Facility Security Assessment Checklist


Conducting a thorough facility security assessment is essential to ensure the safety and security of your premises.

The Facility Security Assessment Checklist is designed to help you evaluate potential vulnerabilities, identify security gaps, and implement effective security measures.

By systematically assessing your facility’s security, you can create a robust defense against potential threats.

Facility Security Assessment Checklist:

Physical Security:

[  ] Perimeter Fencing: Assess the integrity and height of perimeter fencing.

[  ] Access Points: Evaluate the security of all entry and exit points.

[  ] Gates and Barriers: Inspect gates and barriers for functionality and security.

[  ] Exterior Lighting: Check exterior lighting to eliminate dark areas.

[  ] Security Cameras: Assess the coverage and functionality of security cameras.

Access Control:

[  ] Entry Authorization: Review the process for granting access to individuals.

[  ] Visitor Management: Evaluate visitor registration and identification procedures.

[  ] Employee Identification: Ensure proper identification for employees.

[  ] Key Management: Assess the management and security of keys and access cards.

Building Infrastructure:

[  ] Windows and Doors: Inspect windows and doors for security vulnerabilities.

[  ] Locks: Evaluate the type and strength of locks on all entry points.

[  ] Alarm Systems: Check the functionality of alarm systems and sensors.

[  ] Panic Buttons: Test panic buttons and their connection to security personnel.

Security Personnel:

[  ] Security Staff: Assess the presence and training of security personnel.

[  ] Monitoring: Evaluate the effectiveness of security staff in monitoring and responding to incidents.

[  ] Security Protocol: Review security personnel’s adherence to established protocols.

Emergency Preparedness:

[  ] Evacuation Routes: Verify the visibility and accuracy of evacuation routes.

[  ] Emergency Contacts: Ensure emergency contacts are up to date and accessible.

[  ] Communication: Assess communication systems for emergency alerts.

Crisis Management:

[  ] Incident Response Plan: Review the effectiveness of the incident response plan.

[  ] Communication Protocol: Evaluate communication procedures during a crisis.

[  ] Coordination: Assess the coordination between security personnel and relevant authorities.


[  ] Network Security: Review the strength of the facility’s network security.

[  ] Data Protection: Evaluate measures in place to protect sensitive information.

[  ] Cyber Threat Awareness: Assess employees’ awareness of cybersecurity threats.

Training and Education:

[  ] Security Training: Evaluate the effectiveness of security training programs.

[  ] Emergency Drills: Assess the frequency and realism of emergency drills.

Task Review:

[  ] Check Completed Tasks: Review the checklist to ensure all tasks are completed.

[  ] Address Outstanding Items: Address any tasks that remain pending.

Supervisor Verification:

Supervisor’s Signature confirming the completion and accuracy of the assessment.


Signature: _________ Date: _________

The Facility Security Assessment Checklist is your guide to evaluating and enhancing the security of your premises.

By systematically assessing potential vulnerabilities and implementing appropriate measures, you create a safer environment for occupants and assets.

Customize the checklist to match the specific layout and needs of your facility, and let it be a cornerstone of your commitment to safeguarding against potential threats.

A secure facility is a resilient facility, and by following this checklist, you fortify your defenses and provide peace of mind for all.

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