Closing a Business Checklist Template (Retail)

Use our free retail closing checklist to efficiently close your retail store for the night.

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Before you close up shop, you need to make sure everything in the store is secured and has been checked before you officially lock the doors. By following our retail closing checklist, you can be sure that nothing has been missed – such as, a clean floor, checking if anything is broken and if it is, the right report has been sent out, inventory was done, all equipment is turned off, the security alarm is in place and more. 

You already know how important it is to properly open your store as it sets the tone for the rest of the day, however completing your retail closing checklist is just as important as it sets up the next morning. If anything is overlooked then chances are that the morning shift will only have more to take care instead of focusing on providing amazing customer service. 

It is also crucial that all security and anti-theft procedures have been followed so no money or merchandise is stolen. When an employee goes through the retail closing checklist in its entirety, these key tasks are never missed. 

Closing a Business Checklist Template

  • Clear the store.

If customers are still in the store and it is almost close to begin the retail closing checklist, don’t rush anyone out the door. Instead, make an announcement 30 minutes and 15 minutes before closing so customers are aware that the store is closing soon. You may lock the doors and can let a customer out by unlocking the door yourself – this will help lower the volume of last minute customers and lowers the likelihood of a door-rush theft.  

  • Complete a run-through of the floor.

Just because the store appears empty, doesn’t mean that it is. Prevent stowaways and robberies by walking the store after you lock up and check the changing rooms, bathroom(s) and closets. (If anyone is in the store, call security to remove them from the premises.)

  • Clean up.

Do a quick clean up of the store, such as cleaning the floor of spillage, picking up products off the floor, etc. By doing a simple and quick clean, the morning shift will have an easier time fulfilling their tasks. 

  • Return misplaced items to their correct place. 

Customers may not always put products back in their correct place or neatly so be sure to straighten and reorganize as needed. (This can be done while waiting for the last customers to leave the store.) 

  • Check the cash register.

15 minutes after closing, count the cash and close each register. Make sure no customers are in sight. Cash should be counted alone. 

  • All electronic systems should be off. 

The following should be switched off: 

  • Computers.
  • Music system.
  • TV screens.
  • Working displays. 
  • Turn the air conditioning or heat off. 

Make sure to turn off the cooling or heating system.

  • Remove the outside displays.

If there are any outside displays, like signs, and bring them inside the store. 

  • Turn off the lights.

All lights in the store, and light-up displays, are turned off. 

  • Turn on the alarm.

Our store is equipped with a security alarm and you need to turn it on to ensure that potential robbers can’t get in. 

  • Clock out. 

Clock out using our Connecteam time tracking app when you leave the store, your GPS location will be tagged as soon as you clock out. 


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