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What our customers are saying


“Most Valuable APP for SMB Ever”

Our company utilizes employees here in the US, and numerous remote employees in the Philippines (less than 20 employees).

We had one solution for scheduling, another program for task and project management, another app for messaging, and a cloud-based program for time-tracking.

Until we found ConnectTeam. Everything we needed (plus more), all in a single solution. Not only did we cut our previous costs by 80%, everything is now in a single solution.


Scott W.
Director of Operations
Information Technology & Services, 2-10 Employees

“Connecteam is the best app for small business!”

I’m very glad I found Connecteam! My employees like it and have started using it right away. That shows how good it is.

“Exceptional product and outstanding customer service!”

Very easy to use. Easy to integrate with the business. Our team loves it. Works perfectly.

Terra L.General Manager
Professional Training & Coaching, 11-50 employees

“Checked All Of The Boxes”

The Connecteam customer services team is very helpful and responds to requests quickly. Also, I like the look and ease of use. My staff really appreciates that.

The Connecteam platform checked all of the boxes for our operations. Timeclock, Scheduling, Workflows, and Customization features have streamlined our business and improved our staff communication significantly. Plus it’s very easy to use!

The features and cost. Can’t beat it!

Brain J.COO
Hospital & Health Care, 11-50 employees

“Overall this application is very handy. I can reach out to all my employees at once.”

I chose Connecteam because of the features that it provides. Easy to use. We had so many different applications for everything including time clock, scheduling, patrolling… Connecteam is the real all-in-one application.

Parfait V.Manager
Security and Investigations, 51-200 employees

“Excellent software for small business employee management”

I REALLY like Connecteam. I had tried quite a few programs before settling on it and it is by far the best value option I’ve tried. We use it for employee checklists and as a knowledge directory, all our timesheets are completed in it and we use the chat function to communicate job updates. I’m still developing our processes to suit it but I can see it doing much much more. Great program. Exceptional customer service. So much better than many other options out there.

Nikki F.Business Manager
Construction, 1-10 employees

The features Connecteam has to offer, cover everything we need to build a well-organized team with many custom workflow process.

Highly recommended if you want to take your business to the next level!

Josh Patty, Staff manager, 50-100 employees

“My staff loves the clock in and out feature — it’s so easy and convenient to use!”
The ease of use and implementation is always important to reduce the time it takes to train and have to correct errors.
Sharlene M, Co-Owner of Food & Beverages Business, 1-20 employees

“Great for onboarding and online training”

Ease of setup – we were using it almost immediately, while other e-learning platforms were too cumbersome or expensive. The price point can’t be beaten. We automated our entire technical internship in a few days.

Robyn H., CFO
Mechanical or Industrial Engineering, 51-200 employees

“Great time clock app!”

This app is extremely easy to use and has some really great features, even on the most basic plan!

Bonnie C., HR Manager,
Aviation & Aerospace, 11-50 employees

“Our team has been very excited about this new platform.”

We love that Connecteam is so versatile, and can do anything we need it to do!

Eduardo N., Director of field operations


“Connecteam is the only app that featured EVERYTHING I needed in one software rather than having to buy several.”

This software is amazing. It makes our scheduling and time tracking so easy!

Geffrey D., General manager

“Looks professional, easy to use, and great value for the cost.”

I love that this solution is easy to use, is aesthetically pleasing, and is a great value for the cost. I love that they are constantly working hard to continually improve (on an already amazing solution) and send out updates often about what new features they are adding on.

Kristina, Staff manager

Handyman services

“We LOVE that the app is easy to use from an end-user standpoint and extremely customizable from an admin standpoint.”

We reached out to Connecteam in the summer of 2020 on behalf of one of our clients, who was looking for a time tracking solution for deskless employees, ideally with a geo-location feature. Connecteam reduced their reliability on pen and paper and enabled them to have a safe and reliable method to track COVID due diligence (live reporting of employee data, attendance lists, COVID screening, etc.). After our initial success with our first client, we have implemented Connecteam with a second client and will continue to refer this app to clients looking for a modern, user-friendly solution to time tracking, employee communication, and process improvements.

Brittany B., HR consultant

“Excellent solution for team communications”

The time clock and messaging features attracted me and then there are so many other bonus features that adopting Connecteam was a very easy decision. I love the idea that training is now a lot easier remotely. I love the task management feature. I absolutely LOVE the workflows – solved a big problem for us.

Jason J., President

Transportation and trucking

“Fantastic Product”

“I love Connecteam and they are a fantastic group of people getting the job done. This product really works!”

The product is really easy to use. I love their tech support on how they handle things and guide you on how to properly set up the product. The software is fully customizable, affordable and you can contact your employees without having to call every single individual. You post some forms and our team responds, and voila! The pricing is upfront and no BS sales call to swindle you into purchasing a really expensive software.

Rufus P.
Security and investigations, 51-200 employees

“Amazingly flexible platform, that is super affordable!”

Our experience has been wonderful, from implementation throughout. We’ve got almost a 100% participation rate amongst our staff, which is incredible. It allows us to communicate much more efficiently than ever before and has really made the company feel more united.

Cora B.

Hospitality, 51-200 employees

“Connecteam App – AMAZING!”

I am a HUGE fan of the Connecteam App. The fact that the app is constantly evolving with new and exciting tools, makes it easier to use and keeps my employees engaged and wanting to add more. This allows for the day-to-day activities to be done faster and from one location. The Customer Service I have received is AMAZING. When I have questions or thoughts I need to work through, they are right there with information to help me make the decision to improve my process.

Yo-Zon, Staff manager

Aviation,  1000-5000 employees

“Great product for a good price and incredible support when you have any questions.”

Our employees like this much better than the old time clock system as much as we do. This gives us a much better concrete way to see the cost of production, as well as hours, worked for payroll.
This product makes it very easy to keep track of employees’ time as well as the time spent on specific tasks. It is very easy to clock in and out for breaks and lunch time. This makes it simple to do no matter where you are located in our various warehouses.
Kathy H.
Finance Manager
Environmental Services

“Connecteam has been a complete Game Changer for our company!”

We had been looking for a program that would provide a “one stop shop” for communicating with our employees who are in the field 98% of the time and stumbled across Connecteam while looking, about 1 1/2 years ago. This platform has completely changed how we do almost everything relating to back office, communication and safety! It is so user friendly, not only on the back side but to our employees. It has cut down on so much paperwork and allowed us to train people during their down time in the field instead of having them come into the office. I could go on and on….we use Connecteam for Safety Training, Announcements, Time Clock, Benefits, Repair Orders, Flash Reports, etc. It is AMAZING!!


Shanna, HR manager

Oil & Energy, 201-500 employees

“Exceptional product and outstanding customer service!”

Very easy to use and the features cover everything we need to build a better, stronger, and well-organized team. Our company needs software where we can create a customized workflow, scheduling, team communication, knowledge-base, data information, and so on. Connecteam makes it easy for us to do all of those in no time.

Terra L., General Manager

Training and coaching, 10 – 30 employees

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