Fall Protection Site Safety Inspection Report Form Template


Fall protection is a critical aspect of worksite safety, especially in environments where individuals are exposed to elevated work areas.

The Fall Protection Site Safety Inspection Report Form is designed to facilitate thorough site inspections to ensure that fall protection measures are in place and effective.

By using this form, you can identify potential hazards, verify safety compliance, and take corrective actions to enhance site safety.

Fall Protection Site Safety Inspection Report Form:


  • Ensure that you conduct the inspection thoroughly and mark each item appropriately.
  • For any non-compliant items, immediate corrective action should be taken. Record any observations or necessary corrective actions in the sections provided.
  • Ensure that both the inspector and site supervisor sign off on the report to confirm acknowledgment.

Site Details

Site Name: __________

Site Address: __________

Site Supervisor: __________

Date of Inspection: ___ / ___ / ______

Time of Inspection: ________ AM/PM

Inspection Conducted By

Name: __________

Title: __________

Contact Number: __________

Fall Protection Equipment:

[  ] Harnesses and Lanyards: Check if workers have access to appropriate harnesses and lanyards.

[  ] Guardrails: Verify the presence and integrity of guardrails on elevated work surfaces.

[  ] Safety Nets: Assess the condition and installation of safety nets, if used.

Anchor Points:

[  ] Identification: Ensure that anchor points are clearly identified and accessible.

[  ] Attachment Strength: Verify the strength and stability of anchor points.

[  ] Spacing: Check the spacing of anchor points to ensure adequate coverage.

Fall Protection Training:

[  ] Worker Training: Confirm that workers using fall protection equipment are trained in its use.

[  ] Records: Ensure that training records are maintained and up to date.

Fall Hazard Identification:

[  ] Hazard Assessment: Assess the site for fall hazards and document findings.

[  ] Hazard Mitigation: Identify measures in place to mitigate fall hazards.

Inspection of Equipment:

[  ] Harnesses and Lanyards: Inspect the condition of harnesses and lanyards in use.

[  ] Connectors: Check connectors, hooks, and carabiners for damage or wear.

[  ] Lifelines: Inspect lifelines and ropes for integrity and proper anchoring.

Fall Arrest Systems:

[  ] Shock Absorbers: Verify the condition of shock absorbers on lanyards.

[  ] Self-Retracting Lifelines: Inspect self-retracting lifelines for proper functioning.

[  ] Rescue Plan: Confirm the availability and effectiveness of a rescue plan.

Fall Protection Barriers:

[  ] Guardrails: Check guardrails for stability and adequate height.

[  ] Safety Nets: Inspect safety nets for proper installation and condition.

Fall Protection Procedures:

[  ] Review Procedures: Ensure that workers are following established fall protection procedures.

[  ] Emergency Response: Verify the availability and effectiveness of emergency response procedures.

Recommendations and Corrective Actions:

[  ] Identify Issues: Document any issues, hazards, or non-compliance observed during the inspection.

[  ] Corrective Actions: Recommend corrective actions to address identified issues.


[  ] Inspection Summary: Summarize the inspection findings and any recommended actions.

[  ] Inspector’s Signature: The inspector should sign and date the report.

Task Review:

[  ] Verify Completed Tasks: Review the form to ensure all inspection tasks are addressed.

[  ] Update Inspection Records: Update inspection records based on findings and actions taken.



Corrective Actions Required (if any):


Follow-up Actions & Due Dates:

Action: __________ Due Date: ___ / ___ / ______

Action: __________ Due Date: ___ / ___ / ______


By signing below, you acknowledge that the site has been inspected, and findings and recommendations have been documented.

Inspector: __________ Date: ___ / ___ / ______

Site Supervisor: __________ Date: ___ / ___ / ______


The Harness & Lanyard Inspection Checklist is a vital tool for ensuring the safety of individuals working at heights.

By following this checklist, you can identify and address potential issues in fall protection equipment.

Customize the checklist to match the specifics of your equipment and use it as a foundation for regular inspections.

By adhering to this checklist, you contribute to a safer working environment and the protection of individuals working at elevated locations.

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