Many companies, from small businesses to large enterprises, have approached us, asking how they can effectively manage their remote team. And so we created this eBook filled with practical and easy to implement strategies to make the transition to remote work as smooth as possible.

Our management guide on remote work highlights the following:

  • The rise of remote work in 2020
  • Questions about remote work answered
  • How to manage a remote team
  • How to communicate effectively
  • Why remote teams need a chat app
  • Creative ways to keep remote employees engaged
  • Team building games for remote workers
  • How to boost morale
  • Why Connecteam is the best communication tool for remote employees

This eBook dives into actionable tips and easy-to-implement strategies for managers looking to manage their remote teams effectively. Download it for free!

Managing Staff Remotely: The Complete Guide (eBook)

In this free eBook, we highlight everything you need to effectively manage your remote employees. From communication tips to engagement ideas and more, this guide is filled with all the information needed to make remote work a success.

Download eBook for free

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