6 Best Pest Control Company Software Solutions in 2021

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Rea Regan December 15, 2020 9 min read
6 Best Pest Control Company Software Solutions in 2021

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    Whether you’ve been running your own pest control business for decades or are looking to start one soon, you are definitely on the right track to make a handsome profit. 

    In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics stated that the need for exterminators will be on high alert from 2019 through 2029. On top of that, repeat business is in the bag, most jobs are simple to execute, and not much on-the-job training is required

    Pest control companies have many of the same challenges as your typical field service company. They need to manage a team of technicians in the field, handle customer queries, manage accounting effectively, write up a clean work schedule, handle invoicing, maintain safety, and react to all sorts of additional administrative tasks. Many pest control owners find that efficiently running their business on a daily basis requires pest control software. Here’s the thing, if you’re still stuck doing everything by pen and paper or clunky pest control company software then you can never focus on what matters (your customers), enhance employee productivity, or grow your business. Switching to pest control software is a no-brainer. 

    What is pest control software? Pest control company software helps exterminators capture data from the field (video or photo), manage information on various pest types, offers training material in a click, keeps the team and customers in constant communication for transparency, streamlines scheduling and dispatching, helps track inventory, and more. 

    There are a few pest control company software solutions in the market that can assist with the above, and much more, which is why we rolled up our sleeves and reviewed the top pest control company software solutions. Check them out below.

    Top 6 Pest Control Company Software Solutions

    1. Connecteam

    As the #1 pest control business management software, Connecteam allows you to create, manage, and grow the pest control business you deserve. The best scheduling tools, the leading time clock app, robust internal communication features, and more make Connecteam the best pest control company software.

    What are the key features that make Connecteam #1?

    • Enhance the scheduling and dispatching process by switching to a digital solution so you can say goodbye to manual scheduling and hello to a more efficient, automated process! Easily assign shifts in a click, duplicate shifts, drag & drop, create recurring templates or open shifts up for grabs. Also, include shift information like time, date, address, tasks to complete, etc. so your team knows exactly what they need to do when they show up to the job. Assign shifts based on specific requirements or per client, job, or location; never worry about double-booking again as you can see exactly when someone is scheduled for a gig and what openings are available.
    • Benefit from compliant time tracking so your team can clock in and out via their smartphone – all of which saves you a ton of time on managing timesheets for payroll. Each time someone clocks in and out, a timestamp and GPS location is tagged in real-time so you know exactly how many hours your techs worked on projects, tasks, or locations. Manage PTO, real-time visibility on availability, auto-calculated breaks, double-time, daily limits, send push notifications so no one forgets to clock in, and more.
    • To further enhance time management, set up geofence capabilities so your team only clocks in from the designated area. Set up numerous worksites for your gigs and link them with a job, a customer, or a project. Geofence ensures your team is where they need to be and puts a stop to time theft and buddy punching
    • Automate workflows like forms, reports, checklists, and more so your team can send reports right from the field. For example, incident reports, termite inspection reports, evaluation forms, expense reimbursement, etc. Employees can digitally sign each form, add pictures, the GPS location, voice recording, and more – these are then sent straight to the manager in real-time so nothing gets missed. 
    • Enhance task management by automating routine tasks and avoiding the back and forth hassle of phone tag so your team can focus on what’s important. Create key tasks for your team to get done and get notified when it’s done. Include detailed descriptions, group tasks, subtasks, attach images and files, set due dates, etc. so you can close the loop much faster.
    • Streamline internal communication to avoid wasting time with endless phone calls and messy text messages. Become more efficient with one-on-one chat, company updates, live polls, a virtual suggestion box, surveys, and more. Create chats per location, project, or department, so nothing falls between the cracks – loop your team in on proactive management initiatives or upcoming pesticide applications. Effective communication helps build trust and keeps your team proactive when in the field.
    • Create a knowledge base with all the information they need (safety information, product catalog, toxic material handling, employee handbook, etc.) which they can directly access while out in the field. Include an employee library with all key material, whether it’s a chapter to read, a PDF file, a video to watch, or even a quiz to gain further knowledge, it’s available in one place. 
    • Boost morale and engagement so everyone is a team player and contributes to the company’s success. Send company updates and announcements such as landing new gigs, the employee of the month, COVID-19 protocols, etc. Make content social by allowing employees to like and comment on the post with GIFs, images, etc. to enhance comradery. Track who opened and read the update if urgent and send a push notification to those who didn’t. 

