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Denis Yankovsky August 30, 2021 10 min read
Home Caregiver Apps

Quick Guide

    The job of home care agencies and family caregivers is extremely important, but rather challenging for a number of reasons. And we aren’t even talking about the added-on challenges that COVID-19 has added to the industry.

    For starters, caregivers are not really considered doctors or medical personnel, so they don’t get the same amount of money and respect for their work and often go underappreciated, but the list of requirements and skills needed for this job is actually quite extensive, and the pressure is high.

    Home caregivers have to combine many different roles and responsibilities in one:

    • Remembering medication and dosage
    • Tracking symptoms and health conditions
    • Making and keeping appointments for senior citizens
    • Remembering all the personal information, habits, special requirements and preferences of each patient
    • They need to constantly communicate with patients, colleagues, medical institutions, relatives
    • Finally, they need to balance their own schedules and track hours for the payroll, fill-in shift reports, provide receipts for reimbursements and so much more.

    As you see, except for the actual caregiving activities, there’s a big part of accounting, payroll, scheduling, task management, and communication challenges involved in the daily routine of a caregiver or a home care agency employee.

    So no wonder lots of healthcare and home care agencies are sold on the idea of a helpful app for home care providers. 

    What Is A Caregiver Management App? 

    Caregiver management software helps non-medical caregivers with record-keeping, inter-agency communication, provides a caregiver scheduling app, billing services, onboarding, training, enforces compliance, and so much more. 

    It allows you to easily manage all business aspects with a single solution so that you can save time and money. All of this means that you can focus on the bigger picture and not get bogged down on mundane tasks.

    Manage Your Home Care Business From a Single Place

    Connecteam’s home care app makes staff managing easy, affordable and incredibly efficient

    Benefits Of A Home Care App

    Employee Engagement and Communication

    The home care staff isn’t able to communicate with each other easily, most numbers of other carers are saved on their personal phone or aren’t at all. So when they suddenly need to exchange shifts with their colleagues or update the manager on some changes — it takes a lot of time to do.

    Whether it’s a birthday wish or an important procedural update, it’s often done by sending mass emails or text messages. Tracking who actually read those is almost impossible. That’s why companies with deskless employees need to use an employee chat app.

    Manage Manual Paperwork

    Paper forms, which take forever and require a tremendous amount of attention — both for the employee to fill in and for the manager to check. And they always get lost!

    Easily Manage Schedules

    Caregivers are always on the go and their schedule is ever-changing! There are many customers and caretakers per each caregiver, often in different locations. The home care providers need to adjust shifts to multiple factors, such as the personal caretaker’s schedule and preference, medication regimen, the medical institutions working hours, and so on.

    In other words, scheduling for home care providers is a huge challenge for care agency owners and managers.

    Information Is Stored In A Single Place

    Those papers caregivers need regularly, such as forms, checklists, instructions, notes have to be stored somewhere, be printed, updated, and delivered to each caregiver, which is a mess. 

    You can never be 100% sure each caregiver has the latest material and the most relevant file.

    Also don’t forget their own notes and to-do lists, spread between the smartphone notebook, sticky notes, and the back of that old magazine that was there during the phone call. And we didn’t even mention the parking tickets and drugstore receipts from last month for reimbursement, found in the glovebox.

    Manage Churn & Turnover

    The turnover rate in the homecare industry is massive, mainly due to low pay, weak benefits, little training opportunities, and poor communication. Caregivers are constantly on the run, juggling multiple patients or clients with different requirements and preferences, needing to keep the schedules up to date, and barely having a chance to talk with colleagues or managers.

    Seamlessly Train New Carers

    Our clients say that many caregivers leave the job within half a year, so the home care providers feel that spending a lot of time training and onboarding them is irrelevant, but at the same time, untrained and unengaged employees are the first to leave. So being a home care agency owner or manager, you need to make sure your staff is getting the needed training and onboarding, but you need to find a way to do it in a more efficient and quick way.

    So, with all that said, it’s obvious that smooth and high-quality home care service is not an easy job, and might be quite a challenge for both the patient and their caretakers. 

