 1 • Episode 10

Digital transformation in Home Care: The Right Mindset

About this episode

Digital transformation is taking place in the Home Care industry!
We were at the Home Care Digital Transformation Conference in London.

In this episode, we dedicate the conversation to how to approach technology in a way that makes a positive and actual impact on your business!

And yes – it is relevant to every business owner, from any industry!

In this episode we discuss the following:

  1. The mindset needed when approaching technology
  2. What’s out there
  3. How to define what you need, and more importantly what you don’t need
  4. Prioritizing what’s an absolute must-have, essential and nice-to-have
  5. How to conduct effective research before hopping on a demo
  6. Lessons learned from the leader’s experience and a short checklist to sum up the steps

Whether you’re a Care Provider or business owner\operator managing remote staff that are in the field – this episode is relevant for you!

Thank you to the UK and the , for organizing this successful event and bringing together business owners and technology suppliers. This will enable a big step forward in digitizing and streamlining those businesses!

Credits to some of the brands and speakers there, that gave us a lot of inspiration for this episode:

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