Here are my top 5 healthcare compliance software in 2024 that can help you ensure compliance and reduce the risk of penalties.

Navigating compliance in healthcare can be daunting due to data security needs and complex industry-specific regulations. 

In this article, I review the 5 best healthcare compliance management software, including key features, pros, and cons.

This way, you can choose the best solution for your healthcare business.

If you don’t have the time to read through our research, jump down to our quick comparison table.

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  1. Best all-in-one healthcare compliance software solution

  2. Good for Employee health benefits compliance

  3. Good for: Workplace inspections

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How I Chose the Best Healthcare Compliance Software

Here are some key features I looked for.

Must-have features:

  • HIPAA compliance: I prioritized apps that ensure the secure handling of personal health information (PHI) under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). 
  • Document management: This supports compliance by allowing you to organize, store, and find policies, procedures, training materials, and audit documents. 
  • Employee training tools: A good compliance app includes training features such as course design, course delivery, and training records to ensure your staff stays current on their compliance obligations. 
  • Certification tracking: The ability to monitor employee certification expiration dates and send reminders for renewals is another helpful compliance feature. 
  • Customizable checklists: I looked for apps that let you create checklists to assist with audits, track compliance, and add digital signatures. 
  • Reports: These let you generate reports for compliance purposes, such as audits. 
  • Incident reporting: These include forms and other confidential ways for employees to report compliance issues. 
  • Audit trails: A compliance app should monitor and record tasks, including document modifications, within the platform for audit purposes. 
  • Risk management for identifying compliance risks, assessing their priority, and proposing ways to mitigate risks. 
  • Monitoring and alerts in the event of potential compliance violations. 

I also made sure the software is: 

  • User-friendly for employees with all levels of technical ability. 
  • Cost-effective for both small and large businesses. 

Finally, I checked for features that make healthcare compliance software great:

  • Internal messaging so employees can communicate with each other about compliance issues and admins can distribute compliance information and updates in real time.
  • Mobile accessibility so employees can stay connected and compliant from anywhere.

The 5 Best Healthcare Compliance Software of 2024

  1. Connecteam — Best all-in-one healthcare compliance software solution

    Connecteam is a workforce management and HR solution that doubles as a compliance app.

    Why I chose Connecteam: Connecteam’s all-in-one app is a customizable and affordable tool that makes compliance easier for your healthcare business. Let’s look more closely at its software features.

    HIPAA compliance for peace of mind

    Connecteam’s full HIPAA compliance demonstrates a genuine commitment to safeguarding patient and customer privacy. With Connecteam, you don’t risk the exposure of PHI by storing and sending it through insecure channels or personal devices. Instead, you can keep it in a central location and share it safely on the Connecteam app. 

    This makes it easy to manage health data. For instance, you can centrally delete PHI when required. 

    Secure document management

    A Connecteam feature I like most is its company knowledge base, where you can securely store all compliance-related company documents, including policies. 

    Meanwhile, you can use its other secure document management feature to store employee documentations, patient records, and more.  

    staff with a phone with a screenshot of Connecteam's knowledge center

    Digitizing document management makes it easy for employees to locate the information they need to understand their compliance obligations. This also makes audit time a breeze. Rather than manually searching for relevant compliance information from throughout the year, you can easily access organized and stored documents. 

    Plus, Connecteam shows you who’s viewed and modified documents. This creates a helpful audit trail. 

    Connecteam also gives you complete control over who has access to each document.

    Support organization-wide compliance with employee training and management tools

    Another standout Connecteam feature is the employee training software. You can create and deliver customized training courses and materials right to your employees’ smartphones. You can even add PDFs, videos, quizzes, and more. This feature can help ensure your employees stay current on the laws and regulations that apply to your healthcare business. 

    Women looking at her phone with a scrrenshot of Connecteam quiz feature

    I also like that you can use Connecteam to track and record employee training. This ensures your healthcare employees complete any mandatory sessions and provides valuable records for audit purposes. 

    Connecteam’s employee timeline management feature is especially handy for tracking mandatory certifications, licenses, and training. It gives you an overview of course statuses, certification expiration dates, and more. 

    Fully customizable checklists and forms

    With Connecteam, you can create your own checklists and forms from scratch or with pre-made templates. You can use these for various compliance tasks, such as safety inspections, document archiving, and incident reports. These checklists and forms are fully customizable, enabling you to capture the specific information you need to complete your compliance obligations.

