Table of contents
  1. Communicate with Gen Z Effectively
  2. Use Mobile Solutions
  3. Offer Development Opportunities
  4. Ensure Wellbeing Is a Priority
  5. Recognize Great Work
  6. Be an Inclusive Workplace
  7. Conclusion

Job-hopping is common among employees looking to move up in their careers, escape a bad work environment, or expand their horizons. While all generations have job-hopped, none are as ready and willing to do it as Gen Z workers.

Gen Z, those born between 1997 and 2012, is the most recent generation to enter the workforce. They are characterized by their tech-savviness and social awareness, and often value things like transparency, work-life balance, and purpose at work as much (if not more) than salary. 

These workers know what they want and aren’t shy about going for it. If your construction company, restaurant, or landscaping business wants to retain these workers, it is important to know what they care about and look for in a job.

This guide is going to take a closer look at the ways you can retain your Gen Z employees and keep them happy.

Communicate with Gen Z Effectively

Effective communication is crucial for building a better connection with employees, and this is especially true for Gen Z. They want to be kept in the know about things and be a major part of the decision-making process within your business.

Make sure to keep Gen Z workers updated and let them know the expectations you have for them. They don’t like to be ghosted, so always follow up and be transparent and honest in your conversations. You might consider using a work management solution with an in-app chat, like Connecteam, to easily and efficiently communicate with your employees on the go.

Communication is a two-way street, so ensure you regularly gather feedback from your team and make sure that they know their opinions matter. You can gather feedback through customized surveys or polls, or simple emails and messages.  

Use Mobile Solutions

Gen Zers are tech-savvy and spend many waking hours using their mobile devices. Most of their off-work communication is through text and direct messages, so their at-work communication should happen the same way.

Having a mobile solution like a chat app can be a great, familiar way for Gen Z workers to communicate with coworkers and managers. Workers can chat without having to speak a word, and chat apps often feature company feeds similar to social media feeds, which Gen Z employees are very familiar with.

Additionally, mobile solutions can also allow employees to punch in and out, trade shifts, request time off, and offer feedback. Of course, make sure the mobile solution you choose is intuitive and easy to use.

Offer Development Opportunities

Developing professional skills is important to many Gen Z workers. Your business should offer development opportunities to help them learn new things or hone the skills they already have. Employees are likely to be more invested in helping your business succeed if you help them learn and grow.

Among other things, you could offer coaching, mentoring, third-party workshops, or even specially designed training courses. 

If you fail to prioritize their growth, your Gen Z workers are likely to feel stagnant and will question how much their job is actually doing for their long-term goals.

Ensure Wellbeing Is a Priority

Issues like employee burnout and workplace depression plague employees across the world, and Gen Z in particular wants to work with employers that prioritize their well-being. 

Employees who are stressed or dealing with a mental health issue often take more days off, are less productive, and will be quick to leave. Because of this, you need to have a strong employee well-being program in place to retain young workers. 

You can include things such as flexible scheduling, an initiative to manage workload and reduce burnout, and a greater focus on work-life balance.

Every team is different in terms of their preferences, needs, and expectations, so gather feedback from them on what they’d like to see in your program. Make sure to consider your budget when designing your employee wellness program, too.

Recognize Great Work

Recognizing employees for a job well done can also help you retain Gen Z workers. Showing appreciation for your young workers can boost their motivation, help the workplace be a more positive environment, and foster a sense of belonging among the team.

Being recognized can lift employee morale and let workers know you see and appreciate the work they put in. This is something that’s neglected within many organizations and industries, and offering proper recognition can help keep employees from jumping ship.

Be an Inclusive Workplace

Gen Z values inclusion in the workplace and you need to foster an environment that allows every employee to feel valued and like they belong. You’re likely to find yourself in trouble if certain workers are being favored over others and if employees aren’t receiving the same opportunities. 

Workers in this generation often appreciate working and communicating with people from different backgrounds and who have different life experiences, so companies should do their best to have a diverse team.

Biases often dictate who gets hired and who gets the most opportunities within a company, and your business needs to do all it can to recognize and eliminate these biases. Consider using data to help inform your decisions in recruiting, hiring, and promoting. Also, establish clear policies and procedures on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and include them in an employee handbook so your entire team has insight into this information.

Ultimately, providing an inclusive and diverse workplace is necessary to help with retention and attracting top talent.


Given the prevalence of job-hopping among Gen Z workers, your business wants to do all it can to retain employees. By offering development opportunities, an inclusive workplace, mobile solutions, and well-being programs, you can show them you care. 
With Connecteam’s engagement solution, you can access the right engagement tools to reach and retain your non-desk Gen Z employees and increase overall productivity. It helps you communicate with employees, give recognition to those who deserve it, and support your team’s professional growth.

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