Cleaning Supplies Checklist


A well-organized and fully stocked cleaning supplies inventory is essential for maintaining a clean and hygienic environment in any residential or commercial space.

This comprehensive Cleaning Supplies Checklist is designed to ensure that your cleaning team has everything they need to tackle any cleaning task with efficiency and effectiveness.

By regularly checking and replenishing your supplies, you can deliver exceptional cleaning results and provide top-notch service to your clients.

Let’s dive into the checklist and equip your team with the essential cleaning supplies for a spotless and sparkling clean space.

General Cleaning Supplies:

[  ] All-purpose cleaner

[  ] Glass cleaner

[  ] Disinfectant cleaner

[  ] Microfiber cleaning cloths

[  ] Terry cloth towels

[  ] Paper towels

[  ] Cleaning sponges

[  ] Scrub brushes

[  ] Broom and dustpan

[  ] Mop and mop bucket

[  ] Vacuum cleaner with attachments

[  ] Trash bags (various sizes)

[  ] Trash can liners

Bathroom Cleaning Supplies:

[  ] Toilet bowl cleaner

[  ] Toilet brush

[  ] Disinfectant wipes

[  ] Shower and tub cleaner

[  ] Tile and grout cleaner

[  ] Glass shower door cleaner

[  ] Bathroom surface cleaner

[  ] Hard water stain remover

[  ] Air freshener or deodorizer

Kitchen Cleaning Supplies:

[  ] Degreaser cleaner

[  ] Stainless steel cleaner

[  ] Oven cleaner

[  ] Dish soap

[  ] Dishwasher detergent

[  ] Sink and countertop cleaner

[  ] Refrigerator cleaner

[  ] Trash compactor deodorizer

Floor Cleaning Supplies:

[  ] Hardwood floor cleaner

[  ] Laminate floor cleaner

[  ] Tile and grout cleaner

[  ] Carpet cleaner or spot remover

[  ] Floor polish or wax

Specialty Cleaning Supplies:

[  ] Stainless steel polish

[  ] Leather cleaner and conditioner

[  ] Wood furniture polish

[  ] Granite or marble cleaner

[  ] Electronics screen cleaner

[  ] Silver polish

[  ] Brass or copper cleaner

[  ] Rust remover

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):

[  ] Disposable gloves

[  ] Face masks

[  ] Safety goggles

[  ] Apron or cleaning smock

Miscellaneous Supplies:

[  ] Spray bottles (for homemade cleaners)

[  ] Funnel (for refilling bottles)

[  ] Label maker or labels (for organizing and identifying supplies)

[  ] Cleaning caddy or cart (for easy transportation)

[  ] Step ladder (for reaching high areas)

[  ] Cleaning checklists (to guide cleaning tasks)

A well-stocked cleaning supplies checklist ensures your cleaning team has everything they need to tackle any cleaning task effectively.

Regularly check and replenish your supplies to maintain a clean and hygienic environment in homes, offices, or commercial spaces.

With the right cleaning supplies at your disposal, you can achieve outstanding results and provide excellent service to your clients.

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