Veterinary practice management software automates administrative tasks and appointment scheduling and helps you manage patient records, improve patient care, and communicate with clients and employees effectively. In this article, we review the 6 best veterinary practice management software solutions for 2024.

Whether you manage a small pet care clinic or a full-service pet hospital, you know a veterinary practice involves more than just caring for furry and scaly patients.

From handling patient records and appointment scheduling to billing and inventory management, running a veterinary practice is no easy feat.

Veterinary practice management software (VPMS) can relieve your administrative burden and help you improve efficiency, communication, and compliance.

You can use it to manage patient records, schedule appointments, coordinate billing, communicate with your employees, and more.

In this article, we look at the 6 best veterinary practice management software solutions for 2024.

We compare their features, pros, and cons so you can choose one that perfectly suits your veterinary practice.

If you don’t have the time to read through our research, jump down to our quick comparison table.

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  1. Best all-in-one veterinary practice management software

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  3. Good for efficient client and patient information management

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What to Look For in a Veterinary Practice Management Software

When selecting the best veterinary clinic management software, search for these key features:

  • Staff scheduling. Look for veterinary software that lets you schedule your team members quickly and efficiently.
  • Task management. Top software will enable you to create and assign tasks to your staff and track their progress to completion. 
  • Billing, invoicing, and payroll. Many platforms can create precise reports for invoices and employee payroll. The best ones will integrate with your payroll software, so you don’t have to juggle different tools. Connecteam, for instance, integrates with QuickBooks and Gusto.
  • Electronic medical records (EMR) management. Opt for a system that lets you securely store, manage, and access patient records, including medical history, treatment plans, and lab results. With Connecteam, you can store all employee files and patient records. Moreover, you can access these records on the go, ensuring you always have the information you need. 
  • Inventory management. Prioritize software that monitors your practice’s inventory of medications, supplies, and equipment. This will help you maintain stock levels, prevent shortages, reduce waste, and keep treatments on track.
  • Communication tools. Look for features like instant messaging, smart alerts, and file-sharing capabilities. This will make it easy for you and your staff to communicate with each other. Connecteam provides these features and more for seamless internal and external communication.
  • Reports and analytics. The best software will generate reports that provide insights into your practice’s performance, patient trends, and financial data. This information can help you make more data-driven business decisions.
  • Mobile Accessibility: In today’s mobile-centric world, having a mobile app or responsive web design can be beneficial for accessing patient records and scheduling on the go.
  • Customer Support and Training: Assess the quality of customer support and training options provided by the software vendor. Reliable support is essential for resolving issues promptly.

The 6 Best Veterinary Practice Management Softwares of 2024

  1. Connecteam — Best all-in-one veterinary practice management software

    Create and delegate tasks

    Key Features

    • Centralized records management

    • Built-in chat

    • Accurate timesheets and payroll integrations

    • Automated reminders

    • Drag-and-drop scheduler

    • Time clock with GPS functionality


    • All-in-one platform

    • Cloud-based

    • User-friendly and customizable 

    • Affordable for all veterinary practices


    • Needs internet or wifi access to work

    Connecteam is a do-everything platform ideal for your vet practice management needs. Its tools help simplify appointment and staff scheduling, records management, team communication, and more.

    Let’s take a closer look at Connecteam’s key features.

    Streamline scheduling with a drag-and-drop scheduler

    Connecteam’s scheduling tools enable you to create, manage, and publish schedules. Customize shift templates or create the perfect schedule from scratch. Thanks to the user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, adjusting schedules to accommodate changes in patient appointments or staff availability is a breeze.

    Connecteam will automatically notify employees when a new schedule has been published or a schedule change affects them. You can even let workers request to swap shifts, set their availability, and request time off independently.

    A graphic showing the employee scheduling feature with a healthcare worker in the Connecteam app.

    Accurately track employee’s hours

    You can use Connecteam’s time clock to track everyone’s time constructions tasks and projects with just one click. The mobile time clock records time to the second, so your timesheets are always accurate and you never have to worry about overpaying employees. Employees can clock in and out right from their phones, too, so it’s an incredibly simple process.

    The time clock also lets you add shift notes and track important metrics like equipment use and mileage, which you can then import into your timesheets.

    Accurate time tracking reduces the risk of errors or misunderstandings with clients when it comes to billing. It also improves transparency, since you’ll have a complete record of work hours to show your clients.

    Request or approve PTO with a single click

    Connecteam’s built-in PTO management tools allow you to view PTO allowance and time off requests right from within the app. It lets you keep track of your employees’ time off, ensure you’re properly staffed when they’re away, and monitor PTO spending.

    Your team can easily request time off through the mobile app, too. Connecteam will automatically input PTO into your employee’s roster once you approve a request.

