Start-of-Shift Checklist Template


Beginning a shift with clarity, focus, and preparation ensures not only productivity but also safety and quality in work.

This start-of-shift checklist serves as a guide for employees to transition seamlessly from off-duty to on-duty, setting the pace for an efficient and effective workday.

Start of Shift Checklist

1. Personal Preparedness

[  ] Arrive On Time: Ensure you’re punctual to maintain workflow.

[  ] Dress Appropriately: Wear the right uniform or attire as per the job requirement.

[  ] Hygiene: Make sure you’re well-groomed, especially if the role involves client interaction.

[  ] Health Check: Any symptoms or feeling unwell? Notify your supervisor.

2. Workspace Setup

[  ] Clean Work Area: Ensure your desk or workspace is tidy and sanitized.

[  ] Check Equipment: Make sure all tools or devices you’ll be using are functional.

[  ] Secure Personal Items: Store your belongings in the designated area.

3. Communication and Updates

[  ] Check Emails/Communication Channels: Look for any urgent messages or updates.

[  ] Attend Briefings/Meetings: If scheduled at the start of the shift.

[  ] Review Tasks for the Day: Familiarize yourself with the day’s agenda or assignments.

4. Safety Protocols

[  ] Review Safety Measures: Especially important for roles in manufacturing, healthcare, security, etc.

[  ] Report Malfunctions: If any equipment isn’t working, notify maintenance immediately.

[  ] Restock Safety Gear: Ensure you have all necessary protective equipment.

5. Logistical Preparation

[  ] Check Inventory/Supplies: Ensure you have all necessary materials for the day.

[  ] Set Up Systems: Boot up computers, start machinery, or set up stations as needed.

6. Goal Setting

[  ] Set Priorities: Determine the most pressing tasks and tackle them first.

[  ] Identify Potential Challenges: Anticipate obstacles and think about solutions in advance.

7. Team Interaction

[  ] Touch Base with Colleagues: Especially if tasks require collaboration.

[  ] Notify Availability: Let the team know you’re ready to start, especially in roles like customer support.

The start of a shift sets the tone for the hours that follow.

By following the start-of-shift checklist employees can ensure they are primed, equipped, and oriented towards a day of efficient and quality work.

Regularly following such a structured beginning not only streamlines tasks but also reinforces responsibility and professionalism.

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