Top 8 Catering Management Software Solutions in 2022

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Rea Regan September 7, 2021 7 min read

A list of the top catering management software solutions in the market today, so that you can better run your catering business from top to bottom.

Top 8 Catering Management Software Solutions in 2020

Quick Guide

    More and more events are becoming in-person again!

    From graduations to weddings to corporate events, heck even family barbeques are back in full swing.

    Although not even the coronavirus could stop this industry. It’s on a roll. Literally.

    In 2021 alone, the catering industry is projected to increase by 1.4%. That’s not totally great, but seeing as how it will grow to 6% by 2024 and is expected to grow by 187 billion (USD) during 2020-2024, things are looking good. 

    And guess what? Even if in-person events were at a slump, there is a huge demand for online catering. Yes, really! Think about all the home deliveries that spiked due to COVID restrictions. (Maybe it’s not your usual catering event, but if it’s churning out a profit then it’s worth looking into.)

    So, with an increase in the popularity of online catering, the catering industry is still one of the major industries that are driving the market. The demand to start your own catering business or expand your current services is better than ever. 

    Global Catering Services Market 2020-2024 Infographic

    With that being said, though, there are a few challenges that the catering industry faces that catering software can help to correct. For example,

    It’s the 21st century, folks. If you want your business to succeed – especially in a world where people can actually order food dishes from their mobile phones – you need to be working at their level too. You, your employees, and your customers deserve that much.

    So, what is catering software exactly and how can it help you? Keep on reading!

    What is Catering Software?

    Catering software can help restaurants and food service companies to better manage all of the organizational challenges that come with running a catering business (as we listed above).

    The best catering software helps you manage bookings, increase communication and engagement, plan and schedule events via an online calendar, track hours, and send bills to customers for example. 

    Catering management software makes it easier to reduce error-prone manual processes when switching to automated processes, there is a variety of catering software that differ in what they offer (features), implementation, ease of use, and price. This is why we created a list of the best catering software in the market today so you can make the right choice more easily. 

    Top 8 Catering Management Software Solutions in 2022

    Connecteam’s all-in-one mobile-first catering software is used by thousands of companies like yours worldwide. Thanks to its robust features, being easy to use with no training needed, and affordable pricing, Connecteam is the best catering software for your business. 

    Scheduling your staff involves many moving parts, literally. With the Connecteam catering scheduling app, benefit from quick and easy scheduling of all your employees for each of their different roles and for each event. From kitchen staff, caterers, cleaning, etc. For each event, you can provide relevant information including time, address, and special instructions, allow employees to accept and reject events, and more on Connecteam’s catering scheduling app.

    And when it comes to onboarding, allow your new hire to work at their own pace. They can read your policies and operational processes on the go from their mobile phone so that way they are trained and prepared for different events. Plus, create an accessible knowledge base of your catering dishes, or how tables and food should be organized and presented in events so everyone can easily find all the information they need at all times.

    Key Features

    Schedule your team per events based on their role (kitchen, caterer, cleaning, etc.)

    GPS time tracking

    Get employee acknowledgment for each event

    A knowledge center accessible at any time, from anywhere

    Quick task delegation to ensure every event is prepared to perfection

    Create your own checklists, reports and forms

    Social feed to share updates, announcements, & more

    Pros and Cons

    Super easy to use, no training needed

    Amazing, quick to respond customer support


    Free plan is only available for up to 50 users


    Starts at just $39/month for up to 50 users

    Free plan

    Free 14-day trial

    Tripleseat is a cloud-based event management solution

    Tripleseat is a cloud-based event management solution that is designed for restaurants and other hospitality industries. The system helps your business to respond to leads, communicate with guests, track event details, take payments, and more. Tripleseat ensures everyone, from the event manager to the head chef, is on the same page.

    Key Features

    Centralized bookings calendar

    Branded documents and proposals

    PCI compliant online credit card processing

    Offline payment tracking with your POS

    Automatic payment reminders and alerts


    Pros and Cons

    Great customer support

    Easy to use

    Some features are a little complicated


    Contact a representative to learn more about pricing


    Whether your business deals with online ordering, retail catering, onsite catering, event catering, or corporate catering, FoodStorm allows you to automate processes, generate more sales, and satisfy your customers. 

