Incident Investigation Report Template


In the complex and ever-evolving landscape of business operations, the safety and well-being of employees and stakeholders are paramount.

Incident investigation plays a critical role in understanding and mitigating risks, enhancing safety measures, and promoting a culture of accountability and continuous improvement.

This Incident Investigation Report Form Template is designed to assist businesses in systematically capturing key details of any incident, analyzing root causes, and formulating effective strategies to prevent recurrence.

By utilizing this template, organizations can not only comply with safety regulations but also foster a proactive approach to hazard identification, risk management, and overall operational excellence.

Incident Investigation Report Form Template

Basic Information

Incident ID:

Date and Time of Incident:

Location of Incident:

Reporting Person:

Contact Information of Reporting Person:

Incident Details

Type of Incident (e.g., Injury, Near Miss, Property Damage, etc.):

Description of the Incident:

Immediate Actions Taken:

Affected Individuals

Name(s) of Affected Individual(s):

Role(s) of Affected Individual(s):

Nature of Injury/Damage (if applicable):

Witness Information

Name(s) of Witness(es):

Contact Information of Witness(es):

Witness Statement(s):

Environmental Conditions

Weather Conditions (if relevant):

Lighting Conditions:

Other Environmental Factors:

Equipment and Materials

Equipment Involved:

Condition of Equipment:

Materials Involved:

Root Cause Analysis

Immediate Causes:

Contributing Factors:

Underlying Root Causes:

Corrective Actions and Recommendations

Immediate Corrective Actions Taken:

Long-term Preventive Measures:

Recommendations for Policy/Procedure Updates:

Documentation and Evidence



Other Relevant Documents:

Follow-up Actions

Follow-up Date(s):

Responsible Person(s) for Follow-up:

Status of Recommendations Implementation:

Approval and Sign-off

Investigator’s Name and Signature:

Supervisor’s/Manager’s Name and Signature:

Date of Report Completion:


The Incident Investigation Report Form Template is an invaluable tool for businesses aiming to enhance their safety protocols and risk management strategies.

By systematically documenting and analyzing each incident, organizations gain insights that are crucial for preventing future occurrences.

This template not only facilitates compliance with safety standards but also embeds a culture of safety and continuous improvement within the organization.

By prioritizing incident investigation and learning from each event, businesses can significantly reduce risks, boost employee morale, and ultimately propel their operations towards higher standards of excellence and resilience.

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