    Price: Connecteam pest control business management software is easily the most affordable solution on this list as it doesn’t charge for each user! Instead, you pay a fixed monthly fee, starting at just $39 for up to 50 users. A free 14-day trial is available as well. After which, you can start with the free for life plan to manage your pest control business. 

    Streamline Your Business With #1 Pest Control Management App

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    2. Jobber

    Jobber software

    Jobber allows you to focus on growing revenue while streamlining and automating daily operations. Whether it’s scheduling or detailed reports, Jobber offers features designed for your pest control business. In addition, Jobber has a mobile app for your employees as they’re always on the go.

    For example, features include:

    • Job forms and checklists
    • CRM
    • Chemical tracking and reporting
    • Customer service for better communication
    • Quotes and invoices
    • Payment collection

    Price: For up to 7 users, you’re looking at $99/month for the annual plan otherwise monthly payments will run you $139. 

    3. WorkWave PestPac

    WorkWave PestPac

    WorkWave PestPac offers six key feature sets: marketing, sales, office management, field operations, customer experience, and reporting. And depending on if your business is commercial or residential, there are different features available as well. 

    A few features available include:

    • Marketing automation
    • Order management
    • Scheduling
    • Digital templates and forms
    • Route optimization
    • Accounting
    • Mobile sketch
    • A mobile application
    • Termite inspection
    • GPS vehicle tracking

    Price: You need to schedule a demo to learn more about pricing options.

    4. GorillaDesk


    Given that a pest control business solely focuses on efficient scheduling and processing payments, GorillaDesk is great for this. However, it offers more than just the basics. Now, scheduling, dispatching, invoices, payment processing, chemical tracking and reporting, customer communication, and automatic reporting are the basics of what GorillaDesk offers.

    Additional features include:

    • Integrations with multiple solutions like Gmail, Square, etc.
    • CRM
    • Device management
    • A mobile app
    • Drag and drop calendar
    • Online reviews
    • Diagramming
    • Technician tracking

    Price: Pricing is determined by how many routes you have. For example, one route costs you $49/month whereas six routes cost $239/month. A free 14-day trial is available. 

    5. Pocomos

    Pocomos software

    Pocomos is a CRM (customer relationship management) software solution. It works across devices, allows you to focus on the customer, and even tracks your success.

    Key features include:

    • Scheduling
    • Route optimization
    • Customer management
    • Google Maps integration 
    • Track and monitor sales
    • Invoicing and payments

    Price: Pricing is split between small business and Enterprise accounts which are further broken down into cost per user. 0-50 users on a small business account are free while 51-300 active users will cost $99/month. If you are looking at Enterprise pricing that runs you $0.24/customer/month for 501-2,000 active users.

    6. ServiceTracker Pest Control Software

    ServiceTracker Pest Control Software

    ServiceTracker Pest Control Software is run by cloud technology and is also in line with BPCA, HSE, and NPTA guidance. 

    Here are a few features available:

    • Job and contract scheduling
    • Manage state of service
    • Biologist assessment management
    • Contract management
    • Signature and photo capture
    • Analytics

    Price: Contact a representative to book a free trial. Pricing is not available on the website.

    Wrapping Up Pest Control Software

    Regardless if you’re working residential or commercial gigs, your business and employees will benefit from pest control company software. As mentioned, pest control software allows you to streamline daily operations – from time tracking, accurate payroll and timesheets, automated workflows from the field, efficient scheduling and dispatching, strong internal communication, and so much more. 

    Based on the list of pest control business management software above, your business will be better equipped to handle new projects and employee management.

    Leading Pest Control Software

    Strategically run your business with the #1 pest control software solution. From scheduling to time tracking to task management to automated workflows and more – all of Connecteam’s features save you time and money.

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