Creating work schedules is a critical task for managers and business owners, especially in non-office settings like retail, hospitality, construction, and manufacturing. However, this process can become a black hole for time and resources if not managed efficiently. 

From relying on outdated methods like pen and paper to failing to account for employee availability and skill sets, there are numerous pitfalls that can make scheduling a real headache. 

Here are 8 of the biggest time-wasters when it comes to manually creating employee schedules and how Connecteam can help streamline and speed up the process, even while on the go. 

Do any of these sound familiar?

Juggling multiple scheduling factors at once

Creating employee schedules means juggling employee availability, skill sets, labor laws, and business needs. Keeping track of it all can be overwhelming and lead to scheduling errors, inefficiencies, employee dissatisfaction, and even potential legal complications.

Tracking employee availability

Manually tracking employee availability is a logistical nightmare. Without a centralized system, managers are left relying on multiple forms of communication, like texts, emails, phone calls, and even handwritten notes, to gather employee availability. This can get very confusing quickly and makes it difficult to adjust to last-minute changes.

Calculating overtime

Calculating overtime is a tedious and error-prone task that can lead to both financial and legal repercussions. Managers need to meticulously track hours worked, consider varying pay rates, and adhere to labor laws. This manual process is not only time-consuming but also increases the risk of inaccuracies, which can result in overpayment and potential legal issues.

Accidental scheduling errors

Without automated tools, employers are much more likely to make scheduling errors. Mistakes like double-booking shifts and understaffing can lead to operational hiccups, decreased employee morale, and even financial loss. 

Inability to quickly communicate schedules

The inability to communicate quickly with employees about scheduling can cause many problems, from missed shifts to operational delays. Without a communication app, important messages can get lost in the shuffle of emails and texts, making the scheduling process inefficient and prone to errors.

Difficulty getting employees to confirm shifts, jobs, and tasks

Creating schedules manually makes it difficult for employers to confirm shifts and track progress on tasks and projects. They may end up relying on multiple forms of communication, like phone calls to text messages, which leads to delays, misunderstandings, and disrupted workflows.

Juggling schedule changes

Without a way to quickly update schedules and inform the entire team, managers need to scramble to adjust shifts and inform everyone of the changes. This reactive approach often leads to mistakes and can negatively impact customer service and employee morale. 

Employees are unable to reach you

When managers create schedules manually, it often leads to inefficiencies and gaps in communication. It can be difficult for employees to reach managers for clarifications or adjustments in the schedule, resulting in misunderstandings and decreased workplace satisfaction. 

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3 Ways Connecteam Streamlines the Scheduling Process

Everything related to scheduling is in one place

Connecteam’s all-in-one employee scheduling app streamlines the scheduling process and comes with all the scheduling tools you need for your business. The intuitive drag-and-drop scheduler simplifies the task of assigning shifts, making it easy for managers to allocate employees efficiently. Employees can also easily swap shifts among themselves with manager approval, creating a more flexible work environment. 

One of Connecteam’s standout features is its ability to prevent scheduling errors, such as double-bookings or overtime issues, reducing managerial headaches and increasing overall operational efficiency. 

The app also comes with an employee time clock, which seamlessly integrates with the scheduler, allowing for accurate time tracking and payroll calculations. Additionally, Connecteam offers PTO management, making it simple for both managers and employees to track and manage time off. 

Direct communication with employees

Having a quick line of contact with the workforce is crucial. With Connecteam’s in-app chat and company newsfeed, you can keep your team updated on last-minute scheduling changes, while on the go. 

Employees can ask questions and get immediate assistance, you can stay in touch throughout the workday, resolve issues as they arise, and find last-minute replacements as needed.

Clarity at all times

Connecteam’s employee scheduling app makes it easy for both managers and employees to have a clear picture of the schedule at all times.

As a manager, you can be sure that all shifts are covered, know where employees are at all times, what jobs and tasks they’re working on, and how many hours they worked. 

Employees also benefit because they have direct access to their schedules as soon as they’re published. They also have all the necessary details they need to do their jobs, including tasks and what hours they’re expected to work.

Workers won’t be left wasting time searching for information, what tasks they’re meant to complete, or calling you with questions. As soon as changes or schedule updates occur, they’ll also be alerted immediately on their phones, eliminating the need to go through multiple channels and chains of communication. 

Enhance Scheduling Efficiency On the Go

Gone are the days of creating schedules with pen and paper and hanging them up in the office. With employees working on the go, you need to be able to easily create and share schedules and shift changes with the click of a button. 

Connecteam is your secret weapon for scheduling efficiency. Easily create schedules, manage time off, PTO, and shift swaps, avoid scheduling errors, and automatically update everyone’s schedule with a tap of a button. 

Not only will you drastically reduce the time it takes to create weekly schedules, but your entire business will run more efficiently.

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