    Employees can use Connecteam to access, complete, and save checklists and forms. This makes it an ideal tool to ensure you’re audit-ready. 

    You can also view documents, like incident reports, in real time—giving you instant insights into compliance issues. 

    Helpfully, Connecteam also lets you add e-signature functionality to these forms. These create official, timestamped records that can be traced to the signer.  

    Reliable task management for better compliance

    You can use Connecteam’s task tracking feature to create, assign, and track tasks, ensuring audit deadlines and industry standards are met. Real-time updates and notifications ensure you don’t overlook any crucial audit tasks. 

    I especially like that this feature has other uses outside of audits. For instance, you can automate routine compliance tasks and send push notifications to employees to follow up on outstanding tasks through the app. 

    Communication tools for effective compliance

    With Connecteam’s team instant messaging, employees can easily send and receive messages and documents in real time from anywhere. Employees can use this feature to report compliance issues or ask compliance-related questions. 

    This feature is great for keeping your employees current on any compliance developments. You can instantly share updates on regulation changes with your entire workforce or relevant teams or individuals. 

    And so much more 

    Connecteam doesn’t end with compliance. With various workforce management features, Connecteam is a top healthcare app

    Connecteam also offers a free for life plan – Try Connecteam here!

    Key Features

    • Full HIPAA compliance

    • Knowledge base

    • Employee training tools

    • Customizable forms and checklists

    • Employee messaging

    • Task tracking


    •  Centrally and securely store important compliance documents

    •  Support compliance with real-time employee communication

    •  Easily train employees regarding their compliance obligations

    •  Get notified about your medical staff’s upcoming certification expiration dates


    •  More integrations on the way


    Free-for-life plan availablePremium plans start at $29/month for 30 users

    14-day free trial, no credit card required

    Start your free trial
  2. SafetyCulture — Good for: Workplace inspections

    Screenshot of the SafetyCulture webpage

    Formally called iAuditor, SafetyCulture is a general workplace compliance app with a strong focus on workplace inspections. 

    Why I chose SafetyCulture: While not explicitly designed for the healthcare sector, SafetyCulture is useful across various industries for improving safety, quality, and operations.

    The platform offers various features to support compliance, including healthcare compliance auditing software

    My concern for healthcare businesses, though, is that while the software’s features can support HIPAA compliance, SafetyCulture doesn’t appear to be fully HIPAA compliant.

    Let’s take a closer look at its features.

    Inspections and asset management

    SafetyCulture provides tools to digitize organizational compliance, including inspections and audits. It offers checklists and access to over 130,000 inspection templates, including a HIPAA compliance checklist for risk assessment and audits. The platform also lets you create custom templates, which I expect most healthcare organizations would find very useful. 

    SafetyCulture’s app can track and manage assets and schedule inspections and maintenance tasks. You might use this feature to monitor and maintain medical machinery and devices. 


    With SafetyCulture’s training feature, you can build and send courses to employees to complete. You might use this feature for onboarding and compliance training to ensure staff are familiar with the policies and processes relevant to your organization. The platform offers prepared training courses and templates. 

    SafetyCulture also tracks employees’ training and qualifications for compliance purposes.  

    Task tracking, document management, and communications

    With task tracking, you can create, assign, and track compliance-related tasks. You can also add additional information to tasks, like photos, to help employees complete them. I appreciate that you can also time-stamp tasks.

    SafetyCulture also enables you to create documents in various formats, including PDF and Web. It tracks version history and securely stores documents in the cloud. You can add extra information to documents, including photos, videos, and notes. 

    Another feature I appreciated was SafetyCulture’s HeadsUp feature, which lets you share updates, documents, videos, and PDFs with employees. The communication feature also includes read receipts and 1-click reminders, which are useful for compliance-related communication. 

    Finally, SafetyCulture’s app can be used across devices, and employees can access it from anywhere. 

    What users say about SafetyCulture

    Very easy to use. The platform for form building and for completing forms is visually pleasing and intuitive.

    Xanthe J.

    Read review here.

    I am locked into using the questions on the report that someone else has generated.

    Brenda B.

    Read review here.

