Table of contents
  1. Use Your Smartphone
  2. Keep Everything in One Place
  3. Add a User Journey
  4. Connecteam: Digitizing Your Business, In Under 2 Minutes

Think ‘digitizing’ your business sounds scary? It doesn’t have to be! 

Very few businesses in 2024 use pen and paper for business management, because they recognize that the future is digital. And, in the era of supermarket delivery, robot vacuums and self-driving cars, it’s high time that you bring your business into the 21st century too. 

But how, you ask? With these 3 quick and easy steps: 

Use Your Smartphone

Who doesn’t have a smartphone nowadays? Think about how many smartphone apps you use everyday, from your preferred communication methods (WhatsApp and SMS) to how you do your online banking. 

Since your smartphone plays a daily role in your life, why shouldn’t your business have the same ease of access and one-click approach that other areas of your life do? And, with solid all-in-one employee and business management apps like Connecteam, there‘s no excuse: you can easily handle all of your business and employee management from one app, which you can use anywhere and at any time. 

Now that’s a way to upgrade from pen and paper! Speaking of which…

Keep Everything in One Place

While you might think you can always trust in your sturdy pen and paper, when was the last time you heard of your app going missing, or forgetting where you placed it? 

Doing things ‘the old way’ just won’t cut it anymore, whether that’s due to forgetting where all your scraps of paper have gone, or needing to update them countless times (such as you would with employee schedules and time clocks). 

What the definition of ‘keeping everything in one place’ means could be different to every business owner, but one thing’s for sure: delegating all of your document sharing, editing and keeping to one, centralized (and digital) place is a lot easier and a lot less headache than trying to find bits of paper, possibly with outdated information! 

Add a User Journey

This might sound like a huge deal to do, but it really doesn’t have to be. 

A ‘user journey’ is literally just the steps a shopper takes in interacting with your business before they decide to buy, sign up or take the action that you want them to take. 

The way to add in a user journey is to get yourself online: you need a website and some social media presence, period. That’s because shoppers nowadays want to see some online evidence of your business, to check out if you’re the real deal, but also to have them interact with your brand more. 

The days where you would expect a shopper to make a quick decision about your product are long gone: nowadays, it’s all about the user journey, and the way you represent yourself online. 

Connecteam: Digitizing Your Business, In Under 2 Minutes

If any of this sounds tough and like it will cost you in both time and money, then you have nothing to fear. 

Upgrade your business quickly and easily with Connecteam, the all-in-one business and employee management app that has your back. It’s loved by over 36,000 businesses worldwide, and counting for all of their business needs! 

Here’s just a taste of what it can do for your business: 

  • Say goodbye to payroll errors, and constantly wondering if your employees are really working the hours they say they are, thanks to an innovative time clock feature.  
  • Set your employee schedules quickly and easily! Connecteam’s scheduling feature will automatically flag any and every scheduling conflict, as well as allowing employees to automatically claim open shifts, and indicate their unavailability. 
  • Stay in touch, and allow employees to communicate with one another: enjoy 1:1 private chat, group chats, or even company-wide updates with real-time reporting on who’s seen your update (or not: send automatic follow-up reminders to non-readers). 

The best thing of all? Connecteam takes under 2 minutes to install and get up and running with. There‘s no extra training required, not to mention, award-winning customer support for every question, should you need it! 

Digitize your business the easy way in 2024: join Connecteam! 

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