Harness & Lanyard Inspection Checklist Template


Regular inspection of safety harnesses and lanyards is crucial to ensure the safety of individuals working at heights.

The Harness & Lanyard Inspection Checklist is designed to guide safety professionals and workers through a systematic examination of harnesses and lanyards.

By following this checklist, you can identify and address potential issues, ensuring the integrity of fall protection equipment.

Harness & Lanyard Inspection Checklist:

Equipment Information:

[  ] Equipment Type: Specify whether it’s a harness, lanyard, or other fall protection gear.

[  ] Serial Number: Record the unique identifier for the equipment, if applicable.

[  ] Date of Manufacture: Note the date when the equipment was manufactured.

General Inspection:

[  ] Visual Inspection: Examine the entire harness or lanyard for signs of wear, damage, or contamination.

[  ] Labels and Markings: Check for legible labels, tags, and manufacturer markings.

[  ] Hardware: Inspect all hardware components, such as buckles, D-rings, and connectors.

Harness Inspection:

[  ] Webbing: Examine webbing for fraying, cuts, abrasions, or signs of chemical damage.

[  ] Stitching: Inspect stitching for loose threads or broken seams.

[  ] Straps and Adjustments: Ensure all straps are secure and adjusters function correctly.

Lanyard Inspection:

[  ] Webbing: Examine lanyard webbing for wear, cuts, or abrasions.

[  ] Energy Absorber: Inspect the energy-absorbing pack (if applicable) for damage or deployment.

[  ] Snap Hooks and Connectors: Check snap hooks for proper functioning, wear, or damage.

Functional Testing:

[  ] Buckles and Adjusters: Test buckles and adjusters to ensure they engage and hold securely.

[  ] Shock Absorption: If applicable, verify that the shock absorption feature is functioning.

Cleaning and Maintenance:

[  ] Cleanliness: Ensure the equipment is clean and free of dirt or contaminants.

[  ] Lubrication: Lubricate moving parts if recommended by the manufacturer.


[  ] Inspection Records: Document inspection date, findings, and actions taken.

Retirement Criteria:

[  ] Age Limit: Determine if the equipment has reached its recommended retirement age.

[  ] Damage Threshold: Establish criteria for when the equipment should be retired due to damage.

Task Review:

[  ] Verify Completed Tasks: Review the checklist to ensure all inspection tasks are completed.

[  ] Update Equipment Records: Update equipment records based on inspection findings and actions taken.

Supervisor/Manager Approval:

Signature of approving supervisor/manager

Signature: _________ Date: _________


The Harness & Lanyard Inspection Checklist is a vital tool for ensuring the safety of individuals working at heights.

By following this checklist, you can identify and address potential issues in fall protection equipment.

Customize the checklist to match the specifics of your equipment and use it as a foundation for regular inspections.

By adhering to this checklist, you contribute to a safer working environment and the protection of individuals working at elevated locations.

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