    From organization and communication tools to medical tracking; from overwhelming paperwork to high turnover, poor communication, lack of engagement, and more, care agencies are facing a plethora of challenges. 

    We’ve researched how home care agencies overcome those challenges, improve their operations, communication, and engagement with their staff in order to successfully execute your caregiver agency duties, and came up with a list of the 10 best apps for home health care that will make the lives of caregivers easier, and the quality of their work higher.

    10 Best Apps for Home Health Care Professionals

    Connecteam Caregiver Management Software

    Connecteam is an all-in-one, mobile app, designed for field-employee management and trusted by hundreds of caregiver service agencies worldwide

    Its’ simple design makes it easy to set up and start using immediately, no special training required, so it’s a great choice for the non-tech-savvy caregivers, who are on the run most of the time.

    Connecteam offers a set of simple yet powerful tools to help the care providers communicate better, schedule shifts, track time, and organize their daily tasks on the go, from a personal phone — with a click of a button. 

    Find out how Connecteam’s caregiver management app helped one care agency save time on admin tasks and keeps the team connected and engaged. 

    Key Features

    Provide your team with relevant information, filter by team, specialty, location, etc.

    1:1 or group chat, surveys, live polls, a virtual suggestion box, etc.

    Digital ‘read-and-sign’ forms for compliance like medication policies and procedures

    Company protocols and policies archive like the employee handbook

    Easy scheduling & dispatching with drag & drop, templates, etc.

    GPS timestamps with easy clock in and clock out

    Export timesheets for easy and accurate payroll


    Starts at $39/month for up to 50 users

    Free plan available

    Free 14-day trial

    MEDsys Software Solutions is a complete technology for home care agencies. MEDsys Software supports Medicare, Medicaid, skilled and non-skilled private duty, pediatrics, and adult nursing. 

    The software is 100% web-based.

    Key Features



    Field communication

    Insurance management

    Visit verification


    Starts at $100/month, per user

    A free trial is available

    Care.com’s app helps family and relatives to find temporary, qualified care for their loved ones — all with just a few taps of a finger through a mobile app. So for the home caregivers, this app is something similar to what Fiverr is for freelancers, or Uber is for drivers — a way to find customers and receive jobs.

    Caregivers can upload resumes and recommendations, book interviews, and even receive payments through the app, making it simple for both a professional caregiver to provide services, such as child care, senior care, housekeeping, pet care, tutoring, homeschooling services, and special professional caregivers for people with disabilities and special needs.

    Key Features

    Find and manage care

    Find careers

    Provides care benefits


    Free oniPhone or Android

    logo caresmartz homecare

    CareSmartz360 is a HIPAA compliant, cloud-based solution that manages every aspect of your home care business. It was made for schedulers, caregivers, billers, recruiters, and leadership.

    It allows for a 60-day training and coaching session on how to use the product (so there is a long learning curve). Although their customer support is readily available when needed.

    Key Features

    Client assestment and intake



    Billing and payroll


    Starts at $10.00 per month, per user

    Free trial available

    alzheimers association logo

    The Alzheimer’s Association is believed to be the leader in action and awareness around this specific disease, so they decided to develop this “caregiver buddy” app to help caregivers, dealing with this challenging disease and very needy patients.

    So basically, this app is some kind of a personal library and personal assistant for those caregivers who deal with people with special needs.

    Key Features

    24/7 helpline for urgent cases 

    How to cope with new and sometimes overwhelming behaviors

    hygiene and meal-related daily care tips

    Ideas for activities that can stimulate the body and mind of patients with dementia


    Available for free on iPhone or Android

    healthcare first logo

    firstHOMECARE EHR software is a CRM for healthcare agencies that combines robust functionality with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface.

    Whether you offer home health or hospice care, this software will assist with billing, coding, analytics, and CAHPS surveys.

    Key Features

    Billing and invoicing

    Time tracking by client



    Built-in email integration


    Pricing is available upon request

    caring village homecare app

    Caring Village is another caregiver app that enables users to store important data and work-related files in one place. 

