Restaurant Opening Checklist


This Restaurant Opening Checklist for daily operations is a fundamental guide to ensure a seamless and successful start of operations each day at your restaurant.

From unlocking the doors to setting up the dining area and preparing the kitchen, this checklist covers crucial tasks and considerations to create a welcoming and efficient dining experience for your valued customers.

Adapt this checklist for your specific needs and follow it diligently to uphold the highest standards of service, cleanliness, and safety, setting the stage for a day of exceptional performance and customer satisfaction.

1. Pre-Opening Preparations:

[  ] Unlock and disarm the restaurant’s security system.

[  ] Check for any overnight security or safety issues.

[  ] Turn on all necessary lights and ensure proper lighting throughout the restaurant.

[  ] Set up the restaurant’s POS system and ensure it is functioning correctly.

[  ] Check that all required supplies and inventory are available for the day’s operations.

2. Kitchen and Food Preparation:

[  ] Turn on kitchen equipment and allow it to reach the appropriate operating temperatures.

[  ] Conduct a thorough inspection of the kitchen for cleanliness and proper organization.

[  ] Prepare food ingredients and ensure they are properly stocked and labeled.

[  ] Check the freshness and quality of perishable food items.

[  ] Set up workstations and ensure all necessary utensils and tools are available.

3. Dining Area and Bar Setup:

[  ] Check and arrange tables and seating in the dining area.

[  ] Ensure dining tables are clean, properly set, and have adequate condiments.

[  ] Check the cleanliness and organization of the bar area.

[  ] Restock the bar with beverages and supplies as needed.

[  ] Verify that glassware and cutlery are clean and polished.

4. Staff Briefing and Assignments:

[  ] Conduct a pre-shift meeting to communicate the day’s specials and menu changes.

[  ] Assign sections and responsibilities to servers and other staff members.

[  ] Review any specific customer requests or special events for the day.

[  ] Emphasize the importance of excellent customer service and teamwork.

5. Health and Safety Compliance:

[  ] Ensure that all staff members are wearing proper personal protective equipment (PPE).

[  ] Check for any potential safety hazards in the restaurant and address them promptly.

[  ] Verify that handwashing stations are well-stocked and accessible.

[  ] Conduct temperature checks for all staff members as part of COVID-19 safety protocols.

[  ] Confirm that all necessary food safety practices are being followed.

6. POS and Cash Handling:

[  ] Balance and set up the cash register and change drawer.

[  ] Confirm that all payment methods (credit cards, cash, etc.) are functioning correctly.

[  ] Prepare float money for cashiers and ensure adequate change is available.

[  ] Verify that the restaurant has sufficient petty cash for daily expenses.

7. Opening Tasks and Maintenance:

[  ] Open windows and doors (if weather permits) to allow fresh air circulation.

[  ] Check and adjust thermostat settings for comfort.

[  ] Ensure that restrooms are clean and well-stocked with necessary supplies.

[  ] Conduct a general inspection for any maintenance issues and address them promptly.

[  ] Verify that all promotional materials and menus are up-to-date and displayed correctly.

8. Reservation and Waiting List:

[  ] Check and confirm any advanced reservations for the day.

[  ] Set up a waiting list system (if applicable) to manage walk-in customers.

[  ] Greet waiting customers warmly and provide an estimated wait time.

9. Final Checks:

[  ] Ensure that all staff members are in their assigned positions and ready to start.

[  ] Review the restaurant’s daily specials with the kitchen and bar staff.

[  ] Double-check the readiness of the dining area for guests.

[  ] Communicate any last-minute updates or changes to the team.

The daily restaurant opening checklist is a valuable tool for ensuring that each day starts with a well-organized and efficient operation.

With this checklist, restaurant owners and managers can create a welcoming and enjoyable experience for their guests while maintaining high standards of cleanliness, safety, and customer service.

Regularly reviewing and updating the checklist based on the restaurant’s unique needs and requirements can further enhance daily operations and overall success.

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