Welcome to the Team Email Template


Employee onboarding is crucial, especially on the first day. Your new hire will take note as how he or she is integrated into the company and its culture. An announcement email, like the welcome to the team email, to the whole team is a sure way to make the new hire feel comfortable and welcome. Often times, the first day is kind of like a blind date, but only with a lot more people in this sense. It can be very stressful for the new employee, but also his coworkers and the manager. To make the first day jitters more manageable, send this welcome to the team email to make everyone more prepared across the board.

What should you include in the welcome to the team email?

Don’t write paragraph after paragraph, keep it short and to the point. But of course, the tone should exhibit the company culture! Be sure to include the following in your welcome to the team email:

  • Name
  • Role
  • Team/department
  • Starting date
  • Background or personal hobbies (optional)


Welcome to the Team Email Template


Hi all,

I am very happy to announce that our team is growing! Next week (or be specific, on April 1), three new employees (or just say a new employee if it is one hire) will be joining our company.

  • Tony Stark is joining the sales department on April 1 as our new Sales Team Leader. He will now head our incredible sales department and is keen to help us shatter our KPI quarterly numbers. Tony has six years of experience with three top companies, like Google, and has a Bachelor’s Degree from NYU. P.S., he loves football and going for runs so be sure to reach out if you need a running buddy.
  • Second employee’s full name, along with the same style of information as listed above.
  • Third employee’s full name, along with the same style of information as listed above.

Please join me in giving a very warm welcome to our new team member(s) and be sure to introduce yourselves!

Warm regards,

Pepper Potts



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