Top 10 HVAC Business Software Solutions in 2022

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Denis Yankovsky September 23, 2021 10 min read

As demand grows, run your HVAC business more efficiently and better manage your employees with one of these top HVAC business software solutions.

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Quick Guide

    COVID has really changed our lives. With so many of us sitting at home, it’s no wonder that the International Energy Agency (IEA) found that global energy demand from air conditioners is anticipated to triple by 2050.

    So, in reality, if you’re in an HVAC business or considering opening one — you’re sitting pretty.

    And if you’re looking at the dough, well back in 2018, the average income of an HVAC business owner was over $598K a year, and even that it should be much better now. Sounds good, right? Until payday comes. 

    And we mean it literally: every month, a week before the payroll date comes — you are instantly reminded that it’s an in-demand and lucrative business, but also a really messy one to run:

    There just aren’t enough hours in the day to get all this done, right? 

    Well, that might be the case but that’s where HVAC business software solutions come in!

    It’s the 21st century and if you’re in the business of making money and saving time, you need HVAC business software. Why?

    • To efficiently schedule and dispatch jobs
    • To streamline internal communication with employees
    • To keep your customers in the loop in real-time
    • To process payroll accurately
    • To easily manage workflows
    • And so much more, the list of benefits could trickle on for pages

    Choosing the right HVAC software solution for your business isn’t always the easiest decision so we did the heavy lifting to search the market today. Considering the feature set, ease of use, customer support, and price, we rounded up the top 10 best HVAC business software solutions on the market today.

    Top 10 HVAC Business Software Solutions

    HVAC dispatching & employee scheduling app

    Connecteam is the all-in-one mobile software for your HVAC business. This means that it offers so many features critical to your day-to-day business operations. For example scheduling, GPS time tracking, communication features (chat, surveys, suggestion box), digital reports and checklists (safety reports, procedures), mobile training and onboarding, and so much more. 

    Key Features

    Create checklists and assign jobs to workers

    Share installation manuals and guides in doc, PDF, video format, or as a link

    Collect incident and maintenance reports for equipment and vehicles

    Dispatch orders & track technician/manager locations for quick resource allocation

    Streamline task management & hold employees accountable for installations made

    Collect & digitally sign checklists, reports & forms on the go

    GPS timetracking for accurate payroll

    Export timesheets to Quickbooks Online integration

    Upload training material to the app, available at any time

    Pros and Cons

    Easy to use, no training needed

    Super helpful, resonponsive customer support

    Easy to implement

    Free plan only for up to 50 users


    Starts at just $39/month for up to 50 users

    Free plan

    Free 14-day trial to get started

    Why Is Connecteam The Best HVAC App?

    It’s the leading HVAC business software! From scheduling and dispatching to communication to digital training and more, you’re covered with Connecteam.

    AI Field Management

    AI Field Management is a cloud-based solution that helps your company manage and collaborate with field employees. You can track customers’ information, like name, location, contact information, credit cards, and also how they prefer to communicate. Some of their features include inventory/asset management, time tracking, payroll reports, and job management. 

    Additionally, you can track sales revenue and commissions and can create customizable reports. AI Field Management integrates with QuickBooks, Dropbox Mileage Tracker, Slack, Apple Maps, Google Maps, and Waze. 

    Key Features

    Track data


    Allocate jobs and pay employees per hour or per job

    Add activity notes and custom tasks

    Pros and Cons

    Sleek design

    Long learning curve


    Starts at $7.99/month per user

    Free 21-day trial

    Free plan

    Synchroteam software

    Synchroteam has a free mobile app and as an HVAC software, it features scheduling, dispatch, reporting, GPS tracking, invoicing, job management, and more. Its mobile field service software has many management features, like job tracking, customer history, and “live” scheduling capabilities.

    It’s also able to integrate with 2,000+ apps.

    Key Features

    Map and GPS tracking

    Custom forms

    Online booking

    Contract management

    Inventory management


    Pros and Cons

    Great customer service

    Not so easy to use


    Starts at $28/month per user

    Free 14-day trial

    mHelpDesk software

    mHelpDesk is a field service solution that “automates everything from first customer contact to getting paid.” Scheduling, dispatch, billing, inventory management, and more. This HVAC software can integrate with both QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop.