    Depending on your catering needs, the features may vary.

    Key Features

    CRM features

    Online ordering

    Order tracking


    Payment and invoicing

    Pros and Cons

    Nice interface

    Mobile phone compatibility is limited


    Licensing starts at $500/month, a one-time implementation fee & ongoing monthly subscription fee

    Better Cater software

    Better Cater is great for restaurants, large-scale food reparation, function and event caterers, corporate catering, food trucks, and onsite catering. This software prides itself on offering you one solution to manage events, create automatic packing lists, and generate reports.

    Key Features

    Professional-looking proposals

    Simple & customizable reports

    Intuitive scheduling

    CRM database

    An integrated calendar that syncs with Google Calendar, Outlook, and Apple Calendar

    Pros and Cons

    Easy to use

    No mobile app at the moment

    Not many features


    $69/month with additional users costing $30/month

    Free 30-day trial

    Priava software

    Priava is an award-winning software for venues and events. Priava is designed to assist teams with the management of catering orders, CRM, sales and marketing, quoting, equipment hire and tracking, resource requirements, and business intelligence.

    There are also add-on options available, for example, catering, inventory, online bookings, ticketing, advanced permissions, packages, and more. 

    Key Features

    Opportunities and quotes

    Task management


    Email functionality

    Cloud-based file storage

    GDPR compliance

    Pros and Cons

    Great customer support

    Hard to understand how to use some features


    Speak with a representative about pricing

    Curate software

    Curate considers itself a modern and intuitive software option for catering businesses. This software allows you to automate processes so it’s easier to grow your company.

    Key Features

    Turn digital forms into proposals

    Keep track of customers and vendors

    Project accurate prices based on recipe costs

    Send orders off to the supplier of your choice

    Inventory tracking

    Overbooking notifications

    Pros and Cons

    Top notch customer support

    Some features are glitchy

    Can be complicated to use


    For two users, $230/month


    With Caterease, you can easily manage every single aspect of your catered orders and events. As a manager, you can track your business through flexible reports and customizable queries. In addition, you may use customizable wizard tools and create custom prints to reflect your brand image.

    A mobile app is available as well.

    Key Features

    Wizard driven event booking

    Drag and drop menu selection

    Equipment inventory

    Automatic packing lists

    Site location management

    Cost and profit management 

    Pros and Cons

    Awesome customer support

    Not super user-friendly


    The most popular plan costs $125/month + $200 setup fee per user (each user is $35/month)

    Total Party Planner

    Total Party Planner is a web-based catering software that allows you to streamline your catering business to allow your creativity to translate into profitability. 

    Key Features


    Calendar reminders

    Task management

    Accurate food costing controls

    Pros and Cons


    Great customer support

    Lacking in some features

    Mobile app could be better


    For just one user, you pay $75/month and additional users cost $15/month each

    Two users cost $150/month and additional users cost $25/month each

    Frequently Asked Questions on Apps for Catering Business

    1. Are Apps For Catering Business Expensive?

    It depends on the tool of catering management that you choose to implement. No catering software is created equal. Some will charge heavily per user or per event. Others offer a free version, but can only deliver limited features. So it really depends on what functionalities you need to operate your catering business successfully.

    2. Do I Also Need A Catering Scheduling App?

    Some catering software already includes a version of a catering scheduling app, like Connecteam for example. So if you need a separate catering scheduling app – like to book appointments – you might want to look at what you really need to manage scheduling.

    3. Are Apps For Catering Businesses Easy to Use or Implement?

    This is similar to the pricing question, it depends on the catering software that you implement. Some may be affordable but hard to use. While others may give you the best of both worlds. If a certain catering software offers a free trial, then sign up to test out how easy it is to use and implement. After all, you want to use it on a daily basis and you want your employees to do the same.

    The Bottom Line On Catering Management Software

    The list of the best catering software solutions above can help to eliminate common issues your catering business faces on a daily basis. While also streamlining day-to-day operations like efficient management, billing and invoicing, scheduling staff, tracking hours, venue management, in-depth reports, and more. Therefore, ensure you go through each of the catering software we listed so you can choose the best choice for your business. 

    Efficiently Run Your Catering Company Like Never Before

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