Hotel Room Cleaning Checklist for Happy Guests


This comprehensive Hotel Room Cleaning Checklist is designed specifically for Room Service.

Your role is crucial in ensuring that every guest enjoys a clean and comfortable stay.

By following this checklist diligently, you can maintain exceptional cleanliness, prioritize guest satisfaction, and leave a lasting impression on all visitors.

Let’s begin the thorough cleaning process to create a welcoming environment for each new guest.


[  ] Gather all necessary cleaning supplies and equipment, including cleaning agents, microfiber cloths, mops, vacuum cleaners, and trash bags.

[  ] Ensure that fresh linens and towels are available for replacement.

General Cleaning:

[  ] Open windows or doors to allow fresh air circulation.

[  ] Turn off and unplug all electronic devices before cleaning.

[  ] Empty and replace trash bags, and dispose of trash properly.

[  ] Dust all surfaces, including furniture, fixtures, and decorative items.

[  ] Wipe down and disinfect frequently touched surfaces, such as light switches, doorknobs, remote controls, and electronic devices.

[  ] Clean and disinfect the phone, intercom, and any other communication devices.

[  ] Inspect for and remove any lost and found items, storing them in the designated area.


[  ] Clean and disinfect sinks, faucets, and countertops.

[  ] Scrub and sanitize toilets, including the seat, lid, and base.

[  ] Clean and disinfect showers and bathtubs, including tiles and grout.

[  ] Wipe down and disinfect showerheads and faucets.

[  ] Clean and shine mirrors and glass surfaces.

[  ] Replace used towels and mats with fresh ones.

[  ] Restock toiletries, toilet paper, tissues, and amenities as needed.


[  ] Change and make the beds with fresh linens.

[  ] Vacuum and mop all floors and carpets.

[  ] Dust and clean all furniture, including nightstands and desk surfaces.

[  ] Wipe down and disinfect frequently touched surfaces, such as light switches, remote controls, and telephones.

[  ] Inspect for any damages or maintenance issues and report them to the appropriate department.

Electronics and Appliances:

[  ] Dust and wipe down TV screens and remotes.

[  ] Clean and disinfect minibars and coffee makers.

Final Checks:

[  ] Ensure all cleaning supplies and equipment are properly stored and restocked.

[  ] Double-check that all surfaces are dust-free, sanitized, and sparkling clean.

[  ] Check that all amenities and supplies are properly replenished.

[  ] Inspect for any missed spots or areas that need further attention.

Completing this comprehensive Hotel Room Cleaning Checklist is a crucial part of your role in providing exceptional service to your guests.

Your attention to detail and dedication to cleanliness are essential in ensuring a pleasant and comfortable stay for every new arrival.

By following this checklist diligently, you contribute to our commitment to delivering outstanding hospitality experiences and leaving a positive and lasting impression on all our visitors.

Thank you for your hard work and dedication to maintaining the highest standards in our hotel.

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