    These features help ensure you remain compliant with labor laws and promote a healthy work-life balance for your team.

    a woman looking at her desktop that shows an illustration of a worker day off approval

    Task management tools and reminders to stay on top of appointments, duties, and more

    Connecteam’s task management features allow you to create and assign tasks quickly, keeping everyone informed about daily operations and duties. Tasks might include attending appointments, administering medications, answering client phone calls, and more.

    Add essential details like start and due dates, file attachments, images, and more to tasks so your vet practice staff have the information they need to perform their jobs effectively. 

    You can even set common tasks to recur daily, weekly, or monthly—and integrate tasks directly into team schedules using Connecteam’s scheduling features.

    As a manager, you can track task progress and send automated reminders so employees don’t miss important deadlines or forget to complete certain duties.

    Centralized records management for employees and patients

    With Connecteam’s document management feature, you can store all regulatory data, personnel files, and patient records in a safe location. All documents are backed up to Connecteam’s secure private cloud. So, whether it’s medical histories, treatment plans, or lab results, you and your clients can access these documents anytime.

    Additionally, Connecteam offers a dedicated knowledge base. Here, you can upload and update manuals, clinical guidelines, instructional videos, client information and contracts, employee handbooks, equipment and inventory lists, and more. Employees can access these whenever needed.

    Further, you can manage user access controls through the permissions center. You decide who can access particular documents and employee information in both the document management center and the knowledge base.

    Share important updates with built-in chat and updates feed

    Connecteam’s Chat simplifies how your staff interacts, making it easy to discuss patient cases, coordinate appointments, and share vital information in real time. You can use it to engage in one-on-one conversations, create group chats for specific departments or teams, or privately discuss sensitive matters.

    You can also share files like medical records, X-rays, test results, and more directly within messages. No need for time-consuming file transfers or physical document exchanges! Plus, the chat fully complies with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations. 

    In addition, you can use Connecteam’s company newsfeed to share essential updates, medical breakthroughs, practice-specific news, and more. Add media to your posts, schedule them if needed, and track their engagement by monitoring the likes and comments they receive. 

    An illustration of chat and phone book with a system update instruction

    Simplify invoicing and payroll with accurate timesheets

    Connecteam’s GPS-enabled time clock will automatically track your employees’ time down to the second, logging their clock-in and clock-out locations for each shift. 

    The software then uses this data to generate accurate timesheets, which you can instantly download to use with your payroll provider. Or, you can use one of Connecteam’s integrations with QuickBooks or Gusto. This simplifies payroll processing and ensures your team members get paid correctly. 

    And more—at affordable prices for all veterinary practices

    Beyond these features, Connecteam offers reporting tools you can use to generate data on things like overall labor costs, employee attendance, time spent on specific tasks, and more. You can even filter by job and send reports to clients instantly for invoicing. 

    You can also stay on top of inventory management using Connecteam’s forms and checklists feature. Create custom inventory checklists, send them to employees to fill out, and require them to add photos and e-signatures before submitting completed checklists for your approval. 

    Two employees using restaurant checklist app

    Moreover, Connecteam is an affordable solution for small veterinary clinics, larger veterinary hospitals, and every practice in between. 

    For smaller practices with 10 or fewer employees, Connecteam offers a free lifetime plan. For larger teams, Connecteam’s competitive pricing starts at only $29 per month, covering up to 30 employees. Plus, the additional user fee of only $0.50 per month ensures costs remain reasonable.

    Connecteam also offers a free for life plan – Get Started Now!


    Free-for-life plan availablePremium plans start at $29/month for 30 users

    14-day free trial, no credit card required

    Start your free trial
  2. ezyVet — Good for multi-location inventory management

    Available on

    • Web
    • iOS
    • Android
    • Windows
    • Mac
    A screenshot of the ezyVet veterinary software website, showing a graphic of a smiling vet, cow, and sheep.

    Key Features

    • Appointment scheduling
    • Multi-location inventory control
    • Invoicing and payments
    • Clinical record management


    • Tracks financial performance
    • Customizable


    • Can be difficult to learn
    • Limited employee management features

    ezyVet is a cloud-based veterinary hospital management software solution that automates tasks, improves client communication, and tracks financial performance. With ezyVet’s integrated customer portal, clients can view their clinical data and financial records and schedule new appointments online.

    The platform’s inventory management features batch tracking, re-order notifications, and barcode support for precise control. It also includes advanced pricing options and features for bundling, inventory transfers, purchase orders, and lot number tracking.

    ezyVet also provides tools for communicating with clients, such as sending messages, creating invoices, and uploading medical records. Moreover, it also allows clinics to connect with various diagnostic equipment and laboratory systems. It also offers financial management tools, such as invoicing and payment processing.

    However, some reviewers have noted that ezyVet can be difficult to use. It also lacks advanced employee management features that other solutions offer.

