Over 6,000 companies worldwide use Connecteam to improve accuracy of their timesheets and customer invoices. Timesheets produced in Connecteam deliver payroll clean of buddy punching and payroll errors like rounding up or inaccurate overtime. Here are 5 more reasons you should be using Connecteam:

1. We got you covered with all the features on your checklist

  • Clock in and out from anywhere
  • GPS location
  • Payroll software integration (with QuickBooks Online and Gusto)
  • Approvals system
  • Add attachments for any shift (customer info, equipments, miles, photos..)
  • Maps
  • PTO management
  • Insights

2. Connecteam’s Secret Recipe – Everything you need to run a smooth payroll.

After running thousands of timesheets, we’ve understood that simply tracking time is not enough. Timesheets suck, and they suck for three people in any organization: The manager, the employee, and the accountant. Every member of this holy triad is  they forced to run around their own tail, chase down timesheets, request expense reimbursement, submit corrections, vacation time, and waste time unnecessarily. On average, employees, accountants, and managers each they spend an hour per payroll run on this endless and unnecessary time drain.

That’s why in 2018, time tracking solutions must provide accountants, managers, and employees with communications and task management functionality.

  1. Communication – Connecteam reduces time spent running payroll by 85% on average by streamlining the process of collaborating on timesheets. Replace outdated communications with real-time updates, easy to use chat, and an employee directory all available on mobile devices and on-the-go.
  2. Workflows– Run business processes and manage tasks from anywhere at anytime with the Connecteam Workflows. Workflows can serve various functions, you can even design a Workflow to confirm timesheet calculations without having to leave the office. Then, improve compliance using the built in digital signature. Workflows can also be used to complete paid time off requests, shift swaps, expense reimbursements, and a lot more. Clear the paper clutter from your desk as all Workflow submissions go straight to your email inbox and are stored in the Launch Pad

3. Easy to use – Our users love Connecteam because of its simple yet robust functionality

With software the difficult part is always the implementation – And it is no secret that  most software ends up without any usage. This is why our main goal has always been to be

easy to use and extremely quick to set up. We designed our app for your employees and we can assure you that your employees will use it and love it .  In fact, Connecteam has been voted by Finances Online as the time tracking app with the best user experience for 2017.

4. The best customer success 

Our customers are real people that run real businesses with real employees, real customers, and with limited time – This is hard enough.  That’s why time tracking shouldn’t be another chore.  The Connecteam customer success team is here to help you and guide you along the way. How to build the app, how to launch it, what to say to your employees, and if you have any problem we will be the first to come to your assistance.

  • When it comes to the software that runs your business great customer service is essential.

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5. Pricing – We built our pricing to be simple, affordable, and flexible.


Let’s cut to the chase – Our prices are the lowest among our competitors. Period. All features are included, no extra fees, no surprises.


We know that you have a real life business to manage that changes its needs daily so we decided to give you the ability to change your plan at any time according to your business needs. You will pay only according to your current requirements.

No brainer

You don’t need to commit and there is no Setup fee- Nothing! We even offer refunds on our prepaid annual plans. You don’t pay if you are not happy! We even give you a fixed monthly plan for up to 30 users, starting at $29. There is really no reason why not to start right away!

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