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Our free time card calculator allows you to create a weekly or
bi-weekly employee timesheet with lunch breaks.

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This simple time card calculator can be used for employees and managers alike. Please select conditions and options that best fit your personal time tracking needs.

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How to use this free timesheet calculator?

The Connecteam timesheet calculator is very easy to use. Start by entering your business specific payroll data like the number of weeks in your payroll run, the employee hourly pay rate, and number of days in a work week into the timesheet headers. So far, so good. When it comes to overtime, things can be a bit more complicated.


How to enter overtime:

No overtime offered

If there is no overtime available, then what you need to do in the timesheet header is to simply enter a “0” in “Daily overtime” and a “0” in “Weekly overtime”. Additionally, be sure that your “OT multiplier” is set to “1.00”.

Daily overtime

If overtime is done on a daily basis, then you need to enter your daily overtime threshold in the “Daily overtime” timesheet header. For instance, if overtime is done on a daily basis for every hour worked past the 8 hour work mark, then enter “8” in the “Daily overtime timesheet header. Additionally, you need to enter “0” in the “Weekly overtime” header.

Weekly overtime

If overtime is done per the weekly number of hours worked, then you need to enter “0” in the “Daily overtime” and in the “Weekly overtime”, make sure to enter the weekly overtime threshold for your company. Imagine that your work week is 45 hours, and every hour your work past 45 hours is considered overtime, you need to enter “45” in “Weekly overtime”.

Daily and weekly overtime

When it comes to both daily and weekly overtime, you need to enter your daily and weekly overtime thresholds in the appropriate timesheet headers. Let’s say you work daily overtime for hours past 8 hours and weekly overtime past 40 hours, then you need to enter “8” in “Daily overtime” and “40” in “Weekly overtime”.


How to export timesheets?

To export a timesheet simply click the download icon on the right of the timesheet headers. You will then be provided with the option of exporting the timesheets as a PDF or CSV (Excel Spreadsheet). If you plan to upload the timesheet into a payroll software then select download as CSV. If you’d like to print out your timesheet click the Print icon and select your printer preferences. That’s how easy it is to print off all the details of your work hours calculator.


Timesheet calculator FAQs:

Is the timesheet calculator free?

The Connecteam timesheet calculator is free of charge.

Is there a limit on how many times I can download a timesheet?

There is no limit. Seriously, it’s free.

Does this timesheet calculator comply with California Overtime Law?

The work hours calculator partially complies with California Overtime Law. The timesheet calculator is equipped with daily overtime functionality. This allows you to account for daily overtime hours incurred in excess of 8 hours. However, the timesheet calculator does not support overtime incurred for the 8 hours worked on the seventh day of work or for overtime hours in excess of 12 in any workday, which, according to California law, require pay to be doubled.

Is there a limit on how many times I can use the work hours calculator?

There is no usage limit.

Does this timesheet calculator comply with FLSA timekeeping requirements?

The above timesheet calculator is fully compliant with FLSA timekeeping regulations. First, FLSA requires that you maintain accurate timekeeping for your non-exempt employees. Second, FLSA requires keeping accurate records of overtime for those non-exempt employees.


Why, as a manager, you need to make the switch to time clock software?

free timesheet calculator

Let’s make one thing clear – if you’re still using pen and paper to track hours and are crunching numbers with a time card calculator, you’re practically a dinosaur. Using old fashioned timesheets and a time card calculator to churn out payroll calculations is costing you money, and that’s the last thing you want. Sure, it’s more comfortable because it’s what you’re used to and change can be hard. Especially when it comes to choosing a time card calculator, but if you don’t want to experience an error rate of 1-8% of total payroll with traditional timesheets and you don’t want 43% of shift workers to engage in different kinds of time theft, you need a time card calculator that works for you. What we really want to hammer home here is the main reason to switch to a time clock software is that it will save you money. How much money? Statistics say if you have up to 10 employees, you’ll save $4,000/yearly, 25 employees saves you $10,000/yearly, and 100 employees saves $40,000/yearly.

The numbers speak for themselves! The number two reason is that you saves you so much time – around 300 hours are spent by human resources going through piles of timesheets. That’s 300 hours you could use on something more efficient…like making money. So if you’re looking to save time and money, you don’t need more of a reason to switch to time clock software.

Or maybe you want more than just saving time and money from your time card calculator? When you make the switch to time clock software, you gain so many more features and the result of using a time clock app is immediate. A top reason to use a time clock app, apart from saving you loads of money is preventing buddy punching and according to the American Payroll Association, more than 75% of US companies lose money from buddy punching, as it accounts for about 2.2% of gross payrolls. The good thing about switching to a time card calculator software is that when employees clock in and clock out, their GPS location is pinged so buddy punching is impossible. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about your employees rounding up minutes and hours. Instead, when punching in and out, an employee would really have to work at faking a few minutes.

While you can’t eliminate every single payroll mistake, you can close the gap. The IRS reports that 33% of employers make payroll errors and on top of that, the American Payroll Association claims these errors can range between 1-8% of total payroll. By using software to manage your time calculator hours, you can really bridge the gap and reduce the percentage of payroll mistakes. Your employees and clients who pay by the hour will be relieved and thrilled to receive “down to the minute reports” – and need we mention that with such a detailed free time card calculator, you’ll bring trust along the way too. When you’re looking for accuracy and avoiding errors, make sure you choose the right time clock calculator for you and your business.

