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  1. Go Digital
  2. Keep in Touch
  3. Be Flexible
  4. Prepare Your Business for the Day After, by Going Digital 

Who knows what the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic will be once it’s all over, as well as in the years to come? 

While it’s impossible to say what will be, one thing’s for certain: you can (and you need to) take action now to make sure your business can weather the storm, both during and after. 

Because, who really knows when the pandemic will end, or if the end is even in sight? Not us! 

Here are the top 3 things you can do right now to prepare your business for the ongoing and post-COVID world. 

Go Digital

Maybe you’ve been using pen and paper for your time tracking, or scheduling, or to record any other types of information. As you likely know, this is far from a foolproof solution, and in the 21st century (and especially one blighted and reeling from a pandemic!), you need a better, harder-working solution: one that will backup all your information, complies with social distancing rules, and that can keep you super connected come what may (lockdowns, COVID or quarantine, and more!). 

That solution? Going digital. 

As some might say, ‘once you go digital, you never go back to pen and paper’, and for good reason. Why? The digital way forward allows you to automatically backup your data in one place, and has a whole range of capabilities that pen and paper just won’t bring. 

The best way to do this, you ask? By downloading an all-in-one business app. These apps, like Connecteam, are the best way to handle everything and anything relating to your employee and business management. From keeping in touch with your employees via private chat, updates or cross-company group chat, to automating most of your scheduling needs and more, you’ll soon be rueing the time you wasted using paper. 

Plus, apps like Connecteam are super easy and budget-friendly to use. There’s no training required, and both you and your employees can be up and running with it in under 2 minutes. 

That’s just what going digital can do to your business…now can you say the same for pen and paper? 

Keep in Touch

One of the worst aspects of the pandemic was just how isolating and uncertain it made each of us feel, and craving some form of connection, all the while unable to act on it. And, that dissonance is only amplified in a business setting. 

One of the most fundamental ways to keep your business going during and after the pandemic is to focus on communication. 

Taking our first recommendation into consideration, there’s an easy way to combine both of these things, all in one place. Even if you’re used to using WhatsApp, messenger or any other platform, having an all-in-one business app to help you communicate with employees means there‘s no messing with private and personal messages on company time, and a much lower chance for your employees getting distracted by a message ‘they just had to open’. 

Be Flexible

Since the pandemic keeps changing our daily plans, travel plans and business plans, you need to be adaptable, and willing to change things up at the last minute. 

When you’re using pen and paper for, say, scheduling, that becomes impossible, time-wasting and frustrating…and that’s before you have to play phone tag with your employees to have them confirm their availability.

Being flexible while going digital means your business is much more likely to survive, but not only that: you’ll be able to save time and money. 

Taking that scheduling example again, let’s say one of your employees suddenly has to enter quarantine. That’s now left a huge hole in your schedule, and you now need to frantically call around trying to find a last minute replacement. 

With an all-in-one app like Connecteam, you’ll be able to automatically flag an open shift, see who’s available to cover, and send them a message…all without leaving the app itself! You’ll also be able to see if someone has read your message, and send a company-wide update asking for immediate shift coverage. 

That means you’ve saved yourself time and effort, and spent a few minutes trying to cover an emergency situation…during which time your client was probably blissfully unaware that a crisis was brewing. 

Prepare Your Business for the Day After, by Going Digital 

Who knows when the pandemic will end? Not you, and not us: but, you can start preparing your business for the here and now (and hopefully, the day after) when this is all over: by going digital. 

Using apps like Conencteam will give your business and your employees a huge boost, all without taking a hit on your wallet, or taking more than 2 minutes of your time. 

With award-winning customer service and super high approval ratings across online review sites, it’s no wonder that over 36,000 businesses (and counting) love using Connecteam. 

Join them, and let’s beat the pandemic together! 

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