Rachel Cohen

As part of the content team, Rachel writes brand new fresh content for the Connecteam blog. She helps clients understand how they can take their business to the next level with new strategies, knowledge, and expertise from employee management.
Task management employees

Top 10 Free Task Management Software in 2021

Being a project manager comes with a lot of responsibilities. Project management is far more than just creating lists and checking them off once completed. Task management involves creating realistic timelines, monitoring performance, managing schedules, keeping track of your team, and much more! The right free task management software helps project managers check in with […]

Construction project management

The Ultimate Guide to Construction Project Management

The construction industry is booming, with 1.293B spent in the U.S alone! This industry has no intention of slowing down any time soon. Construction project management was once an industry that was severely affected by the recession. Projects were files on tables, and no work was able to happen. However, now the construction industry is […]

Woman Team Deskless

Top 11 Team Engagement Ideas for Deskless Teams

Employee engagement for deskless teams is key to business success. 71% of managers agree that employees need to be engaged to reach company goals. Therefore, knowing the level of importance engagement holds, it comes as a shock that only 39% engage in their workplace. You might ask, what does employee engagement mean? Engagement is when […]

Nurses sitting application

Top 9 Nurse Scheduling Software Solutions in 2021

Running a medical practice requires a lot of responsibility, especially as you have to ensure the nurses are in the right place at the right time. There is very little room for error as decisions could be the difference between life and well, we won’t say. If you are working with pen and paper or […]

Brexit Business EU

How Brexit Affects Small Businesses

After lots of deliberation and discussion, it was a shock to the system when Brexit finally happened. As expected, business owners had many questions: how does Brexit affect small businesses? What does the future of trade look like with our close neighbours? What rules will I need to follow? As the date got closer and […]

People employee engagement in manufacturing

Employee Engagement in Manufacturing: 9 Ways To Improve

Maintaining employee engagement is vital for any company’s success. So, it comes as a shock that the manufacturing industry only has 25% of its workers engaged.  2020 didn’t do the manufacturing industry any favors, it only contributed to the lack of engagement. Once the pandemic was in full swing, everything went out the window. Communicating […]

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