    Learn more about ezyVet


    Starts at $215/month for 1 user; $325/month for 2-9 users Trial: Yes Free Plan: No

  3. Avimark — Good for efficient client and patient information management

    Available on

    • Web
    • Windows
    A screenshot of the Avimark veterinary software website, showing a puppy and a smiling vet looking at a tablet.

    Key Features

    • Client and patient information management
    • Enhanced search functionality
    • Inventory management and integration
    • Custom lists


    • Integration capabilities
    • Customizable reporting


    • Limited collaboration and team communication features
    • Limited scalability

    Covetrus Avimark is a veterinary clinic management software solution designed to streamline in-clinic workflows. The software supports client communication and marketing efforts. There are also tools for online scheduling, automated messaging, and surveys. 

    In addition, it provides easy access to client and patient information, including medical history, to simplify check-in and checkout. The software also enables users to search records across multiple categories and save custom search queries for repeated use.

    Plus, Avimark integrates with Covetrus North America for inventory management. The software includes features like custom lists for medical history, duty assignments, and a whiteboard for centralized patient activity tracking.

    One shortcoming of Avimark is its limited internal communication features, making it less suitable for practices that prioritize staff coordination and teamwork.

    Learn more about Avimark


    Contact vendor for price Trial: Yes Free Plan: No

  4. Cornerstone — Good for diagnostic integrations

    Screenshot of the Cornerstone webpage

    Key Features

    • Diagnostic integration
    • Scheduling
    • Inventory Management
    • Invoice management


    • Advanced imaging capabilities
    • Efficient appointment management


    • High initial cost
    • Limited mobile functionality

    Cornerstone by IDEXX is an animal hospital management system that integrates with IDEXX diagnostics. Cornerstone’s EMR module enables vet practices to create and store patient records, including medical history, diagnostic results, and treatment plans. Plus, the scheduling module enables users to create and manage appointments, track patient history, and send client reminders.

    Cornerstone’s inventory management feature also helps users track inventory levels, manage orders, and prevent stock-outs. The invoicing module facilitates creating and sending invoices, tracking payments, and collecting receivables. Besides these core features, Cornerstone’s add-on services include credit card processing, data backup, practice solutions, and client communications.

    Unfortunately, Cornerstone is quite expensive, especially for small practices.

    Learn more about Cornerstone


    Starts at $6/user/month Trial: Yes Free Plan: No

  5. Weave — Good for client messaging and automated replies

    Available on

    • Web
    • iOS
    • Android
    • Windows
    • Mac
    A screenshot of the Weave veterinary software website, showing a client’s chat, visit history, and a veterinary staff examining a cat with a stethoscope.

    Key Features

    • Automatic appointment reminders
    • Online review management
    • Call Pop
    • Digital forms


    • Efficient communication
    • Automates tasks


    • Limited mobile capabilities
    • Relatively expensive

    Weave is a cloud-based customer communication and engagement platform that allows veterinary practices to send and receive text messages with clients. 

    One of Weave’s notable features is its Call Pop feature. It provides relevant client and pet information, like upcoming appointments and overdue account balances, during incoming calls.

    Other features include digital forms, secure payments, scheduling reviews, recall reminders, online review management, and a mobile app. Moreover, Weave integrates with many third-party software, such as practice management systems, payment processors, and scheduling platforms.

    However, Weave can be costly compared to some competitors and lacks video chat features. Also, some users reported limited customization options and glitches while using the mobile app.

    Learn more about Weave


    Contact vendor for price Trial: Yes Free Plan: No

  6. AlisVet — Good for appointment scheduling

    Available on

    • Windows
    • Mac
    A screenshot of the AlisVet veterinary software website, showing a smiling vet with a dog.

    Key Features

    • Appointment scheduling
    • Automated reminders
    • Client portal
    • Patient record management


    • Flexible reporting
    • Customization capabilities


    • Dependency on desktop platforms, no cloud
    • Lack of real-time communication features

    AlisVet is a veterinary management platform that offers multi-vet and multi-room appointment scheduling with drag-and-drop functionality. The software also supports attaching various document formats to patient histories for easy access. 

    In addition, AlisVet helps create and categorize health plans, providing flexibility in patient care management. It also supports automated multi-level discounts, manual discounts, and split payments. Moreover, AlisVet includes a reminder system with multiple levels for due and overdue reminders, compliance tracking, and a prescription management feature.

    As it’s not a cloud-based practice management software platform, AlisVet doesn’t offer the same level of real-time communication and mobile accessibility as other solutions. 

