From Pen & Paper to Mobile in 15 Minutes

For time management, Canada Restoration Services uses Connecteam’s GPS enabled mobile time clock to log in specific employee shifts per project.

Field Services

About Canada Restoration Services

Canada’s Restoration Services is a water, fire, and mold restoration company founded by Darren Gradus. Since it’s original foundation in Toronto, almost 8 years ago Canada’s Restoration Services has ballooned into a company that covers 6 locations across Canada: Ottawa, Montreal, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, and Toronto.

One vertical of Canada Restoration’s clients is  insurance companies that employ Canada Restoration as a vendor. When an insurer activates their insurance and requires a basement to be restored after a flooding, for example, then the insurance company sends Canada Restoration to perform the job.

Working with a large client like an insurance provider means that Canada Restoration is required to comply with with very specific regulations. The company’s performance is assessed based on compliance to these regulations.

How Connecteam helped

Many businesses search for a way to manage and sustain business growth, without diminishing their profit margins. Technology can very often be the solution they are looking for. For Canada Restoration Services, the successful solution would need to tick off many boxes and still be affordable enough to make business sense.

It would need to insure compliance and accountability while also providing effective communications, task management, and time management. A built-in reporting system that would provide info on time spent, resources used, procedures completed (or-not) would also be nice to have. Finally, the solution needed to be quick to implement and easy to use or otherwise our “solution” turns into a “problem” very quickly.

For time management, Canada Restoration Services uses Connecteam’s GPS enabled mobile time clock to log in specific employee shifts per project. Employees use the Canada Restoration Services mobile app to access their time clock and clock in and out while on-site.

To make sure that regulations and standards are communicated to every worker at all times, Canada Restoration Services created compliance workflows using Connecteam’s Workflow Asset. The Workflow Asset allows managers and administrators to create a specific job progression that must be completed before a job can be considered done. Workflows can be assigned to every employee using the mobile app and a report is then produced detailing completion.

Canada Restoration Services took their record management a step further. By using Connecteam, they could make all records available on mobile devices and assign them to relevant project managers while in on-site. This made work processes much quicker and reduced the need for project managers to go back to the office, which in turn reduced fuel costs and increased productivity.

Connecteam’s built in training modules were used to deliver OSHA safety training modules to supervisors and employees. They then completed the training program while on-site, in transit or at home. In the Launch Pad, the administrator receives a full report on their progress and can even add quizzes to assess their knowledge.

What can we learn from it

Many business owners tend to adhere to the saying: “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”. The thing with old adages is that they’re, well, old and can’t be applied to the fast paced and technological world we live in today. Ignoring the change that is happening all around can be catastrophic for your business. The sooner you move into the digital age the easier it will be to increase productivity and get a leg up on your competitors.

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