Construction PPE Order Request

Use our construction PPE order request template as a starting point to customize yours to fit your company.

Construction PPE Order Request

What Are The Benefits Of Using This Construction PPE Order Request Template?

  1. It Streamlines PPE Procurement:

    This template provides a structured approach to requesting and managing personal protective equipment (PPE), ensuring a smooth and efficient procurement process.

  2. It Ensures Worker Safety:

    By utilizing this form, construction sites can efficiently acquire the necessary PPE, promoting the safety and well-being of workers exposed to various construction hazards.

  3. It Facilitates Compliance:

    The template’s organized format aids in adhering to safety regulations by accurately documenting PPE needs and ensuring that workers are equipped with the required protective gear.

  4. It Enhances Accountability:

    Through detailed information and supervisor approval, this form creates a clear record of PPE requests, contributing to better accountability and tracking of safety measures.

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The Construction PPE Order Request Form Template is a vital tool for construction sites to efficiently request and manage orders for personal protective equipment (PPE).

This form streamlines the process of acquiring essential protective gear for workers, ensuring their safety and compliance with safety regulations.

Customize this template to align with your construction company’s requirements and enhance your PPE procurement process.

Construction PPE Order Request Form Template:

Requestor Information:

– Name: [Name of the person requesting PPE]

– Position/Role: [Job title or role]

– Date of Request: [Date when the request is made]

Project Details:

– Project Name: [Name of the construction project]

– Project Site: [Location or address of the project]

PPE Details:

– PPE Item: [Specify the type of PPE needed, e.g., hard hat, safety gloves, goggles]

– Quantity: [Number of units needed]

– Size: [Specify size if applicable]

Specific Use Case:

[  ] General Construction

[  ] Welding

[  ] Concrete Work

[  ] Electrical Work

[  ] Roofing

[  ] Other: [Specify]

Urgency Level:

[  ] High Priority

[  ] Medium Priority

[  ] Low Priority

Delivery Information:

– Delivery Date: [Preferred delivery date]

– Delivery Address: [Where the PPE should be delivered]

Additional Information:

[  ] Replacement for damaged PPE

[  ] New employee requirement

[  ] Other details or special instructions

Supervisor/Manager Approval:

[  ] Supervisor/Manager Name: [Name of approving supervisor/manager]

[  ] Date Approved: [Date of approval]

Budget Code/Account:

[  ] Specify budget code or account for tracking purposes


By submitting this request, I acknowledge that the requested PPE is necessary for the safety and well-being of the workers on the construction site. I confirm that the information provided in this form is accurate.

Requestor’s Signature:




The Construction PPE Order Request Form Template simplifies the process of acquiring essential personal protective equipment for construction workers.

By using this template, construction companies can ensure worker safety, compliance with regulations, and efficient PPE procurement.

Customize the template to align with your company’s specific needs and enhance your overall safety practices on construction sites.

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