With Connecteam’s time tracking app you could save time and money. Start for free today!


What you need to look for when moving to a time clock app?

free timesheet calculator software
Now that you’ve made the choice to switch to mobile software for your time clock calculator, you have to make sure it’s the right fit for you. If you think that process will only eat away at your time while burning a hole in your pocket, think again! Web-based and mobile time clock apps offer all business sizes affordability, ease of use, and implementation speed. Plus, if you have a large number of deskless employees, you are probably looking for a far more convenient way to communicate and track their hours with a work hours calculator solution that makes sense for you both. Remote employees don’t have time to sit and fill out a paper form, especially if they don’t do it daily, it can be hard to remember exactly when you started and finished a project. The same can be said for a work hours calculator that they can only access if they’re by a computer. Choosing an employee time calculator that they can access on their mobile phone makes far more sense.

Whether you have 10 employees or 200, choosing a mobile employee time calculator can solve all headaches associated with time management, job scheduling, and payroll. Choose a work hours calculator solution that is affordable, preferably one that isn’t an annual commitment. After all, you’re looking for a work hours calculator so you can save money, not dish out more! Find a time calculator hours solution that offers a free plan so you can test out the product first to make sure it’s the right fit. Now that money is out of the way, you must think about what you really need the work hours calculator for and how it will impact your employees. Before choosing an employee time card calculator based on price, you must define the problem you’re looking to solve based on your business’s characteristics and goals of your business. Then based on the answers to those questions, consider your employees – are they tech-savvy? Will they remember to use the timesheet app free? Will they be honest in reporting their work hours? What needs do your employees have that the employee time card calculator will solve?

Now that have outlined three pivotal aspects of a work time calculator, you have a few more features you need to consider. Such as, if the system crashes or something goes wrong, what security and backup options are available? Ask yourself how easy it is to use the work time calculator solution and how comfortable is it to implement? When you have a work time calculator that is easy to use and is user-friendly, your employees will happily use it to track their hours. If it’s painstakingly difficult, they won’t even bother to try. That’s a scenario you don’t want to encounter!

Lastly, consider the customer service support the work time calculator provides. Just in case a problem arises or you’ve got a question, you want responsive support and quick service. If there are product updates, they should be easy to understand and shouldn’t cause any hiccups. It should be simple for you and your employees to reach someone in case you need help so you don’t waste time trying to solve a problem with the work time calculator solution.


Start using Connecteam’s time tracking app today so you can save time and money instantly. Start for free today!

What’s so special about our time clock and timesheets app?

It’s user-friendly

The design is stunning and flows, plus it’s so easy to use that even the least tech savvy employees can download the work time calculator app and get started in minute

Immediately points out where problems are

All data is presented in visible insights for overtime, double time, auto-clock out and so much more. It’s that easy for you to spot exactly what needs your attention

You can set daily limits and auto punch out

Avoid overtime by setting a daily limit on how many hours an employee can work. Plus, if anyone forgets to clock out, you are able to clock them out automatically

Employees can easily add notes with shift attachments

Once an employee clocks in, they can simply enter more details if needed to their shift with custom shift attachments. Such as an automated list of customers, mileage or equipment usage or anything else associated with payro

GPS location enabled

When an employee clocks in, it’s all done in real time with a live timestamp and GPS location. Additionally, they choose the tag associated, such as a job, project, location client, or anything else you’ve set up.

There’s an approval system

If employees forget to clock-in at real time, their added manual hours pend your approval so that way you’re always on top of all timesheet app activity

Send reminders

Connecteam’s work time calculator app can send employees a reminder to clock in and out. And if they forget, they can be automatically clocked out.

Employees can request vacation and time-off straight on the app

Employees don’t need to send emails or write their requests down, instead they can access the calendar and send their requests right away. Managers will immediately receive the request and can respond within minutes.

Timesheet and payrolls

Easily navigate through our timesheets and simply find what needs fixing or special attention; the timesheets are colorful, detailed, and user-friendly. It’s incredibly simple to move around your employee’s timesheet and with our in-app chat, you can instantly chat with an employee about their timesheet if needed.

Multiple timesheets export options for your convenience

Our employee timesheet app makes it easy to export timesheets exactly as you want. Choose from multiple, colorful and user friendly export options so you can save valuable time; full timesheet exports, shift report, and payroll totals.

Integrate easily with QuickBooks

Connecteam has a direct integration so you can import your timesheets to the payroll software in a click.

Scheduling and workflows

You don’t need multiple softwares to collaborate or manage your desk-bound and desk-less employees. Quickly activate the scheduler so you can schedule shifts, dispatch jobs and live chat. With workflows, you can create checklists and forms to boost compliance and finally rid of pen & paper and tiresome excel spreadsheets.

In-app chat for team or private conversations

If you need to contact an employee while looking over their hours, it’s easy to send them a message straight from the app.

Employee directory on the Connecteam app

You don’t need to chase down work contacts or save them in your personal phone. Instead, search by name, job role, department, location and more.

Incredibly affordable!

Connecteam’s time clock app and software is available for a fixed monthly price for up to 200 users. Get started with the free plan or upgrade to a paid subscription that starts at just $29 a month for up to 200 users. However, if you need more than 200 users, we also have a Enterprise solution available for a fixed monthly price as well. Start for free now!

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