At Connecteam, we firmly believe that making your employees feel seen and valued is key to motivation – wherever they may be located. What better way to make every employee feel special than by automatically celebrating their milestones?

Connecteam’s Celebrations allows you to completely automate these special days, giving you one less task to worry about.

employees Celebrations

Celebrating your employees’ birthdays and work anniversaries is often easier said than done. 

As part of your day-to-day, you have a lot on your plate. Even just remembering and following up on these special dates can become an operational headache, especially when you have a growing number of employees.

Connecteam Celebrations removes any complexities and automatically shows you all upcoming birthdays and work anniversaries in one centralized place. With it, you can easily celebrate with your whole team in a fun and engaging way.

employees Celebrations

What Benefits Does ‘Celebrations’ Bring to the Table?

Celebrations is a sweet addition to Connecteam’s HR and Skills hub, which includes everything a company needs to create a healthy, connected and compliant workforce – from recognitions and rewards and document management, to training and onboarding. The addition of Celebrations further allows businesses to easily create a strong culture, boost engagement, and keep employees motivated and fulfilled.

Celebrations gives you peace of mind and helps you stay on top of your game by setting your employees’ birthdays and work anniversaries on auto-pilot—saving you valuable time and effort and never letting a notable date go unnoticed.

Benefits for smaller companies and teams: Smaller team management can prove challenging – especially when trying to stay on top of so many daily tasks. Connecteam’s Celebrations can remove the pain and hassle of collecting milestone dates, sending emails and endless manual work by automating these event notifications quickly, easily and beautifully. You can even add a personalized touch to make each staff member feel unique and appreciated on their special day. 

Benefits for larger companies and teams: We know that trying to keep track of these special dates becomes significantly harder as companies grow – particularly when employees don’t have a company email and are not in the same location. Using Connecteam’s Celebrations you can not only fully automate this process, but you can also segment relevant milestones per teams and departments, giving you full control over who sees which celebration – creating a truly customized experience. 

With Celebrations in play, you can enjoy a simple and fun way to bring your deskless teams together and have them celebrate with their coworkers, no matter where they are working from.

Let the celebrations begin! 

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