Bar Health Inspection Checklist


Preparing your bar for official health inspections is critical, not only for compliance but also for ensuring the safety and satisfaction of your patrons.

This Bar Health Inspection Checklist is designed as a training tool for staff, helping to familiarize them with the standards expected by health departments.

Regular internal inspections using this checklist can help identify areas of improvement, ensuring that when the real inspection occurs, your bar is ready and operating at its best.


Bar Health Inspection Checklist

Bar Details:  


Bar Name: ____________________________________________________  

Location: ________________________________________________________  

Date of Internal Inspection: ____________  

Time of Inspection: ____________  

Inspected By: ___________________________________ (Name & Position)  

1. General Cleanliness:

   [  ] Floors swept and mopped.

   [  ] Countertops wiped and sanitized.

   [  ] Walls and ceilings free from dust and cobwebs.

   [  ] No evidence of pests or rodents.


2. Storage Areas:

   [  ] Dry storage areas are clean and organized.

   [  ] All products are stored off the floor.

   [  ] Perishable items stored at correct temperatures.

   [  ] No expired products.


3. Refrigeration:

   [  ] Fridge and freezer temperatures are within safe limits.

   [  ] Refrigeration seals are intact and clean.

   [  ] No overcrowded or blocked air vents.

   [  ] Stored foods are labeled and dated.


4. Bar Equipment:

   [  ] Glasswashers and dishwashers are clean and functioning properly.

   [  ] Ice machines are clean and mold-free.

   [  ] All equipment regularly sanitized.


5. Restrooms:

   [  ] Clean and well-stocked.

   [  ] Handwashing signs are visible.

   [  ] No evidence of pests.

   [  ] Trash bins are emptied regularly.


6. Personal Hygiene:

   [  ] Staff are well-groomed and wear clean uniforms.

   [  ] Proper handwashing practices are followed.

   [  ] Staff avoid touching face, hair, and unnecessary contact with glasses and utensils.


7. Waste Management:

   [  ] Trash bins in the bar area are regularly emptied and cleaned.

   [  ] Waste is stored properly before disposal.

   [  ] Recycling practices are followed where applicable.


8. Health & Safety:

   [  ] Fire extinguishers are accessible and in date.

   [  ] First aid kit is available and stocked.

   [  ] Emergency exits are clear and properly marked.


9. Ventilation:

   [  ] Ventilation systems function properly.

   [  ] No stale or unpleasant odors.

   [  ] Filters are clean and free from excessive buildup.


Comments & Observations:  

(Provide detailed notes on any of the above points or any other concerns observed during the inspection.)  




(Provide actionable steps based on the observations.)  

  1. __________________________________________________________________________________________  
  2. __________________________________________________________________________________________  
  3. __________________________________________________________________________________________  



Internal Inspector:  

Signature: ____________________________ Date: _______________


Bar Manager/Supervisor:  

Signature: ____________________________ Date: _______________

Utilizing this checklist as a regular training tool demonstrates a proactive approach to health and safety. It emphasizes the importance of being prepared long before an official health inspection takes place.

This not only keeps staff vigilant and informed but also assures patrons that they are in a venue that prioritizes their well-being.

By maintaining these standards daily, your bar not only prepares for successful official inspections but also fosters a culture of excellence and care.

Remember, consistent preparation and diligence are key to ensuring every health inspection is a success.

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