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Rachel Cohen July 27, 2021 8 min read
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Quick Guide

    Running a staffing agency has become increasingly challenging especially since we are still going through the pandemic. Before COVID-19, agencies were focused on finding candidates a job they would be content with. Now there are brand new challenges that keep appearing. 

    The market is actually not on the recruiter’s side anymore, it’s on the candidate’s side

    We are witnessing large companies such as Uber and Lyft offering incentives to get people to come to work for them. You have to consider where this shift started, and when you look closely, it’s down to the fact that the minute people turn on the news there’s a new strain of the virus. Even with the vaccine drive, there are a lot of potential candidates that simply don’t want to go back to work as they fear getting sick.

    For those who do want to go back to work, there’s no guarantee that they will remain in their new position once you’ve found them a good place. As it’s a candidates market, they know that if they leave their current workplace there are plenty of opportunities for them. This leaves staffing agencies with numerous workplaces trying to figure out how to fill all these vacancies. 

    Staffing agencies are therefore turning to staffing agency software as a source for help. Most staffing agencies use old-fashioned communication methods. For example, workplaces calling them directly, explaining the position and staffing agencies would then provide the right candidate. Case closed. 

    On the other hand, you also have your own team to manage and other daily tasks to contend with. 

    What is Staffing Agency Software?

    Staffing agency software comprises a number of tools that assist in the recruiting process. They help you automate client files, resumes, daily tasks, etc. 

    The staffing software can also help your team with your day-to-day challenges when it comes to communication, scheduling, time clock, and more. 

    With so many staffing agency software solutions on the market, some can be pricey and difficult to use. In any regard, we’ve researched the market and list the top 7 staffing software solutions that can give your company the edge you’ve been looking for.

    The Best Staffing Software Solutions

    employee scheduling app

    Connecteam comes in at number one because it’s a versatile easy-to-use staffing software solution. In less than 15 minutes you can begin using it without the need for a technical team. New hires can onboard faster than ever before, as all the materials they need are in their back pocket, even while on the go! As a manager, you can oversee the progress of your new hire from wherever you are, on a desktop or mobile device. Both allow you to manage your team from anywhere and in real-time.

    With its wide range of features, Connecteam’s easy-to-use staffing software will be your new friendly tool. Payroll is no longer a struggle with its direct integration with Quickbooks Online. On top of that fact, workers clock in and out via the app to calculate hours automatically to ensure accuracy. They can inform you about sick days, vacation requests, and more. Above everything else, communication is next level with an in-app chat. Connecteam provides you with the flexibility to schedule, communicate, manage tasks, automate checklists, and so much more. The competitive price doesn’t break the bank, and that’s the reason why so many recruiting agencies are calling this the best management software.

    For Whom?

    Connecteam comes in at number one for staffing software as it’s so versatile. The staffing software provides recruiters all they need to be able to hire the right candidates. Connecteam stands out from the rest as it’s suitable for both large or small companies.  

    Key Features

    Efficient scheduling

    Real-time updates

    Intuitive employee app

    Simplified read and sign forms

    Easy onboarding and training

    Employee materials (company handbook, policies, etc.)

    Automated and accurate payroll (easy integration with Quickbooks Online)

    Client information accessible on the go

    Trackable task management

    Smart group chats

    Pros and Cons

    Based on customer reviews

    Affordable for both and large staffing companies

    Quick setup

    Intuitive and easy to use

    Smooth onboarding process even for the least tech experienced

    Easy to search and find candidate information

    Effective scheduling

    Easy to update company-wide

    Easy searching capabilities

    Excellent customer service

    Free plan is accessible for up to 50 users only


    Price: Premium plans start at $39 for the first 50 users

    Free Trial: 14 days

    Free-for-life plan: Yes

    Connecteam – The Versatile Staffing Agency App

    Schedule, manage tasks, report, onboard easily, communication, and so much more!

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    employee communication app chat
    Staffing Agency
    Courtesy of Zoho

    Zoho’s staffing software is aimed at recruiters and staffing agencies. Zoho helps you hire suitable candidates for the position. With its automation recruitment process and timesheets, this staffing software assists with finding people the right jobs. With built-in reporting, dashboard, and more. 

    For Whom?

    Zoho is for recruiters to assist them with hiring candidates for the right positions. Zoho’s platform allows users to view resumes easily, along with automated workflows. 

    Key Features

    AI assistance

    Good for both large and small companies

    Easy to assess candidates

    Track progress

    Pros & Cons

    Easy to use

    Aesthetically pleasing

    Automated workflows to help candidates find the right position

    Doesn’t have a wide range of features

    Mobile app requires improvements, still runs slow


    Price: Zoho starts at $5/per user per month with limited capabilities

    Free trial: 15-day free trial

    Free for life plan: Yes

    Courtesy of Bullhorn

    Bullhorn uses smart technology to help automate the recruitment process. Bullhorn helps form relationships and assists with staffing from the beginning. Bullhorn has trackable progress for each recruiter to enhance the overall experience. Bullhorn has the option to be customizable, even from how the platform appears to the user.  

    For Whom?

    Bullhorn was designed for those looking to recruit candidates and help them achieve their best. Bullhorn is suitable for companies both large and small. It was created to increase productivity, and help find potential candidates the correct placements. 

    Key Features

    Easy to manage payroll


    Easy to manage payroll

    Keep on top of employee performance

    Track candidates progress

    Pros & Cons

    Based on customer reviews

    Easy to use

    Simple Design

    Easy to view candidates work history

    According to reviews customer service was below par

    Add ons that add no value

    Customers noted that after 15 minutes of being idle notes were deleted and they had to start from scratch.


