Operating Room Checklist Template


The Operating Room (OR) Checklist is a crucial tool for healthcare professionals to ensure a safe, organized, and efficient environment for surgical procedures.

This checklist outlines essential tasks and considerations before, during, and after surgeries, helping to prevent errors, enhance patient care, and maintain stringent hygiene standards.

Operating Room Checklist:

Preparation and Setup:

[  ] Confirm Surgical Case Details: Verify patient identity, procedure type, and surgeon’s instructions.

[  ] Sterile Supplies: Ensure availability of sterile instruments, drapes, gowns, gloves, and other necessary equipment.

[  ] Surgical Team Briefing: Conduct a pre-surgery briefing to review the procedure, roles, and potential complications.

[  ] Verify Equipment Functionality: Check surgical equipment, monitors, anesthesia machines, and lighting.

Patient Safety and Comfort:

[  ] Patient Consent: Verify signed consent forms for the procedure and anesthesia.

[  ] Patient Identification: Confirm patient identity using established protocols.

[  ] Positioning: Ensure the patient is positioned correctly and comfortably on the OR table.

[  ] Anesthesia Setup: Collaborate with anesthesia team to ensure safe administration.

Sterile Environment:

[  ] Hand Hygiene: Perform thorough hand washing and sterile gowning and gloving.

[  ] Surgical Site Preparation: Clean and sterilize the surgical site according to protocols.

[  ] Draping: Ensure sterile drapes cover the patient and surrounding areas.

During Surgery:

[  ] Sterile Field Maintenance: Monitor and maintain the sterile field throughout the surgery.

[  ] Instrument Count: Keep track of instruments used and ensure nothing is left inside the patient.

[  ] Patient Monitoring: Continuously monitor the patient’s vital signs and anesthesia levels.


[  ] Counting Procedure: Perform final instrument, sponge, and needle count before wound closure.

[  ] Wound Care: Dress and secure the surgical site appropriately.

[  ] Documentation: Accurately document the procedure details, complications, and any deviations.

Cleanup and Disinfection:

[  ] Dispose of Medical Waste: Properly dispose of sharps, used supplies, and biohazard waste.

[  ] Room Disinfection: Follow established cleaning protocols to disinfect the OR for the next procedure.

[  ] Equipment Maintenance: Ensure proper cleaning, sterilization, and storage of reusable equipment.

Team Debriefing:

[  ] Post-Surgery Review: Conduct a debriefing session to discuss the procedure, outcomes, and any improvements for future cases.

[  ] Documentation Review: Verify that all documentation is complete and accurate.

[  ] Handover to Recovery: Ensure smooth handover of the patient to the recovery team.


The Operating Room Checklist is an indispensable resource for maintaining the highest standards of patient care and safety during surgical procedures.

By using this checklist, healthcare professionals can effectively manage every aspect of the surgical process, from preparation to post-surgery care.

Customize the checklist to match your hospital or facility’s protocols and ensure optimal surgical outcomes for patients.

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