Pest Control Inspection Checklist Template


Thorough inspections are the foundation of effective pest control.

The Pest Control Inspection Checklist is designed to guide pest control professionals through a detailed assessment of properties to identify pest issues, conducive conditions, and potential risks.

By using this checklist, you can ensure accurate inspections and tailor treatment strategies accordingly.

Pest Control Inspection Checklist:

Client Information:

[  ] Client Name: Gather the client’s name and contact information.

[  ] Property Address: Record the property’s address and relevant details.

Indoor Inspection:

[  ] Kitchen: Check for signs of pests, food debris, and areas of vulnerability.

[  ] Dining/Living Areas: Examine for crumbs, spills, and hiding spots pests might use.

[  ] Bathrooms: Inspect for moisture issues, leaks, and potential pest habitats.

[  ] Bedrooms: Look for signs of pests, nests, or damage.

Outdoor Inspection:

[  ] Exterior Walls: Inspect for cracks, gaps, and potential entry points.

[  ] Windows and Doors: Check seals and screens to prevent pest access.

[  ] Trash Storage: Evaluate trash receptacles and potential attractants.

[  ] Yard and Landscaping: Assess vegetation, drainage, and potential pest habitats.

Structural Assessment:

[  ] Roof: Inspect for entry points, damage, and nesting sites.

[  ] Foundation: Check for cracks, gaps, or openings pests might use.

Pest Identification:

[  ] Identify Pest Types: Determine the specific pests present and their level of infestation.

[  ] Nesting Areas: Locate nests, breeding sites, and harborage areas.

Conducive Conditions:

[  ] Moisture Issues: Identify areas with high humidity or leaks that pests are attracted to.

[  ] Food Sources: Note food storage practices and potential food debris.

Evidence Collection:

[  ] Droppings and Tracks: Document any droppings or tracks left by pests.

[  ] Damaged Areas: Record areas with signs of pest damage.


[  ] Treatment Options: Provide treatment strategies tailored to the identified pests.

[  ] Preventive Measures: Advise the client on practices to reduce conducive conditions.


[  ] Inspection Records: Document all findings, evidence, and recommendations.

Client Communication:

[  ] Review Findings: Discuss inspection findings and treatment options with the client.

[  ] Address Concerns: Address any client questions or concerns.

Task Review:

[  ] Verify Completed Tasks: Review the checklist to ensure all inspection tasks are completed.

[  ] Update Inspection Records: Update inspection records for future reference.

Supervisor Verification:

Supervisor’s signature confirming inspection completion

Signature: ____________________________ Date: _______________


The Pest Control Inspection Checklist is a vital tool for accurate and thorough property assessments.

By following this checklist, you ensure that pest issues are identified, treatment strategies are tailored, and clients receive valuable insights.

Customize the checklist to match the specific property’s characteristics and let it be your guide to professional and precise pest control inspections.

By adhering to this checklist, you contribute to a pest-free environment that prioritizes health and satisfaction for your clients.

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