Bar Opening and Closing Checklist


The Bar Opening and Closing Checklist is a valuable tool to ensure the smooth operation and proper management of a bar.

Whether you’re starting the day or wrapping up the night, this checklist helps bar staff execute essential tasks, maintain cleanliness, and provide excellent service to customers.

By following this checklist, you can create a welcoming atmosphere and contribute to the success of your bar.

Bar Opening and Closing Checklist:

Opening Procedures:

Before Opening:

[  ] Check inventory levels of beverages, mixers, garnishes, and supplies.

[  ] Ensure the bar area is clean, organized, and well-stocked.

[  ] Set up POS systems, cash registers, and other operational equipment.

During Opening:

[  ] Turn on lights, music, and ambiance features to create a welcoming atmosphere.

[  ] Set up bar stools, tables, and seating arrangements as needed.

[  ] Prepare menus, specials, and promotional materials for display.

Check Bar Equipment:

[  ] Verify that all bar equipment (blenders, shakers, ice machines) is functioning properly.

[  ] Ensure glassware is clean, polished, and ready for use.

[  ] Confirm that refrigerators and chillers are at the appropriate temperatures.

Check Supplies:

[  ] Ensure an adequate supply of cocktail napkins, straws, stirrers, and coasters.

[  ] Check the availability of cocktail ingredients, mixers, and garnishes.

[  ] Ensure the availability of non-alcoholic options for designated drivers and guests.

Safety and Hygiene:

[  ] Ensure first aid kits and fire extinguishers are accessible and fully stocked.

[  ] Verify that floor mats are in place to prevent slips and falls.

[  ] Check restrooms for cleanliness, stocked supplies, and functioning fixtures.

Closing Procedures:

Last Call:

[  ] Announce last call to customers to provide ample time to finish their drinks.

[  ] Stop serving alcohol before the legal closing time.

Check Inventory:

[  ] Assess remaining inventory of beverages, mixers, and other supplies.

[  ] Identify any low-stock items that need to be reordered.

Settle Payments:

[  ] Close out all tabs and process final payments accurately.

[  ] Count cash and verify it matches the POS system’s cash report.

Clean and Organize:

[  ] Clear and clean all tables, bar tops, and seating areas.

[  ] Wash and sanitize glassware, utensils, and bar equipment.

[  ] Properly dispose of any leftover garnishes, perishable items, or unused ingredients.

Secure the Bar:

[  ] Lock all entrance and exit doors and windows securely.

[  ] Turn off lights, music, and other electronic equipment.

[  ] Set the alarm system if applicable.

Final Checks:

[  ] Ensure all equipment is turned off and unplugged to conserve energy.

[  ] Store perishable items in refrigerators and secure non-perishable items.

[  ] Conduct a final walkthrough to ensure all tasks are completed.


[  ] Document any maintenance or repair needs for equipment or facilities.

[  ] Make note of any incidents, customer feedback, or unusual occurrences.

The Bar Opening and Closing Checklist is a comprehensive guide to ensure the efficient and effective operation of your bar.

By consistently following these procedures, you can create a welcoming environment for patrons, maintain a clean and organized space, and contribute to the success of your bar.

Use this checklist to streamline your opening and closing routines and elevate the overall bar experience.

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