    Additionally, it has an offline mode so you can still use the mobile app when you’re in an area without internet or cell reception.

    Key Features

    Lead CRM

    Estimates and quotes

    Online booking

    Workflow and job management

    Recurring jobs

    Scheduling and dispatching

    Offline access

    Pros and Cons

    Great customer support

    There is a learning curve


    Contact a representative to learn more

    No free plan

    Housecall Pro software

    Housecall Pro is an HVAC management software that makes automation a breeze. Some features included are job scheduling, dispatching, GPS tracking, payment processing, customer notifications, chat, and email marketing automation. The software is also available on all mobile devices so employees can access it at any time. You can integrate Housecall Pro with QuickBooks. 

    Key Features

    Scheduling and dispatching

    Send custom texts & auto-notifications

    Estimates & job management

    Invoices and payments

    Take credit cards, debit, ACH & track checks/cash

    Pros and Cons

    Great customer support

    Sleek interface

    Bit of a learning curve

    Could use more features


    Starts at $65/month for one user

    WorkWave Service

    WorkWave Service is a cloud-based field service solution available on both desktop and mobile. Its features include account management, scheduling, dispatch, business development, billing, payment, reporting, and more.

    A cool feature on WorkWave is the route optimization feature which calculates and delivers the best route choices, this is based on customer preference, eligibility, drive time, and more.

    Key Features

    Scheduling and dispatching

    Job management

    Estimates and billing

    Pros and Cons

    Amazing customer service

    Not so easy to use, learning curve

    Can be glitchy


    Contact a representative to learn more about pricing

    Service Fusion HVAC software

    Service Fusion is a cloud-based HVAC management software that offers field service management, GPS tracking, credit card processing, dispatching, scheduling, invoicing, inventory management, time tracking, payroll, and reporting. All users can customize their dashboard and set user-specific permissions. Additionally, a user can view product catalogs, handle payment processing, track sales revenue, and access integrated voice and text messaging.

    The software can integrate with Quickbooks Online, hardware GPS tracking devices, VoIP systems, and payment processing systems.

    Key Features

    Scheduling and dispatching

    View converted estimates, job statuses, payments, and more.

    Process credit cards securely

    Create estimates and jobs

    Pros and Cons

    Nice design and easy to use

    Can be hard to navigate sometimes


    Starts ar $149/month

    Free demo

    Jobber HVAC Software

    Jobber is a cloud-based field service and its features include time and GPS tracking, scheduling, routing, dispatch, invoicing and payments, quotes and estimates, and CRM. The CRM (customer relationship management) tracks contact information, and users can create custom fields, tags, attach files or phones, and more. Through the scheduling module, users can update jobs, include information on progress and completion, and can set up individual jobs or a recurring contract. 

    You can integrate Jobber with QuickBooks, Stripe, PayPal, and Square. 

    Key Features

    Estimates and quotes

    Scheduling and dispatching

    Job management


    Invoicing and online payments

    Pros and Cons

    Sleek, nice design

    Great customer support

    Can be hard to navigate

    Some plans are limited


    Starts at $49/month for one user

    Free 14-day trial

    FieldEdge by dESCO

    FieldEdge by dESCO is a cloud-based field service management solution. It makes it easy to see how your employees are performing, offers scheduling and dispatching, customer management, and service agreements. Through the dispatch board, users can see suggestions regarding work orders, which is based on the technician’s skill set and expected location. It also features a customizable price book so you can present different pricing options to potential customers.

    FieldEdge can integrate with QuickBooks. 

    Key Features

    Advanced sales enablement tools

    Dispatch board to assign, deploy and track techs

    Customer management


    Pros and Cons

    Great customer support

    Hard to navigate


    Chat with a representative to learn more

    ServiceTitan software

    ServiceTitan is a cloud-based field management platform that features scheduling, dispatch, invoicing, sales, custom reporting, call recording, text messaging, and more. Through the HVAC software, you can track marketing ROI and conversion tracking capabilities. There is also a mobile solution for when you’re in the field, so you can still process invoices and credit cards if needed. 

