Security Patrolling Checklist Template


The Security Patrolling Checklist Template is a valuable tool for security personnel to systematically inspect and ensure the safety and security of a premises.

This checklist helps maintain vigilance, identify potential threats, and uphold security protocols. 

Customize this template to align with your specific security requirements and enhance your patrolling procedures.

Security Patrolling Checklist Template:

Patrol Details:

– Date: [Date of the patrolling activity]

– Time: [Start and end time of the patrolling]

– Patrol Area: [Specify the area to be patrolled]

Patrol Officer Information:

– Officer’s Name: [Name of the security officer on patrol]

– Badge/ID Number: [Officer’s identification number]

– Contact Information: [Officer’s contact details]

General Inspection:

[  ] Ensure all doors and windows are locked and secured

[  ] Verify the functionality of security systems (alarms, cameras, etc.)

[  ] Check for signs of unauthorized access or forced entry

Lighting and Visibility:

[  ] Confirm proper lighting in all areas of the patrol route

[  ] Report any non-functioning lights for repair

Perimeter Check:

[  ] Walk the perimeter to identify breaches or vulnerabilities

[  ] Inspect fences, gates, and access points

Emergency Equipment:

[  ] Ensure fire extinguishers are in place and accessible

[  ] Check emergency exits for obstruction

Restricted Areas:

[  ] Verify that restricted areas are properly secured

[  ] Confirm proper access control measures are in place

Surveillance Review:

[  ] Monitor security cameras for any suspicious activity

[  ] Report any unusual behavior or incidents

Parking Areas:

[  ] Check for any unauthorized or suspicious vehicles

[  ] Verify proper display of parking permits, if applicable

Special Instructions:

[  ] Note any specific instructions or concerns for the patrol

Observations and Notes:

[  ] Record any incidents, observations, or unusual findings during the patrol

[  ] Include date, time, and description of the observation

Supervisor Verification:

[  ] Supervisor’s signature confirming the completion and accuracy of the patrol


The Security Patrolling Checklist Template serves as a structured approach to ensuring the safety and security of a premises.

By using this template, security personnel can conduct systematic patrols, detect potential threats, and uphold security standards.

Customize the template to match your security protocols and enhance your patrolling procedures for a more secure environment.

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