Residential Building Inspection Checklist Template


Regular inspections are essential to ensure the safety, functionality, and comfort of your residential property.

The Residential Building Inspection Checklist Template is designed to guide you through a systematic evaluation of various aspects of your home.

Customize this template to match the features of your residential property and conduct thorough inspections.

Residential Building Inspection Checklist Template

Exterior Inspection:

[  ] Roof: Check for missing or damaged shingles, signs of leakage, and proper drainage.

[  ] Exterior Walls and Siding: Inspect for cracks, rot, mold, or any signs of structural damage.

[  ] Windows and Doors: Verify that windows and doors open, close, and lock properly. Look for gaps, broken glass, and damaged frames.

[  ] Driveway and Walkways: Assess for cracks, potholes, or any trip hazards.

[  ] Landscaping: Inspect trees, shrubs, and fences for maintenance needs. Check for proper drainage and signs of erosion.

Interior Inspection:

[  ] Flooring: Examine flooring for wear, damage, or uneven surfaces that may pose tripping hazards.

[  ] Walls and Ceilings: Look for cracks, water stains, or signs of moisture intrusion.

[  ] Lighting: Ensure that all light fixtures are functioning. Check switches and outlets for proper operation.

[  ] HVAC Systems: Test heating and cooling systems to ensure proper functionality. Replace filters as needed.

[  ] Plumbing: Inspect pipes, faucets, and drains for leaks or water pressure issues.

Safety Measures:

[  ] Fire Alarms: Test smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. Replace batteries if necessary.

[  ] Carbon Monoxide Detectors: Ensure proper operation and replace batteries if needed.

[  ] Emergency Exits: Verify that emergency exits are unobstructed and easily accessible.

Living Spaces:

[  ] Bedrooms: Check for functioning doors, windows, and closet space. Assess lighting and ventilation.

[  ] Living Room: Verify outlets, switches, and lighting. Inspect windows and overall comfort.

[  ] Kitchen: Test appliances, plumbing fixtures, and electrical outlets. Check for signs of leaks.

[  ] Bathrooms: Inspect sinks, toilets, showers, and tubs for leaks, proper drainage, and ventilation.

Utilities Inspection:

[  ] Electrical Systems: Review circuit breakers, electrical panels, and outlets for safety and proper operation.

[  ] Plumbing Systems: Check water heater, pipes, and water pressure for any issues.

[  ] HVAC Systems: Clean or replace filters, inspect ducts, and ensure proper airflow.

Special Areas:

[  ] Attic and Basement: Inspect for signs of leaks, pests, or structural damage. Check insulation and ventilation.

[  ] Garage and Storage Spaces: Assess doors, lighting, and functionality. Look for signs of water infiltration.


[  ] Inspection Records: Document all findings, repairs, and actions taken during the inspection.

Task Review:

[  ] Verify Completed Tasks: Review the checklist to ensure all tasks are completed.

[  ] Update Inspection Schedule: Adjust the schedule based on observations and needs.

Inspector Verification:

Inspector’s signature confirming inspection completion

Signature: __________ Date: __________

This detailed Residential Building Inspection Checklist Template serves as a comprehensive guide for conducting thorough residential property inspections.

Customize it according to your home’s specific attributes and regional requirements.

By following this checklist, you contribute to the safety, functionality, and longevity of your residential space, providing a secure and comfortable environment for all residents.

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