    Bullhorn’s pricing is by quote only

    Free trial: No

    Free for life plan: No

    Courtesy of Software Advice

    JobDiva uses AI to provide the solution to be an effective staffing software. Its reporting facilities and synchronization facilities help find hidden talents. Availability on mobile with capabilities to improve candidate matches with optimal reporting. JobDiva turns potential challenges into possibilities. JobDiva provides solutions for recruiters, sales assistants, and managers. 

    For Whom?

    JobDiva is a staffing agency software aimed at all companies regardless of their size. JobDiva’s main purpose is to ensure candidates are successful when it comes to their job search. 

    Key Features

    Simple to charge and invoice customers

    Smooth onboarding

    Useful workflows

    Beneficial scheduling

    Tracking for candidates

    Pros & Cons

    Based on customer reviews

    Good user experience

    Easy to search candidates

    Good tracking capabilities

    Excellent onboarding

    Excellent onboarding

    System can run slow

    Inability to edit notes once saved

    Can’t be logged in from multiple computers


    JobDiva’s price is by quote only

    Free Trial: No

    Free for life plan: No

    Courtesy of Software Advice

    CEIPAL staffing agency software uses AI technology to produce better matches when it comes to recruiting. With CEIPAL, onboarding is smoother, and receiving feedback is simple. In addition, you can create in-depth reports, and the platform can be integrated, allowing you to hire more efficiently. 

    For Whom?

    CEIPAL is for staffing and recruiting agencies using next-level technology. CEIPAL produces successful pairing between recruiters and candidates. 

    Key Features

    Track set goals

    Schedule interviews

    Manage employees

    Oversee workflows

    Supervise performance

    Pros & Cons

    Based on customer reviews

    Smooth onboarding even for non tech savvy employees

    Multiple features

    Good customer service

    Still has room to grow

    Unnecessary features making it clunky

    Mobile app is unresponsive


    Price: CEIPAL starts at $24/per user per feature/month for 6-50 users

    Free trial: Yes

    Free for life plan: Yes

    Courtesy of Crelate

    Crelate staff is based on producing a faster platform so that you can make staffing decisions more quickly. As information is received in real-time, the search tools let you search through all your candidates speedily. Integratable with your emails, email templates, texts, and more. Fulfill tasks methodically and in present time. 

    For Whom?

    Crelate’s staffing software helps agencies deliver the results in rapid time. With it’s multi-functional tool, you can get back to expanding your company and generating new contacts.

    Key Features

    Invoicing options

    Check references

    Seamless onboarding

    Fast track candidates

    Resume parser

    Pros & Cons

    Based on customer reviews

    Clear video tutorials

    Feedback turns into changes for the better

    Lots of useful features

    Intuitive user interface

    Work is editable

    Struggle to sort through documents

    Formal training is needed for reporting

    Exporting data is difficult

    Support is not always available


    Price: Crelate starts at $69/per user/month.

    Free trial: Yes

    Free for life plan: No

    Courtesy of Avionté

    Avionté is an innovative staffing software that has the tools you need providing you with a beginning-to-end solution for recruitment. Avionté’s diverse platform gives you the features needed for both the U.S. and Canada. The program allows employees to onboard smoothly, accurate payroll, invoicing options, etc. 

    For Whom?

    Avionté’s intelligence serves well for the IT, clerical, light industrial, and professional staffing companies.

    Key Features

    Full search of resumes

    Billing facilities

    Manage candidates

    Time tracking including attendance


    Pros & Cons

    Based on customer reviews

    Integrates well with various vendors

    Dark mode available

    Good payroll solution

    Difficult to build reports alone without paying for assistance

    Could do with more features


    Sorting through document can be time consuming


    Price: CEIPAL starts at $750, contact Avionté for more information

    Free trial: No

    Free for life plan: No

    Frequently Asked Questions About Staffing Software

    Will staffing software be useful for scheduling? 

    In the staffing industry scheduling seems to come up a lot. The answer is that yes, a staffing software solution such as Connecteam has a built-in scheduling system that lets you plan in advance. Your employees also know where they need to be, and it saves you time if you are still scheduling manually. 

    How can staffing software assist with my payroll?

    Good question payroll can become quite complex when you are still working with pen and paper or spreadsheets. Often you may notice that you’ve lost track of hours or employees disagree and feel they worked longer hours. Most apps that have payroll systems will work with a time tracking feature. The time track counts the hours automatically once employees have logged in. When payday comes around, the staffing software has made all the calculations so you can focus on other areas of your business. 

    With the recent pandemic can my staff access information without being at their desk?

    This does depend on the app you choose. Some apps do allow you to store company policies, client information, training manuals, etc. Those apps have been very useful during the pandemic as employees can perform their jobs even without being physically at the office. 

    Moving Forward With A Staffing Agency Software

    Staffing software has a lot to offer your recruitment company. With many options and many capabilities, there are a lot to choose from. The right software should be available to help you in the everyday running of your business. Scheduling is always useful as employees like to plan out their week ahead. It also provides you a clear view of where everyone will be and at what time, without having to chase them via phone or text. 

    Connecteam’s multiple features, including a scheduling tool, can save you huge amounts of time and help you put the focus back on your business. Choose any of the staffing software and start seeing the benefits today!

    Connecteam – Staffing Software Solution

    Keep your team engaged and in the know with Connecteam’s all-in-one app. With every tool to run your business effectively and efficiently, find out how Connecteam could take your business to new heights!

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