August has been a busy month at Connecteam. We promise to provide you with the most value-heavy, all-in-one platform to manage your employees effectively and efficiently, and our developers have been hard at work.

Last month, we made lots of improvements (both big and small) to the platform that will make your day-to-day easier than ever before.

Connecteam’s Latest Product Updates

Celebrations – Never Miss an Important Event Again

Connecteam’s Latest Product Updates

With Connecteam’s Celebrations, you can now set your employees’ birthdays and work anniversaries on auto-pilot. 

Our latest product guarantees you’ll never miss a special date and make it easy for team members to celebrate together.

All you need to do is make sure to enter all of your employees’ birthdays and starting dates into your platform, and the system will announce each special date for you.

Learn more about how the Celebrations product works.

Custom Fields – All Of Your Employees’ Information, Now In a Fresh New Look

Connecteam’s Latest Product Updates

Your employee’s information doesn’t need to be unattractive and confusing. Not anymore, at least. 

The new Custom Fields layout brings your employees’ information together in one centralized location. 

As a manager, you’ll have a better and more efficient way to handle all information and get a clearer picture of what user information is missing.

Learn how to organize your employee’s information.

Chat & Directory – Have Full Control of Your Company’s Communications

Are employees speaking too often with people in other departments for your liking? We’ve taken care of that for you. In the Chat, we’ve added the option for you to decide who your admins and employees can start a conversation with. 

And in the Directory, you can decide whose contact information your admins and employees can see based on their position or other characteristics.

Learn how to use our latest Chat settings.

Expiration Dates for Your Documents

Connecteam’s Latest Product Updates

In the past, it must’ve been a real pain not knowing when your employees’ documents were expiring. 

But those days have finally expired! Now, you can set Expiration Dates to easily make sure all your employees’ documents are up-to-date and your business is compliant. 

Connecteam’s Latest Product Updates

From now on, Connecteam will automatically show when an employee’s document is about to expire. 

Learn how to set expiration dates for your Documents.

Employees Can Manage Quick Tasks From Their Desktop Too!

Connecteam’s Latest Product Updates

Employees can also use many products on their desktops! Now, they can manage their day-to-day Quick Tasks from their mobile app and the desktop version. 

Whether it’s to see their tasks’ details, to mark them as “completed,” or to create new tasks—all products are now available for employees working on a computer. 

This new capability is going to make your employees’ task management much quicker and more convenient.

Learn how to manage tasks from desktop.

Send Recognitions to Multiple Employees at Once!

Connecteam’s Latest Product Updates

Sick of sending the same recognition hundreds of times? We’ve solved that problem for you with Team Recognitions. Whether it’s a project that one of your teams executed to perfection or a good customer review, this latest feature allows you to send appreciation badges to groups of employees that you feel should be recognized for their amazing teamwork.

Learn how to send Recognitions to multiple employees.

Stay Tuned for More Updates

You can enjoy all the latest products, features, and improvements mentioned above! Just make sure you and your team have the latest Connecteam app version installed. Stay tuned for more amazing releases coming your way!

And in case you missed it, we also deliver monthly webinars to share our latest product updates. Click here to view the recording of our latest webinar for August, as well as all previous webinars.

Got any ideas to make your Connecteam experience even easier? Send us a message with the ways you think we can improve products and features in the platform. 

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