    Learn more about SafetyCulture

    Key Features

    • Automated inspection and audit reminders
    • Analytics dashboards with customizable insights
    • Branded checklists and reports
    • Task tracking


    • App can be used on any device
    • 24-hour email and chat support is available (limited on weekends)


    • Not HIPAA compliant
    • Per-user pricing for paid plans can add up


    Starts at $19/user/month Trial: Yes Free Plan: Yes

  3. Healthicity — Good for Medical chart auditing

    Available on

    healthcity homepage Screen-Shot

    Healthicity is a healthcare compliance auditing software specially designed for the healthcare industry.

    Why I chose Healthicity:  This platform offers a range of relevant compliance and audit features. 

    Its 3 key products are a Compliance Manager, an Audit Manager, and a learning management system (LMS). Let’s dive into these.

    Compliance Manager

    The Compliance Manager includes features like incident management and monitoring, as well as real-time reporting. Its features specifically cater to healthcare professions, supporting HIPAA compliance. The platform can monitor staff and vendors against HIPAA exclusion lists, monitor business associate agreements with external parties, and perform risk assessments to identify potential compliance issues. 

    However, the Compliance Manager doesn’t have an in-app communication feature to support instant contact between employees when reporting issues or asking compliance-related questions. I find this to be a huge drawback.

    Audit Manager and LMS

    Healthicity offers a cloud-based Audit Manager tool for medical chart auditing, including workflow management, audit templates, and reporting features. 

    It also has an LMS to support compliance. You can build your own courses or use pre-designed courses, such as annual healthcare compliance training. 

    What users say about Healthicity

    Easy to use, able to customize the options and pull reports.

    Sameh M.

    Read review here.

    We’ve had some bumps in the roll out of the product.

    Sean M.

    Read review here.

    Learn more about Healthicity

    Key Features

    • Customizable platform
    • Audit management
    • Compliance management
    • Mobile app


    • Specifically designed for healthcare
    • Offers additional compliance and auditing consultancy services


    • Tools are priced separately and can add up
    • Some new users report a steep learning curve


    Starts at $500/month Trial: Yes Free Plan: No

  4. HIPAA Secure Now — Good for: Cybersecurity

    Available on

    HIPAA Secure Now homepage Screen Shot

    HIPAA Secure Now is a HIPAA compliance portal.

    Why I chose HIPAA Secure Now: HIPAA Secure Now is notable for its exclusive and in-depth focus on HIPAA compliance.

    It has 2 main offerings—PHIshMD and a compliance service. Let’s take a closer look. 

    Cybersecurity training

    PHIshMD is a continuous cybersecurity training program for employees that impressed me. It helps employees understand potential online risks and threats, plus how to identify them. PHIshMD also includes features like dark web monitoring, phishing tests, and employee vulnerability assessments. 

    Compliance services

    HIPAA Secure Now has 2 levels of compliance services available—Essential (self-guided) and Premier (expert support). Both include access to HIPAA Secure Now’s expert help desk, annual HIPAA training course, risk assessment, and document templates. With the Premier service, you also receive compliance support from an expert. 

    I think it’s useful that the compliance service includes a document management feature to store essential compliance documents, including policies and procedures, training records, and annual security risk assessments

    HIPAA Secure Now can also perform network vulnerability scans to identify threats to your PHI. 

    The platform exclusively focuses on HIPAA compliance and online security. If you need to monitor or address other healthcare compliance issues, another platform might be better. 

    What users say about HIPAA Secure Now

    My staff now feels more confident with patient privacy and I feel relieved that I have policies and procedures in place.

    Manon Savage

     Read review here.

    Learn more about HIPAA Secure Now

    Key Features

    • Cybersecurity training
    • Document tracking
    • HIPAA risk assessments
    • Employee training records


    • Comprehensive HIPAA compliance support
    • Continuous training program


    • Customer support via web form only
    • Pricing not publicly available


    Contact vendor for price Trial: No Free Plan: No

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What Is Healthcare Compliance Software?

Healthcare compliance software provides digital tools to help healthcare businesses comply with the various laws and regulations that apply to them. Healthcare is a heavily regulated industry with several laws to protect patients, ensure standards of care, and more. For this reason, using software is essential for reducing the risk of non-compliance and associated penalties. 