    Learn more about AlisVet


    Contact vendor for price Trial: No Free Plan: No

Compare the Best Veterinary Practice Management Softwares

Topic Start for free
Starts at just $29/month for the first 30 users
Starts at $215/month for 1 user; $325/month for 2-9 users
Contact vendor for price
Starts at $6/user/month
Contact vendor for price
Contact vendor for price
Free Trial
Free Plan
Free Up to 10 users
Use cases
Best all-in-one veterinary practice management software
Good for multi-location inventory management
Good for efficient client and patient information management
Good for diagnostic integrations
Good for client messaging and automated replies
Good for appointment scheduling
Available on
Web, iOS, Android, Windows, Mac
Web, Windows
Web, iOS, Android, Windows, Mac
Windows, Mac

What Is Veterinary Practice Management Software?

Veterinary practice management software is a digital tool designed to streamline and optimize veterinary practices’ administrative and clinical operations. Animal hospitals, vet offices, and pet care facilities are examples of businesses that might use this software. 

The software assists with overseeing patient data, treatment planning, scheduling, and administrative tasks like billing, invoicing, and payroll processing.

As a result, veterinarians and their staff can manage various aspects of their practice more efficiently—ultimately enabling them to provide better care to their animal patients and human clients.

How Does Veterinary Practice Management Software Work?

This software aims to enhance a veterinary practice’s efficiency by automating tasks, reducing paperwork, and improving patient care. 

For veterinarians, vet management software provides each animal’s electronic medical records (EMRs), enabling quick access to medical histories, previous treatments, and diagnostic results. Veterinarians can also schedule appointments, create and update treatment plans, and securely communicate with employees and clients using the software.

Staff members use the software to schedule appointments, manage walk-ins, and maintain client records, including contact details and billing information. Plus, the software makes inventory control more accessible. Staff can easily monitor stock levels, place orders, and track product availability.

Finally, this software enhances clients’ engagement and overall experience. They can use it to book appointments, receive automated reminders for upcoming visits, and access their pet’s medical records anytime. 

The software also makes it easy for clients to communicate with practice staff. They can ask questions, request prescription refills, and receive timely updates on their pet’s health. Clients can also view and pay invoices using the software, simplifying the billing process and improving their engagement with the clinic.

The Benefits of Veterinary Practice Management Software

Enhanced efficiency and increased revenue 

Veterinary practice management software simplifies various administrative tasks, reducing manual paperwork and saving you time

It also helps you collect payments promptly and reduce missed appointments by automating billing and appointment reminders. This can lead to improved cash flow and revenue growth.

Improved patient care and a boosted reputation

With this software, you have easy access to electronic health records (EHRs) and treatment history, which helps you make accurate diagnoses and better-informed treatment decisions. 

This results in improved patient outcomes, higher client satisfaction, and more word-of-mouth referrals—ultimately enhancing your reputation and attracting more business. 

Enhanced client experience

On a similar note, clients benefit from features like online appointment booking, automated reminders, and access to their pet’s medical records. These conveniences lead to greater client satisfaction and loyalty, plus an increase in repeat business and referrals.

Better inventory management

Vet management software helps you efficiently manage your inventory of medications, supplies, and pet products. This reduces wastage, minimizes over- or under-stocking issues, and ensures cost-effective inventory management.

Improved staff collaboration

Your vet practice staff can collaborate seamlessly using the software. They can share patient information, notes, and updates and ask and answer questions in real time. This promotes teamwork, reduces communication errors, and enhances the quality of care provided to patients.

How Much Does Veterinary Practice Management Software Cost?

The cost of veterinary practice management software can vary greatly. Most offer monthly or annual subscriptions, and many carry additional fees for more advanced features (usually reserved for higher-tier plans) and additional users. 

For example, EzyVet charges $215/month for a single user and $325/month for 2-9 users. This can quickly get expensive for larger teams. 

However, not all software is this expensive, and Connecteam is the most budget-friendly option

Paid plans start at $29 per month for up to 30 users, with additional users costing just $0.50 each per month. Plus, our Small Business Plan is 100% free for up to 10 users—an excellent choice for smaller veterinary practices or those on a tight budget.


What are the biggest veterinary software companies?

Some of the most popular veterinary software providers include Connecteam, ezyVet, Avimark, Cornerstone by IDEXX, Weave, and AlisVet. 

How do I choose the best veterinary practice management software for my practice?

To choose the best veterinary practice management software, consider your practice size, the features you need, the platforms you’ll use the software on, and your budget. Pick a comprehensive, affordable solution that offers maximum value for money—such as Connecteam.

The Bottom Line On Veterinary Practice Management Software

With veterinary practice management software, you can manage patient records, schedule appointments, maintain inventory, and simplify billing. This way, you can automate manual administrative tasks, improve efficiency, and even boost the profitability of your vet practice.

Many vet practice management software solutions are available, but Connecteam stands out as the best all-in-one option. It offers features for task management, scheduling, client and employee communication, patient record management, and more. It’s also affordable, with a free-forever plan for teams of up to 10 and paid plans starting at just $29 per month for up to 30 people.

Get started with Connecteam for free today!