Restroom Cleaning Checklist for Cleaning Businesses


Restrooms, being frequent points of contact for both employees and visitors, are critical spaces that reflect the overall hygiene standards of a facility.

Ensuring they remain clean and functional is not just about aesthetics; it’s about maintaining a healthy environment.

This comprehensive “Restroom Cleaning Checklist” serves as a structured guide to ensure that your restrooms meet high cleanliness and hygiene standards consistently.

Restroom Cleaning Checklist

Facility Information:

Location/Building: __________

Floor/Level: __________

Date: __/__/__

Cleaned by: __________

Inspected by: __________

Toilets & Urinals:

[  ] Bowls cleaned and sanitized

[  ] Exteriors cleaned and wiped down

[  ] Flush handles sanitized

[  ] Check for blockages/clogs

Sinks & Countertops:

[  ] Basins cleaned and sanitized

[  ] Faucets cleaned and polished

[  ] Countertops wiped and disinfected

[  ] Soap dispensers refilled


[  ] Cleaned without streaks

[  ] Checked for damages or cracks


[  ] Swept and mopped with disinfectant

[  ] Checked for slip hazards (e.g., standing water)

Waste Bins:

[  ] Emptied and relined

[  ] Exterior wiped and cleaned

Dispensers & Supplies:

[  ] Paper towel dispensers refilled

[  ] Toilet paper replenished

[  ] Hand soap replenished

[  ] Hand sanitizer refilled (if available)

Doors & Walls:

[  ] Wiped down and sanitized (focus on doorknobs)

[  ] Graffiti or damages addressed

Ventilation & Odor Control:

[  ] Vents cleaned and dusted

[  ] Air fresheners checked and replaced/refilled as needed

Fixtures & Utilities:

[  ] Checked for damages or malfunctions

[  ] Reported any issues to maintenance (e.g., leaking faucets)

Additional Notes/Comments:


Inspection Results (for inspectors):

[  ] Satisfactory

[  ] Needs improvement



Inspector’s Signature: __________     

Date: __/__/__

A regular and comprehensive restroom cleaning regimen is essential to ensure health, safety, and comfort for its users.

This restroom cleaning checklist provides a structured approach to maintaining high cleanliness standards.

Regular inspections and addressing any issues promptly not only enhance the restroom experience but also prolong the lifespan of the facilities, leading to cost savings in the long run.

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