An internal job posting advertises an open role to current employees within an organization, rather than to external candidates. It facilitates internal recruitment and offers employees an opportunity for promotion or transfer to a new role while remaining with their employer.  Internal job postings are often advertised on an internal job board—for example, via an organization’s intranet. 

Why Should You Hire Internally?

Posting a job internally can be a useful hiring method.  Internal candidates are already familiar with the organization’s culture, policies, and procedures. This can reduce the need for extensive onboarding and means the person who takes the role can hit the ground running. Hiring internally can also streamline the screening process. You’re often already familiar with existing employees’ experience and can go directly to their manager for a reference.  Offering your employees internal opportunities also supports their desire for professional development and progression. It communicates to employees that you value their contributions, which can increase their loyalty and engagement—key factors in employee retention.  Overall, internal recruitment is often more cost-effective than external recruitment. The process can move faster and avoids costs such as recruiter fees or external advertising costs. 

Tips for an Effective Internal Job Posting

Prepare a well-written internal job ad To do this, you can follow the same format for external job postings. Include all the necessary information, such as a summary of the job and responsibilities, position requirements, salary, and benefits. Also, set out the decision-making timeframes.  Rather than providing information about the company, details about the department may be more useful to internal candidates. Explain what the department does and how the role contributes to it.  While the job ad is intended for existing employees, it’s important to keep it professional. Also, ensure it’s clear, detailed yet concise, and honest about the role and provide contact details for any questions about the position. Also, check that your ad complies with any relevant employment legislation—such as anti-discrimination law. 

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Create an internal job board Once you have written your job ad, you need to share it widely to make sure your employees see it. A good starting point for this is creating an internal job board. Employees can then subscribe to it and receive notifications when a new job is advertised. Advertise across multiple channels In addition to posting on an internal job board, you can also send a company-wide email, include it in an employee newsletter, and leave notices in employee recreation or break-out areas.  Also, let people know about the opportunity via word of mouth. Bring it to the attention of department managers so they can speak to their employees about it. Encourage employees to refer colleagues to the role. Even if they’re not interested in it themselves, they may know someone who would be a good fit.


An internal job posting is used to recruit existing employees—rather than external candidates—for a role. Internal recruitment is a good way to recruit a candidate who already knows your company’s culture, policies, and practices. This can potentially save you time and money during the recruitment process.  When preparing an internal job posting, include all the necessary information and promote it across the organization to attract as many qualified candidates as possible—including on the intranet, via email, and through word of mouth.