This simple time card calculator can be used for employees and managers alike. Please select conditions and options that best fit your personal time tracking needs.

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How to use this free timesheet calculator?

The Connecteam timesheet calculator is very easy to use. Start by entering your business specific payroll data like the number of weeks in your payroll run, the employee hourly pay rate, and number of days in a work week into the timesheet headers. So far, so good. When it comes to overtime, things can be a bit more complicated.

How to enter overtime

  1. No overtime offered –  If you don’t offer overtime to your employees or vendors then in the timesheet headers enter a “0” in “Daily overtime” and a “0” in “Weekly overtime”. Also, make sure your “OT multiplier” is set to “1.00”.
  2. Weekly overtime – If you pay overtime based on the weekly number of hours worked then in “Daily overtime” enter a “0” and in “Weekly overtime” enter the weekly overtime threshold for your company. For example, if you have a work week of 45 hours, and every hour beyond the 45th weekly hour is considered overtime then enter “45” in “Weekly overtime”. This is pretty much the standard way to track overtime according to the FLSA.
  3. Daily overtime – If you track overtime on a daily basis then you will want to enter your daily overtime threshold in the “Daily overtime” timesheet header. For example, if you provide your employees with overtime on a daily basis for every hour worked past their 8th work hour then enter an “8” in the “Daily overtime timesheet header. In addition, enter a “0” in the “Weekly overtime” header.
  4. Daily and weekly overtime – If you track both daily and weekly overtime (Hey there, California!) then you will need to enter your daily and weekly overtime thresholds in the appropriate timesheet headers. For example if you provide daily overtime for hours worked beyond 8 hours and weekly overtime for hours worked beyond 40 hours then enter an “8” in “Daily overtime” and a “40” in the “Weekly overtime” timesheet header.

How to export timesheets

To export a timesheet simply click the download icon on the right of the timesheet headers. You will then be provided with the option of exporting the timesheets as a PDF or CSV (Excel Spreadsheet). If you plan to upload the timesheet into payroll software then select download as CSV. If you’d like to print out your timesheet click the Print icon and select your printer preferences.

Timesheet calculator FAQs

  1. Is the timesheet calculator free? the Connecteam timesheet calculator is free of charge.
  2. Is there a limit on how many times I can use it? There is no usage limit
  3. Is there a limit on how many times I can download a timesheet? There is no limit. Seriously, it’s free.
  4. Does this timesheet calculator comply with FLSA timekeeping requirements? The above timesheet calculator is fully compliant with FLSA timekeeping regulations. First, FLSA requires that you maintain accurate timekeeping for your non-exempt employees. Second, FLSA requires keeping accurate records of overtime for those non-exempt employees.
  5. Does this timesheet calculator comply with California Overtime Law? Partially. The timesheet calculator is equipped with daily overtime functionality. This allows you to account for daily overtime hours incurred in excess of 8 hours. However, the timesheet calculator does not support overtime incurred for the 8 hours worked on the seventh day of work or for overtime hours in excess of 12 in any workday, which, according to California law, require pay to be doubled.
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