Depending on the specific platform, healthcare compliance software can assist you in complying with various laws, including: 

Some software can also help you meet certain regulatory standards of healthcare quality.

How Does Healthcare Compliance Software Work?

Health compliance management software typically offers a combination of functionalities to help businesses comply with various laws and regulations, deliver high-quality care to customers and patients, and reduce business risk. 

Most offer document management features that allow you to create and securely store compliance documents, such as policies, procedures, incident records, and issue reports. You can update these documents as needed and control your employees’ access to certain documents. This ensures they have the information they need to support their work.  

Health compliance software also typically includes training features, including course creation and delivery. With these features, you can update your staff on standards and protocols to support compliance. Your employees can complete the training through the platform, and the software records their completion. 

Some platforms include automated issue tracking capabilities, alerting you immediately when compliance issues arise. For example, some platforms can track unauthorized attempts to access sensitive information and notify you to investigate it. Other platforms offer incident reporting tools that alert you to compliance incidents in real time. 

Many health compliance apps include healthcare compliance auditing software, such as checklists, reports, and scheduled reminders. These tools streamline the audit process by automating tasks—like ongoing monitoring of compliance issues.

The Benefits of Healthcare Compliance Software

Here are some advantages of compliance software for healthcare.

Enhances compliance

Non-compliance with legal obligations can result in large fines or even criminal prosecutions. Healthcare compliance software acts as a safeguard, helping you put checks and balances in place to reduce the risk of non-compliance

Streamlines efficiency

With various laws and regulations to follow, compliance can be a time-consuming task. Compliance software for healthcare organizations simplifies this process by automating compliance processes and helping you manage compliance obligations efficiently. 

Increases patient safety and trust

Healthcare businesses’ patients and customers expect their providers to deliver confidential, safe, and quality services. Failing to do this can significantly impact your reputation and bottom line. You can demonstrate your commitment to compliance by using healthcare compliance software, reassuring patients and customers that you handle their sensitive information securely. 

Compliance with health regulations can also help ensure high standards of care for your patients, promoting their safety and well-being. 

Supports informed decision-making

Compliance software for healthcare provides valuable data and insights into your organization’s compliance. You can use this information for improved decision-making and strategic resource allocation. 

For instance, an audit may identify employee education as the main compliance priority. By focusing on and investing in this area, you can significantly improve your overall compliance

How Much Does Healthcare Compliance Software cost?

Healthcare compliance management software providers use a range of pricing structures. Some charge per user every month. For instance, SafetyCulture starts at $24/month/user. Others charge a monthly fee for a capped number of users. For instance, Healthicity’s plans start at $500/month for up to 25 users. Some don’t publicly provide pricing details, and you must contact the provider for a customized quote. 

Connecteam offers a transparent, predictable, and affordable pricing structure. Its Small Business Plan is free for up to 10 users and includes access to healthcare compliance features like checklists, task tracking, and in-app communication. Rather than charging per user, Connecteam’s paid plans allow for up to 30 users with a small additional fee for users beyond this. These start at just $29/month.


What is healthcare data compliance?

Healthcare data compliance refers to organizations’ obligations to follow laws and regulations regarding the handling of patients’ data. Two of the main data compliance laws in the US are the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH). 

Is HIPAA a compliance program?

HIPAA is not a compliance program. It’s a federal law outlining how individuals and businesses can use and disclose patients’ and employees’ protected health information. Read more: What is the HIPAA privacy rule?

How to develop an effective healthcare compliance program?

An effective healthcare compliance program involves a multi-pronged approach. You should first develop a deep understanding of the laws and regulations that apply to you. You can then develop policies, procedures, and internal guidelines to ensure compliance. Most healthcare businesses also use healthcare compliance management software, like Connecteam, as part of their compliance programs. 

The Bottom Line On Healthcare Compliance Software

Failing to comply with your legal obligations as a healthcare business can cost you time and money. That is why prioritizing compliance matters. One of the best ways to understand the laws and regulations that apply to your business—and adhere to them—is to use healthcare compliance software

Connecteam’s all-in-one compliance management app can promote a culture of compliance in your organization. With features like document management, HIPAA compliance, and in-app chat, it simplifies compliance for your employees, managers, and compliance officers. Plus, Connecteam offers an affordable compliance solution. 

Try Connecteam free today to see how it can support compliance in your healthcare business.