Employee scheduling made easy

Schedule shifts and dispatch jobs easily and quickly with the only scheduling app that offers true shift collaboration. Starts at 29$/month for up to 200 users!

Your one stop shop to schedule, dispatch and collaborate.
Perfect for managers. Easy for employees. Brilliant for your business.

Easy scheduling

Multiple ways to save time
Easily and quickly add shifts and publish to employees with a single click. You can create single, multiple or team shifts, and even upload a bulk of shifts using an excel file. With calendar view, drag & drop options, and the ability to copy last week’s shifts, you’ll save loads of time organizing and managing what needs to be done.
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Dispatch and recurring shifts

The best scheduler is the one that fits your business
Whether you need recurring shifts or dispatch per jobs, clients or projects, you are fully covered! The scheduler allows views by employees or by jobs, so you can decide what works best for each purpose. And once published, automated push notifications will be sent to all relevant employees to keep them on the same page.
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GPS status updates

Receive real-time feedback from the field
Make sure your non-desk employees perform the way they should with GPS status updates. You can customize the status updates for employees to check-in at the job location and report once completed, and even decide if employees can reject a shift so you’ll know exactly who’s available. Each status update will pin their current location using the GPS.
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Shifts and jobs information

Take job performance to the next level
Your employees can have all the necessary information to perform at their best. Each shift can include location for quick navigation, notes with free text description and file attachments of any kind. With integrated in-app chat, employees can even start a live conversation with you when needed.
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Employee notes and shift collaboration

It's not just about scheduling shifts
Easily receive feedback from employees with employee notes that include free text and images upload. All notes and status updates are located in a beautiful timeline, and attached to each shift so information is always reachable, organized and documented securely in your dashboard.
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In-app chat and directory

Built in communication, out of the box
We’ve integrated the chat and directory features to each and every shift, so employees can save time and easily contact the admins that operate their work schedules when needed.
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Time clock and Workflows

More features to compliment your scheduler
No need for multiple apps to truly collaborate and manage your non-desk employees. Activate the GPS time clock to track the actual work time, receive absence requests and manage timesheets for payrolls. And, with workflows you’ll be able to create checklists and forms to increase compliance, ditch pen & paper and endless excel spreadsheets for good.
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Darren Gradus Canada’s Restoration Services - CEO & Owner

“Connecteam enables us to reach 100% compliance on the job.
We save time, improve communication, job performance and service quality.”

100 Employees using
the app
35% Reduction in Operational
67% Growth in Employee
83 Avg. Daily
Daniel Albarran Vidamar Hotels & Resorts - Director of Food & Beverage

“The intuitive and smart way the Launch Pad was built not only is giving me many ways to communicate productively with my team, but is also affecting positively our revenue, as we are on top of everything in real time. I am also spending less time on my desk and more on the operation.”

300 Employees using
the app
25% Reduction in Operational
85% Growth in Employee
265 Avg. Daily
Natalie Bachich Griswold Home Care - Assistant Director

“The app & the portal are so easy to use! It has made managing employee accountability & payroll in several different states easier than ever. My favorite part of ConnecTeam, though, is the customer service. The staff is absolutely wonderful to work with and their response time is legendary!!!!!”

60 Employees using
the app
31% Reduction in Operational
76% Growth in Employee
45 Avg. Daily
Kat Armes Lifestyle Properties - General Manager

“It’s been a perfect solution for us to track times more accurately, which has saved us money because people are no longer “guessing” what time they clocked in and out. The staff really likes being able to see their timesheet on their mobile phone, too!”

5 Employees using
the app
43% Reduction in Operational
85% Growth in Employee
5 Avg. Daily
Andy Farrer Centennial Construction Equipment Rentals - Dispatcher

“Having worked with more dispatch systems than I can count after 35 years in transportation, I have found the Connecteam program to be one of the best in function, communication, and the support team is top notch.”

25 Employees using
the app
42% Reduction in Operational
78% Growth in Employee
22 Avg. Daily
vidamar hotels and resorts
norther force security
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rolls royce leisure
1st advanced security and investigations
tl halford construction
sodexo magic
skyline cranes
griswold home care

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Employee communications made easy

Team shifts

Your deskless workforce can’t come to the office so bring the office to them using the mobile devices they know and love


Improved productivity starts with excellent team communications. Connecteam’s chat offers improved collaboration with complete transparency


Great communications start with understanding your employees

shifts import

Get everyone involved and bring your employees into the decision making process

Starts at just 29$/month for up to 200 users

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