Scaffolding Inspection Checklist


The Scaffolding Inspection Checklist Template is a crucial tool for ensuring the safety and stability of scaffolding structures on construction sites.

This checklist helps identify potential hazards, ensure compliance with safety regulations, and maintain a secure working environment.

Customize this template to fit your construction site’s specific requirements and enhance your scaffolding inspection procedures.


Scaffolding Inspection Checklist Template:

Site Information:

– Site Name: [Name of the construction site]

– Date of Inspection: [Date when the inspection is conducted]

– Inspector: [Name of the inspector]

Scaffolding Details:

– Scaffold ID/Reference: [Unique identifier or reference for the scaffold]

– Location: [Specify the location of the scaffold on the site]

General Inspection:

[  ] Scaffolding erected by certified personnel

[  ] Base plates on stable and level ground

[  ] Adequate clearances maintained from overhead obstructions

[  ] Safe distance from power lines maintained

Scaffold Components:

[  ] Standards and ledgers securely connected

[  ] Diagonal braces properly installed for stability

[  ] Horizontal platforms (boards) in good condition

[  ] Toe boards and guardrails installed at appropriate heights

Anchoring and Ties:

[  ] Scaffold properly anchored or tied to the structure

[  ] Ties securely fastened to prevent movement

[  ] Counterweights used when necessary for stability

Access and Egress:

[  ] Safe access and egress provided (ladders or stairs)

[  ] Ladder rungs in good condition and secured

[  ] Ladder extension beyond platform level

Planking and Decking:

[  ] Planks free from defects, cracks, or damage

[  ] Proper overlap between planks to prevent tripping hazards

[  ] No gaps between planks exceeding safety standards

Load Capacity:

[  ] Scaffold designed to support the intended load

[  ] Load limits posted and observed

[  ] No excessive loading or overloading

Fall Protection:

[  ] Guardrails installed on open sides and ends of platforms

[  ] Midrails in place between the top rail and platform

[  ] Personal fall protection equipment available and used

Environmental Factors:

[  ] Wind conditions within safe limits

[  ] Weather conditions suitable for safe work

Additional Safety Measures:

[  ] Debris and materials cleared from scaffold

[  ] Tools and equipment properly stored and secured

Inspection Notes:

[  ] Any defects or hazards identified

[  ] Remedial actions taken or recommended

Supervisor/Manager Approval:

[  ] Signature of approving supervisor/manager


The Scaffolding Inspection Checklist Template is an essential tool for ensuring the safety and stability of scaffolding structures on construction sites.

By using this template, construction professionals can identify potential hazards, address deficiencies, and maintain compliance with safety regulations.

Customize the template to match your site’s requirements and enhance your scaffolding inspection procedures for a secure and productive working environment.

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