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Connecteam’s cleaning business software takes your cleaning business to the next level. Job scheduling, time tracking, daily cleaning checklists, reports, training & onboarding, and so much more.
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shift scheduling Connecteam employee app

Make shift scheduling easy

Save time creating & managing your employee schedule
Easily schedule jobs for your employees with Connecteam’s cleaning scheduling software, and provide them with all necessary information to make their workday easier and more productive. Have a list of customers or locations to choose from when creating your weekly or monthly schedule, or add one time shifts for occasional jobs. Connecteam’s cleaning scheduling software makes your scheduling process even easier with the ability to set recurring jobs, adding multiple shifts at once and even importing a bulk of jobs using an Excel file, assuring that either way you’ll save time on your employee scheduling.
employee time clock app

Cleaning services time clock and timesheets

Tracking time has never been easier
Keep track of employee work hours with our cleaning business software. A GPS location stamp, with maps display, is tagged each time an employee clocks in and out - this way you have real-time insight on who's clocked in, where they're working, and also what they're working on. Customize your cleaning business software time clock with tags so you’re aware of what employees are working on, and also add shift attachments so you can have all the information at hand, such as client name, equipment used and more. Our timesheets are simple to navigate and manage thanks to the user-friendly interface.
checklist app

Real-time employee checklist and reports

Digitize reporting and uplift cleaning standards
Connecteam’s cleaning business software makes receiving real-time informative insights easier than ever before. Automate daily processes in the click of a button and manage it all online, from a work order to daily cleaning checklists per location/customer, and more. Allow for automated status and note notifications so employees are all on the same page.
paper stacks employee app

Get rid of paper stacks and submit everything electronically

Automate processes and control information flow in real-time
With our cleaning business software, advance everyday tasks to automatic so employees can easily report from anywhere. Checklists, forms and reports like site problems, stock request, vehicle weekly checklist, site inspection form, equipment fault log, prospect signature sheets, uniform order, and more are set in minutes through pre-made templates or tailoring a report to your specific needs. Track statuses and add notes per entries submitted by employees to increase efficiency and keep everyone on the same page.

Create a smooth on-boarding process

Training material, manuals, quizzes, & more available 24/7
Add libraries and manuals to Connecteam’s cleaning business software so employees always have access to information in a click. Make health and safety, cleaning technical training, operations manuals, and more available at any time, while keeping all material up to date. From onboarding to improving skills on a regular basis, you can create training courses with PDF’s, images and videos, and you can employ quizzes to ensure employees understand what’s covered.
Remove roadblocks

Remove roadblocks and plan in advance

Keep your team organized
Cut down on phone calls by creating job specs so employees know what needs to get done in every floor, area or room of the residential house. If a job needs to get done on a regular basis, the employee can just search by the company or the customer name and instantly Connecteam’s cleaning business software pulls up all information related to them so your staff can get the job done.
employee safety Connecteam app

Safety first!

Set a new safety standard at your cleaning company
All safety procedures, regulations, reports, and more can be added to the cleaning business software so you can take safety to the forefront. Add guidelines, monthly tips, reports, training, polls, discussion boards, etc. and add files like videos, images, PDF documents, or create online content directly to your app. In addition, you can add reports and checklists by creating your own or choosing a ready-made template so all potential safety hazards report, report of injury form, accident report and more are accessible on the cleaning business software.
employee engagement app

Create ongoing engagement in the click of a button

Improve collaboration and communication in the workplace
Connecteam’s cleaning business software improves employee engagement via multiple channels. Through updates, you can send important messages, key information, and announcements by filtering the group via location, job role, department, etc. Easily track who read the update and send notifications to those who didn’t so you can ensure everyone is aligned. Allow for employees to comment and like certain updates, such as birthdays, employee of the month and more, to boost engagement like never before. Employees can build rapport by opening a one-on-one chat at any time. Send surveys on any matter and create a suggestion box that’s always accessible. Our cleaning business software makes employee engagement easier than ever.

Connecteam is trusted by over 8,000 companies worldwide


“Connecteam enables us to reach 100% compliance on the job. We save time and cost, while improve communication, job performance and service quality.”

Darren Gradus CEO & Owner Canada’s Restoration Services

“As a big retail company, Connecteam ‘s solution is ideal for us. The App and its management system help us to be in constant contact with all the employees of the company, which are located throughout the country.”

Barak Alfital Training & Organizational Development Manager FOX Group

“Connecteam improved our work processes in a significant way. The mobile app helped us improve our workflows and made our projects run more effectively. As an organization, our overall communication and flow of information has become fast and accurate””

Racheli Oz Organizational Develpment & Welfare Manager Carasso Motors

“Connecteam is an intelligent collaboration solution. In Sodastream, we found this solution friendly and useful, with high adoption rates among our users. The Connecteam staff are creative and dynamic, and great partners to work with.”

Nir Rehav Head of Global IT Sodastream Intl.

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Connecteam’s cleaning business software makes the perfect tool to manage your staff and day-to-day operations. With Connecteam, communicating with all your employees is easier than ever, you save valuable time during the onboarding process, can quickly reduce costs for daily operational procedures, and can take your cleaning services to the next level. Connecteam’s cleaning business software makes filling out daily checklists a breeze, along with reporting live on any job, opening tickets from any location, viewing activity and agenda in a click, and more. On top of it all, you can also manage employee scheduling, time tracking, employee engagement, and the list goes on! Connecteam’s cleaning business software starts at just $39/month for up to 200 users! Start for free today to discover everything our cleaning business software offers.

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