    It also offers caregivers to create a team of caregivers to share information with and coordinate help by using the built-in messaging.

    The app can also be used for tracking medications or food supplies, creating and filling in wellness journals, and profiles for the customers. 

    Key Features

    Share calendars

    Communicate and coordinate

    Store documents

    Free prescription checklists


    Available at the App Store and Google Play for free


    Medisafe is an easy-to-use healthcare app to be used mainly as a medication reminder for both care providers and patients. It offers a cloud-based architecture that connects you and your patients.

    Apart from that, it provides 

    • medical tips
    • refill reminders
    • progress reports
    • discounted prescription offers

    Key Features

    Patient journey management

    Patient-focused adherence programs




    Available at the App Store and Google Play for free

    carezone logo

    CareZone refers to itself as the “health information organizer,” and is designed for caregivers to keep track of uploaded or manually added medical information by organizing contacts, insurance, medication files, and ID cards of their patients and customers all in one place. 

    There’s also a shareable calendar and a to-do section in order to share information and assign tasks to others on your care team. For example, caregivers can also create to-do lists to keep track of appointments and medication times through the app. 

    Key Features

    Automatic reminders

    Medications can be delivered for free

    A pharmacy platform


    Available for free on iPhone or Android

    ecare21 homecare app logo

    eCare21 app provides 24/7 patient monitoring through wireless and wearable devices (such as a smartwatch, Bluetooth, or FitBit device). 

    Caregivers can remotely track the wearer’s glucose, heart rate, activity, medication, weight, calorie intake and sleep, and other parameters.

    eCare will be most helpful for caregivers as they manage their loved one’s schedules and meet their health needs, but it may take several apps to tackle other caregiving challenges, such as scheduling, medications tracking, budgeting, meals, legal errands, and so on.

    Key Features

    Medical history, activities, test results, etc. in one place

    Connect doctors, patients, and caregivers

    Universal remote patient monitoring


    Available for iPhone for free.

    Home care

    This caregiving app is the way to create a virtual supportive community of care around a senior citizen or someone who needs assistance. 

    This app features an interactive calendar where individuals can manage everything from doctor appointments, family gatherings, necessary errands, and other details. 

    The “Helping Hands” section works as a group message board, so caregivers, friends, and family members can post encouraging notes to the care recipient, their families, and others in the group. 

    This app also allows caregivers to select group coordinators and a community member page where everyone’s contact information, birthdays, and listing of preferred phone call times.

    Key Features

    Care calendar

    Share well wishes to support family

    Share announcements

    Photo gallery


    Available for iPhone for free.

    Frequently Asked Questions On Caregiver Management Apps

    What Features Are Usually Found In A Home Care App?

    A home care app usually offers features like time tracking, scheduling, billing, patient records management, claims management, payroll, and more. Usually, these caregiver management apps have a customizable app too.

    Just note that not all home care apps are not the same so features do vary.

    Are Home Care Apps Expensive?

    As caregiver management apps are not the same, the price will vary. It can be as little as $39/month like Connecteam, or upwards of $200 or more each month.

    There is a number of free home care apps so it’s important to know what you need.

    Bottom Line On The Top Apps for Home Caregivers

    Caregivers have a very sensitive and important job to deal with. Juggling schedules, lots of data to memorize, different people to be in contact with, an overwhelming amount of paperwork to fill in and store, and so much more.

    Sometimes it all can be so stressful and hard, that not only the quality of the care provided for the caretaker is influenced, but the care provider might need some psychological or even medical help for themselves.

    If you are trying to reduce the stress and organize the work in a more clear and efficient way, using one of the modern caregivers’ apps might be just that helping hand you need.

    Being able to organize and track schedules, create and store notes, fill in forms and checklists, and communicate with important people — and doing all that from your own mobile phone, even on the go, will make your work much easier, and your caretakers much happier.

    The Easy Way To Work

    Connecteam’s home care app makes staff managing easy, affordable and incredibly efficient,

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