Lost and Found Report Template


The Lost and Found Report Template is a valuable tool for documenting lost or found items within a premises or establishment.

This template ensures accurate recording of item details, helps reunite owners with their belongings, and maintains a transparent process for managing lost and found items.

Customize this template to fit your organization’s procedures for handling lost and found items.

Lost and Found Report Template:

Item Information:

Date Reported: [Date when the item was reported lost or found]

Location: [Where the item was lost or found]

Reporter’s Information (If Applicable):

Name: __________

Contact Information: __________

Relation to Item: __________

Item Description:

Item Type: [e.g., personal belonging, electronic device, clothing]

Description: __________

Color: __________

Size: __________

Item Condition:

[  ] Good condition

[  ] Damaged

[  ] Other: __________

Additional Information:

[  ] Owner’s Identification: __________

[  ] Circumstances of Loss/Discovery: __________

[  ] Any Distinctive Features: __________

Storage and Security:

[  ] Item Stored Safely: __________

[  ] Item Securely Locked: __________

[  ] Location of Storage: __________

Public Notification (If Applicable):

[  ] Displayed on Notice Board: __________

[  ] Social Media Announcement: __________

Owner Claim and Return:

[  ] Owner Claimed Item: __________

[  ] Date of Return: __________

[  ] Authorized Person (If Claimed by Proxy): __________


[  ] Disposed of After Holding Period: __________

[  ] Method of Disposal: __________

Record Keeping:

[  ] Lost and Found Log Updated: __________

[  ] Item Removal Log: __________

Witness (If Any):


Supervisor/Manager Signature:


The Lost and Found Report Template is a systematic way to manage lost and found items within an establishment.

By utilizing this template, organizations can ensure transparent and organized processes for documenting, storing, and returning items to their rightful owners.

Customize the template to match your lost and found procedures and enhance your ability to reunite owners with their belongings.

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