Welcome to 2019, where smartphones are part of our day-to-day lives and of those of our employees. If you are running an ‘operational business’, it doesn’t matter if its focus is facility management, logistics, construction or services – you need to manage a big workforce on the field and your operational efficiency drives your bottom line results and quality of services.

So one may ask, how can we strive for (affordable) operational excellence?

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How Canada’s Restoration Services Did it

Canada’s Restoration Services is a water, fire, and mold restoration company based out of Canada with operations in multiple locations across the country.  It is also an innovative organization that two years ago, was looking for a cost effective solution to help them manage their employees on-the-go. More specifically, they were looking to meet the high-standards requirements of  their insurance clients for compliance and accountability, while providing effective communication, time management and a training platform; and all this, without choosing a complex solution – it had to be quick and easy to implement.

How Canada Restoration Services Transitioned to Operational Excellence Using an Employee App

Canada’s Restoration Services team turned to Connecteam, the  all-in-one employee app for a solution. Using Connecteam, Canada’s Restoration Services applied digital forms for all employees to fill on their mobile devices based on their tasks or assignments. The job-forms include date, name and signature for accountability; the forms were required for a job to be considered done and were digitally logged for compliance purposes and future inspections. This allowed Canada Restoration Services to meet the high compliance requirements and standards of clients, and to gain improved oversight over workforce performance.

Connecteam's incident report feature

But of course it didn’t stop there – Canada’s Restoration Services were now able, for the first time, to implement an efficient clock in app to allow employees to clock in and out on-the-go and on-site. It also records any resources or equipment that might have been used for the job, such as how much fuel was used, what tools were used, and so on.

Connecteam's timeclock feature

As for training, the new employee app allowed Canada’s Restoration Services to provide their workforce – both employees and supervisors – with easy and accessible training modules, such as health and safety training (OSHA safety), with complete tracking of progress on the single employee level, and to turn their employees’ mobiles into a digital knowledge center containing all relevant protocols and instructions.

Welcome to 2019, where smartphones are part of our day-to-day lives and of those of our employees. Isn’t it time to make the leap? Affordable operational excellence is not around the corner, you are already holding it in your palm. It’s time we use smartphones to make our operational businesses more efficient – technology holds great promise for operational management. When done right, it can provide a competitive advantage, lead to a significant cost reduction and just make our lives easier. Start your free plan with Connecteam now!

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