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employee engagement app

Build a culture of engagement, transparency, and accountability, reach 100% of your team, improve retention and productivity with the top all-in-one employee engagement app.

employee engagement app

The most advanced toolbox to drive employee engagement

employee communication engagement news updates

News, Updates, & Announcements

Keep your team in the loop

Share targeted and measurable communication in real-time with your team to keep them engaged and break down communication barriers. Share new company protocols, changes in work hours, a new hire, promotions, and more. Add GIFs, pictures, videos, file attachments, etc. for collaborative action.

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employee engagement app chat

In-App Chat

Streamline company communication

Internal communication is a breeze with one-on-one or group chat, peer groups, team channels and subject groups. Our team engagement app allows for work-life separation, self-maintaining groups, profanity control, and more so everyone can be part of the conversation. It’s easy to create an engaging culture, where employees can interact with one another.

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employee directory software users

Employee Directory

Find anyone in seconds, from work contacts to vendors and suppliers

When someone new joins, everything is available in the app – no muss, no fuss. A user profile is automatically created based on the details you decide to show – name, email, role, location, etc. Send a unique invite link to your new hire so they can add their details on their own – saves you time so you don’t have to do it yourself.

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mobile app for employee engagement

Surveys, a Suggestion Box, & Live Polls

Create a culture of employee engagement

Don’t make assumptions, use our team engagement app to gain real-time feedback to make better business decisions based on results. Send surveys to specific groups or individuals, create a virtual ‘Suggestion Box’ so users can easily share ideas, and start a live poll to grow engagement as a team.

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employee engagement mobile app

Open Door Policy

Build open communication and engagement

Establish an open door by creating a channel all employees can access to address HR and senior managers so that communication and engagement becomes a two-way street. Employees can easily submit a query or thought which is saved as a PDF and is shared directly to the designated contact’s email. It’s that easy to put employees front and center!

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employee engagement app wellness benefits

Wellness and Benefits

Drive more engagement

Provide all necessary information under one roof that employees can access at any time, like policies on existing wellness programs and plans. Plus, your team can register for company events right from the app so that engagement is right at your fingertips.

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employee communication app

What Our Customers Say

Great engagement features, probably the best organizational app for a great price! Highly recommended.

Gerard K.


It's so easy to engage our team since we started using Connecteam's employee engagement app!

Natalia N.

Employee success manager

Our team became much more involved and connected since we started connecting over the company app. No doubt Connecteam's employee engagement app is the best choice for us!

Erens N.

Staff manager

Boost your employee engagement like never before!


About the Connecteam Employee Engagement app

What is an employee engagement app?

An employee engagement app increases communication, employee involvement, and performance. 

Employee engagement apps can help your company 

  • Gain feedback from employees to understand their concerns and satisfaction
  • Create a community where employees feel heard and valued
  • Understand the needs of employees and how to implement changes 

A successful employee engagement app keeps employees involved, aligned, and dedicated to company missions, values, and culture.

Is Connecteam’s employee engagement app free?
What are the benefits of using Connecteam’s employee engagement app?

Connecteam’s employee engagement app was designed and built especially for deskless employees, from SMB’s to big enterprises. It’s a user-friendly solution that makes employee engagement effective, scalable, and easy like no other. Connecteam’s employee engagement app allows companies to engage their employees with robust features for different purposes – including surveys, a suggestion box, live polls, and so much more. Everything on the team engagement app connects you and your employees to the culture and a fun workplace environment that nourishes morale and productivity. This app for employee engagement saves you time and resources while offering a modern, mobile-first solution employees love to use.

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