    Key Features

    Scheduling and dispatching

    Financing and bidding

    Proposals and quotes

    Pros and Cons

    Smooth interface

    Great customer support

    Hard to navigate sometimes

    Learning curve


    Speak to a representative to learn more

    What To Look For In HVAC Business Software Solutions

    1. Feature Set of the HVAC Business Software

    Consider implementation time, what is included, and if it will improve your daily operations. Make sure the HVAC software has all the features relevant for your business:

    Additional features are a bonus!

    2. Ease of Use

    You and your employees need a solution that runs as smooth as silk, you don’t have time to waste so ask yourself:

    • Is it suitable for every one of my employees? Apparently, an aging workforce is a big trend and a huge problem in the HVAC industry in 2020, so when the majority of your staff are rather technicians than techies, you need to make sure the HVAC software for your small business is simple and intuitive to use for all of your employees. Especially if they’re veterans.
    • How much training do employees need to learn how to use the software? 
    • Will it be easy to onboard new employees?
    • Can employees adopt the software as their daily-driver?

    3. Amazing Customer Support

    Sometimes you have questions, and you need answers ASAP.

    • Does an HVAC software you’re considering offer a dedicated customer support representative who is available anytime you need? Or do you have to call the hot-line?
    • Is there a live chat option? 
    • How long does it take for someone to get back to your inquiry?

    4. Price of the HVAC Business Software

    There is no doubt that price plays a major factor in your decision, so consider this:

    • Is HVAC software you’re going to use for your small business cost-effective? Or even better, can a price be justified by the other business costs the software helps to reduce?
    • Do you need to pay extra for every new employee?
    • Can you add admins and managers for free?
    • Does it have a free plan or a free trial?
    • Is it worth how much I have to pay?
    • What other features are included for free?
    • If I use it continuously, will I need to spend more later on for modifications? 
    • Am I tied to an annual contract?

    These are the four most critical things to consider when going through which HVAC business software is right for you.

    Frequently Asked Questions About HVAC Business Software

    Is HVAC Business Software Expensive?

    If you review the list of HVAC business software solutions above, you can see that pricing varies per solution. So, know what your budget is and find the HVAC business software that fits your monetary capabilities.

    Keep an eye out for free options, some of the best free HVAC software can cost you nothing every month. Although it can only offer limited features so understand what features are critical.

    What Features Are Included in HVAC Business Software?

    It depends on the HVAC business software that you choose, but generally:

    • Scheduling and dispatching (look up HVAC business scheduling software for something specific if that’s all you need)
    • Invoice management
    • Customer service management
    • Internal communcation with group or 1:1 chat
    • Surveys and polls
    • Digital checklists, reports, and forms

    Is HVAC Business Software Hard To Implement?

    It really depends on the HVAC business software that you choose. Some have long implementation steps, others require one of their own employees to set up the system for you. And others are much easier to implement, like the Connecteam HVAC business software.

    How is HVAC Business Scheduling Software Different?

    Some HVAC business software already includes scheduling and dispatching in all of its feature capabilities. If you just need HVAC business scheduling software, then you will need to look up software solutions that only do scheduling.

    Is HVAC Business Software Easy to Use?

    Similar to the pricing question, it depends on the HVAC business software that you choose to use. Go through our list and look up customer reviews to learn if it’s easy to use or not. Otherwise, if it has a free trial, sign up to test the HVAC business software yourself.

    Choose The Right HVAC Business Software

    Automation and HVAC business software is another emerging trend in the HVAC industry.

    The days of operating your HVAC company manually are over (or at least, they should be). There are various HVAC software tools for small businesses, that are capable of enhancing invoicing, estimating, payments, routing, and communications with clients, as well as within the team. 

    Implementing such tools allows HVAC businesses to operate more efficiently by ensuring their clients are taken care of and project accountability is maintained.

    Once you know what you want the HVAC business software to include, it’s about choosing the right solution for your company and employees, and your wallet too. Be sure to go through each of our 10 solutions carefully, if there is a free trial or a free plan, sign up! You have nothing to lose.

    Manage Your HVAC Business with Connecteam

    From anywhere, with all the data and features at your fingertips, Connecteam helps takes your business to the next level.

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