Building Maintenance Checklist Template


A well-maintained building is essential for the safety, functionality, and comfort of its occupants. 

The Building Maintenance Checklist Template is designed to help you systematically assess and manage various aspects of your building’s upkeep.

Customize this template to match the specific needs of your property and create a comprehensive maintenance plan.

Building Maintenance Checklist Template:

Exterior Maintenance:

[  ] Roof Inspection

[  ] Façade and Cladding Assessment

[  ] Windows and Doors Check

[  ] Parking Area Inspection

[  ] Landscaping Evaluation

Interior Maintenance:

[  ] Flooring Review

[  ] Walls and Ceilings Inspection

[  ] Lighting Verification

[  ] HVAC Systems Maintenance

[  ] Plumbing Assessment

Safety and Security Measures:

[  ] Fire Systems Testing

[  ] Security Systems Check

[  ] Emergency Lighting Assessment

Facilities and Equipment:

[  ] Elevators and Escalators Inspection

[  ] Restroom Maintenance

[  ] Common Areas Review

[  ] Kitchenettes and Break Rooms Check

Utilities Maintenance:

[  ] Electrical Systems Inspection

[  ] Plumbing Systems Review

[  ] HVAC Systems Check

Special Projects:

[  ] Exterior Painting (Annual/Biennial)

[  ] Roof Inspection (Biennial/Triennial)

[  ] Flooring Maintenance (Triennial/Quadrennial)

Task Review:

[  ] Check Completed Tasks

[  ] Update Maintenance Schedule

Supervisor Verification:

Supervisor’s Signature confirming adherence to the maintenance schedule


Signature: __________ Date: __________

The Building Maintenance Checklist Template is a valuable tool for ensuring your building’s optimal condition.

Regular maintenance tasks can prevent issues, ensure safety, and extend the building’s lifespan.

Customize this template according to your building’s unique characteristics, and let it be a cornerstone of your proactive maintenance efforts.

By following this template, you create a well-maintained environment that benefits both occupants and your building’s long-term value.

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