Season 1 • Episode 4

How to retain employees and prevent turnover by investing in Operations

About this episode

What’s the number 1 reason for employee turnover? It’s not salary!

In this episode, we’re discussing why losing an employee costs so much and in what ways a high turnover rate impacts a company. From there we give you ideas and tools on what can be done in order to keep employees engaged and happy at work!

The main topics we’re focusing on are:

  1. Turnover costs (+examples)
  2. Why do employees leave?
  3. Ways to keep talents and increase retention
  4. Why focus on effective operations (especially job scheduling) is key for employee retention.

“Company culture isn’t just what it says about itself – it’s what it does”.

Join us to gain key insights and tools that will help you too, taking your business, self, and team – forward!

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