Restaurant General Manager Duties Checklist


The Restaurant General Manager Duties Checklist outlines the primary responsibilities and tasks that a restaurant general manager must oversee to ensure the successful operation of the establishment.

General managers play a vital role in maintaining the restaurant’s quality, profitability, and guest satisfaction.

This checklist provides a comprehensive guide to help general managers effectively manage their duties and contribute to the overall success of the restaurant.

Restaurant General Manager Duties Checklist:

Staff Management:

[  ] Recruit, hire, and train restaurant staff, including servers, cooks, and support staff.

[  ] Set performance expectations and provide ongoing training and feedback.

[  ] Manage scheduling to ensure adequate staffing levels for all shifts.

Financial Oversight:

[  ] Monitor and manage the restaurant’s budget, expenses, and revenue.

[  ] Control costs by optimizing inventory, portion sizes, and waste reduction.

[  ] Analyze financial reports and make informed decisions to maximize profitability.

Customer Service:

[  ] Ensure a high level of guest satisfaction through attentive service and quality food.

[  ] Address customer feedback, complaints, and concerns promptly and professionally.

[  ] Create a welcoming atmosphere that enhances the dining experience.

Operational Excellence:

[  ] Oversee daily restaurant operations, including opening and closing procedures.

[  ] Maintain cleanliness, safety, and compliance with health and safety regulations.

[  ] Ensure consistent food quality, presentation, and adherence to recipes.

Menu Development and Pricing:

[  ] Collaborate with chefs to create and update menu items based on trends and customer preferences.

[  ] Set menu prices that balance profitability with customer value.

Vendor and Supplier Management:

[  ] Source and negotiate with vendors for quality ingredients and supplies.

[  ] Manage relationships with suppliers and ensure timely deliveries.

Marketing and Promotion:

[  ] Develop and execute marketing strategies to attract and retain customers.

[  ] Utilize social media, advertising, and promotions to increase visibility and sales.

Inventory Control:

[  ] Implement inventory management systems to track and control stock levels.

[  ] Conduct regular inventory counts and reorder supplies as needed.

Training and Development:

[  ] Provide ongoing training to staff on customer service, safety, and job-specific tasks.

[  ] Foster a positive work environment that encourages growth and teamwork.

Compliance and Regulations:

[  ] Ensure the restaurant operates in compliance with local, state, and federal regulations.

[  ] Maintain required licenses, permits, and health inspections.

Business Planning:

[  ] Develop short-term and long-term business goals and strategies.

[  ] Evaluate business performance and adjust strategies as needed.

Communication and Leadership:

[  ] Communicate goals, expectations, and updates to the restaurant team.

[  ] Lead by example, motivating and inspiring staff to deliver exceptional service.

The Restaurant General Manager Duties Checklist serves as a comprehensive guide for general managers to effectively manage the restaurant’s operations and success.

By following this checklist, general managers can ensure a high level of guest satisfaction, efficient operations, and the achievement of business goals.

Utilize this checklist to lead your restaurant team and contribute to the ongoing growth and excellence of the establishment.

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